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Whitelist Server SWEBAT FTB mindcrack server

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by whiskyhotel, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. whiskyhotel

    whiskyhotel New Member

    Servername: SWEBAT MINDCRACK [ FTB Mindcrack v8] [Mature] [No Griefing!] [No PvP!] [White] [Active Admins][European]

    Server IP: swebat.mine.nu:25575
    - No Greifing!
    - No PvP!
    - Be mature and respect others work!
    - No foul language in chat or Teamspeak.

    Slots: 20 (at the moment, hardware supports more!)
    Normal difficulty
    Hardware: Quad Cpu, 24gb RAM, 1gbit connection

    Server information:
    A server in wich we like to have fun, build stuff and explore!
    Be nice to other and we will all have a good time!
    Mature admins and players!
    16 years old and above

    Disabled mods:
    Portal Gun

    Whitelisting application:
    Go to our forum at www.swebat-gaming.org and apply to be whitelisted. The process is simple and short:
    1) Register at our forum.
    2) Follow the guide for your application
    3) Submitt application
    4) Applicaiton will be processed as quickly as possible!

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