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Jul 29, 2019
Server IP:
Website: Enjin

New Magic Farm 2 server with some unique content coming soon.
The server configs and extra scripts make the server slightly harder than normal, this is intended! Complaining about the server difficulty will most likely get you ignored by everyone! Just play, that is why we are all here!

The staff developers have a lot of custom content that they want to add. If you have something you want to be added/expanded on, let us know! Custom TCon tools/effects, Block Magic runes, thaumcraft spells, open quest world, and more will be coming!

The server does have some banned items, but that is expected with every mod pack. Some items within the banned list are being worked on with custom scripts to be unbanned!​

General Rules
  • PVE (Griefing/Stealing/etc will get you banned very fast)
  • Keep chat kid friendly. (We will be putting in a small language filter. Going around it will get you removed from the server)
  • Do not harass/trouble other players.
  • Do not staff to be staff. (However, we are looking for mature players that wish to take on that responsibility)
  • We do not allow hacks, abuse of glitches, or loop holes in the other rules displayed on the website or server.
  • Respect all staff and their decisions.