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Open Server TemplarMC [Ultimate] (96 slots) (lag free) (Towny,Lockette,Chestshop (Fair world)

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Tevlok, May 1, 2013.

  1. Tevlok

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    Server IP:


    Roleplay/Economy *PVP in RP situations*

    Feed The Beast Ultimate server

    UPTIME 24/7

    Lag free, 16GB RAM Dedicated server using all resources on that server everything runs smooth!

    Welcome and thank you for taking the time to view this Topic! TemplarMC or The old TemplarCraft is now out of all testing phases and ready for major server play! We are a economy and town/nation based server. We have town wars! Nation wars! Civil wars!. The limit to what you can do are limited only by you creativity! and of course a few rules. *Raiding* is allowed under certain circumstances which will be explained if somebody wants to look into it. We used to run Mindcrack but are now running the Ultimate pack which means map is brand new! We offer some donation privileges but nothing that would make a regular member feel like they couldn't achieve it unless they donated! We offer superior support, Friendly admins and Mods, and we let players vote on people they think should be in positions such as a Moderator! Servers are nothing without their player base and I look forward to seeing you all join us!


    Towny, LWC,Worldguard, Essentials,Chestshop, and a few plugins that don't affect players but are intended for server security.

    Basic Rules:

    No griefing*there are certin and very limited exceptions due to roleplay reasons* Roleplay!* You are expected to dig deep into your life in game and stay in role*, Use common sense, Don't be disrespectful to others and keep mature language to a minium.


    We are currently re-working the theme of the server but have the basic outline of it complete.

    The server is not intended to be your average play a week and have it all type of server. We are heavy on travel, meaning players can't tp around, and are encourged to used the mods provided by the Modpack to complete transportation from one town to another. This enables us to have towns that may make more money then others because they invented in setting up a trade route from one town to the next. Towns can have shops within there borders and sell whatever they wish. It's up to the players to find out how to get to that town in order to make purchases. We also encourage trade agreements between towns who may not have resources they want near where they live, forcing them to travel in order to purchase these items and trade items they might have a abdunace of to towns who need them. People may purchase land from a Admin which gives them right's over it. These right's include laws of the land, The right to sell the land to others, Right to charge people who build in there land for protection, and also right's to tax. The ideas you can come up with are your limits with the theme!

    Town wars are possible. Does sombody have land you want? is a town to close for comfort? Or bulling other towns? You can declare war on them! Wars are set in thier own zone as to not destroy towns and each town can build a fortress in this area which will be used when they go to war.

    We Love seeing new players! We have a tight community of friendly and helpful people! and if your worried about starting off and everyone is ahead of you? DO NOT WORRY we just reset things and the map is two days old so now is your chance to grow with a server. To become part of somthing that is much larger then just one person
    We just finished up spawn and added in the market. Players can now Auto rent/buy/lease/bid on Market stalls at the Market.
    If you OWN a stall or lot you can edit the land inside your plot as you wish. You can also rent/lease it out to other players with a simple sign!

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