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Open Server Tek-Tonic | FTB Ultimate 1.0.1 | 24/7 | Grief Prevention | Economy | Hard Mode | Mature | 50 Slots

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by APantslessman, Apr 30, 2013.

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    MC Address:
    Web/Forums: www.tektonic.org
    Teamspeak: mc.tektonic.org
    Tek-Tonic is a fun server with a solid community of about 10 and a bunch of casuals, but looking to expand to new heights. we are very active in our teamspeak and on the server in general. we started out as a tekkit server about 7 months ago, and made the move to first mindcrack, and now Ultimate. we have found our new groove with FTB. spawn is just about finished, and i have to say this is my favorite spawn we have built to date. theres plots in the city to buy to create a shop. or even a city home. Owner and staff are all very active and prompt with support, we also do multiple backups a day, and run a rollback plugin to deal with pesky griefers. ​
    As we expand we will need more staff, but please no begging/asking, we talk about future staff constantly and have our eyes open for it. ​
    Server Rules:
    The following are general rules and guidelines that should be followed while on the world.
    1. Respect all staff. They are there to help you and enjoy the game as well.
    2. No stealing or griefing. Griefing is basically anything you hope you don't get caught for.
    3. No nerd poles (1x1 towers) higher than 5 blocks.
    4. No begging for promotions. These are awarded to members who help and don't expect anything in return.
    5. Don't build near others without permission.
    6. If a quarry hits bedrock please inform a mod or admin so we can cover it up. (Large holes equal LAG)
    7. Don't spam chat.
    8. No hacked Clients. These will be banned immediately if found.
    9. PVP is allowed but not to the point of harassment. Harassment is the point after asked to stop.
    10. Only areas inside the grief prevention areas are protected.
    11. If a mob spawner is left on and creates lag then the spawner will be destroyed without replacement.
    12. If you are inside the protected area of another player and asked to leave, you must leave.

    These rules are subject to change at any moment. Breaking these rules could result in being jailed on server, kicked, or banned indefinitely.
    Banned Items:
    We try and keep the banned items down, but some mods do not work well with protection plugins. the higher ranks can get access to some of the griefable banned items. items banned due to bugs are not given out.
    The following items are banned from the world. Some items may be able to be crafted but cannot be used.

    * Wand of Frost - Used to grief water blocks
    * Rainmaker - Lag
    * Nuke - Griefing
    * MFFS Forcefield control - Huge Lag
    * Canvas Bag - Duping issue
    * Portal Gun & Portal Spawner - Griefing Issue
    * Mining Laser - Grief issue
    * Wand of Excavation - Griefing Issue
    * Chunk Loaders & Anchors - Lag Issue
    * All forms of TNT and Dynamite - Grief Issue
    * Turrets - Duping Issue
    * Charge Station - Console Spamming and Lag Issue
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    Very good economy and friendly players and staff!

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