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Tekkit World to FTB

Discussion in '[Archived] Tech Support' started by Zerro, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. Zerro

    Zerro Active Member


    I currently run a multiplayer Tekkit server using the 3.1.2 version. I was looking at Feed-the-Beast and was thinking of converting to Feed-the-Beast. My only concern is: will I still be able to use my world from Tekkit for FTB or will the world become unuseable?

    Also does FTB support Bukkit?

    Thanks for the assistance

  2. Ashzification

    Ashzification Over-Achiever

    You should be able to use World Edit Schematics to copy and paste them. I'm not very good with world edit myself, so I'm not entirely sure if it will work. Conceptually, it should, since you can use it from Technic (SSP) to Tekkit (SMP). But then again, there are lots of differences between the Technic Pack and FTB.
    Regardless, conceptually, it should work.
  3. unv_annihilator

    unv_annihilator Member Retired Staff

    From what I hear there will be a map converter from Tekkit to FTB, no promises on that but that's what it sounds like.
  4. Docxx

    Docxx Active Member

    The big problem would be the config files as they would probably be different to the blocks already in your tekkit world unless of course you used the config files from your tekkit launcher but then it wouldn't be FTB and some block IDs may be taken by some Mods in FTB that are not in Tekkit. It would probably be better to start a fresh world, otherwise this would cause a lot of headaches :/
  5. TheSandwichMakr

    TheSandwichMakr Active Member

    You probably could do it but you would have to use some sort of block id changing tool to convert every block. One issue though is if you had ee enabled it would probably be best to start of with a new world since it's being completely rewritten. Also feed the beast doesn't need to be written as Feed-the-Beast :)

    EDIT: It would also probably be best to create a new world because of the different ores
  6. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos Well-Known Member

    No, just no way, too much difference between the early 1.2.5 and 1.4.2...

    Well, it's not like it would be impossible, just that you would miss all the new generation, and would need to do a lot of manual things, like the following (but might still not be enough):

    1. remove any block from mods that will no longer exist (EE, thaumcraft2, ..), basically anything not part of the new pack.

    2. go out of your way and manually change all the config to match your old one for block ids

    3. lots of testing and possibly crashed, so backup your map before doing that.

    Apart from the obvious problems of not having the correct terrain generation unless generating new chunks, there is one way more pronounced problem: should you forget a single block that should have been removed, you will crash, and potentially corrupt your save.
    An other one would be that the instance that you play this world would not be compatible with any FTB server due to your configuration, so it kills the use of a mod pack in my opinion.

    Now, onto the main question.
    Why, when having a different set of mods, a new version of the game (even two), and more importantly coming to the FTB, would you want to continue playing the old pack?
  7. slauter

    slauter New Member

    there is plans for a program to do this exact thing, do not expect is overly soon but it is planned. it may or may not work but for your hope i do hope it dose work
  8. Zerro

    Zerro Active Member

    I've put a lot of work into the current megabuild project that I'm working on. I don't want to lose all that I've worked for because I'm switching modpacks. I know FTB is a far superior modpack compared to Tekkit but I don't think that warrants a brand new world, unless if there is a way to run both a Tekkit world and FTB world at the same time

  9. MrZwij

    MrZwij Well-Known Member

    I'm personally looking forward to starting a brand-new world. I considered trying to convert my Tekkit server for about 5 seconds, but then realized I'd rather start fresh punching trees, running from creepers and hiding in the dark in dirt hovels while I plot my next world domination.
  10. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos Well-Known Member

    what you could do:

    Solution 1: world edit (or similar) your structures you absolutely want to keep (be careful about the mod usages and block ids though)

    Solution 2: make it into a buildcraft template and copy it to the new map, just use buildcraft to replicate the build (same as above for conflicts)

    Solution 3: Wrap your map in a way that is satisfying for you, and do as we will all, starting a brand new map to experience all the new stuff.

    I can understand the wish to keep a world that you have not yet finished and are not bored of, but when playing with mods, the more you have, the more chances you will have to start fresh on the next major update, you simply got to accept that it's not as simple as unmodded where you only need to walk further away to have the new stuff.
  11. Killerrabbit

    Killerrabbit Active Member

    Anyone know if there is any more news regarding this? Anyone written a converter for item ids?
  12. Velotican

    Velotican Well-Known Member

    Your best bet is mIDas.

    It's by no means guaranteed to work perfectly, for one thing you'll have to strip out mod blocks for mods that no longer exist such as EE2. Definitely backup your world before using this.
  13. Killerrabbit

    Killerrabbit Active Member

    Thanks alot, I guess I have searched to specific since I have not met with that tool before. I'll give it a try and see what I come up with! I guess changing all EE items to plant seeds or something should make the EE problem go away!
  14. Generalpickaxe

    Generalpickaxe New Member

    Theres got to be a way to do it by converting all the ee2 stuff a pipes to sand, the yogscast did that and got there tekkit world loaded in ftb.
  15. Juelz0312

    Juelz0312 Member

    It's not that simple because also the new Redpower has different block ids, so converting that to the new one would be a pain.
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