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Jul 29, 2019
For those that want to follow the team on twitter for updates and don't already have everyone followed:

If it doesn't come from one of these first 2 accounts it is not official. Team members personal accounts may include jokes and sarcasm.

FTB Tech Support - Massively reported bugs frequently show up here
FTB_Team - Most updates go out here

Slowpoke101 - Founder and leader
Jadedcat - Mod Pack Team and Global Mod
Eyamaz - Mod Pack Team
jjw - Launcher Team
unv - Launcher Team
Captainnana - Web Design

So if you want to follow people for updates those are the people with accurate updates.[DOUBLEPOST=1385652918][/DOUBLEPOST]And yes this is just the Mod Pack, Launcher and Main FTB accounts. The moderators, tech support personal accounts and wiki accounts won't be posting official updates. They are still awesome helpful people, but this list is for the people who do post the official updates. Bothering them will get you blocked from talking at them though.
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