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Open Server [Survival] WolfCraft [25 Slots][Protected Claims][noPVP]

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Luchripar, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Luchripar

    Luchripar New Member

    Hello friends! I'm here bringing you a new server. Currently we have 25 open slots but we have RAM for more. This is my second server and I am very excited to open it up for you guys.

    All claims are protected from other players unless you trust them. Make your first claim by placing your first chest and expand with a golden shovel.

    PVP is off

    Grief is not allowed. First instance of grief is an instant ban.

    This is a server where players will get the chance to play this awesome modpack in a stress free environment where their crap is claimed and protected, and no one is trying to kill them. we offer 24/7 support. So make use of the server site forums and also, email me any time. Site forums and my email address and also more information about the server can be found on the server site:


    Also last but not least, we hope you enjoy and feel free to connect any time with:

  2. Luchripar

    Luchripar New Member

    Quick change.. we had to change to using just the server IP.
  3. waldo2000

    waldo2000 New Member

    I managed to get on the server last night for few hours and had a good time I really like the grief protection system.
  4. psycicfrog

    psycicfrog New Member

    Not a bad server. beds don't seem to work in it though.
  5. Aspect_Life

    Aspect_Life New Member

    The server is down and also I donated 15$ and didn't get my in game items.
  6. Luchripar

    Luchripar New Member

    We have no record of your payment. Did you get a notification from PayPal? Do you have the email that is sent immediately following your donation? If you can provide this proof, I will give you the items even if I didn't get any of the money.
  7. maga_farstar

    maga_farstar New Member

    do you have a banned item list
  8. Luchripar

    Luchripar New Member

    Yes. Check the list on wolfcraftserver.net

    It's the old site but the list is updated.
  9. Aspect_Life

    Aspect_Life New Member

  10. Luchripar

    Luchripar New Member

    http://shopwolfcraft.buycraft.net is our server donation webpage... not mineserver1. How did you find that link? I'll still give you the stuff because that sucks that happened to you. but ours has a background of cobble. Any Idea how this happened? are you playing from the server whos ip is listed on www.wolfcraftserver.org? help me understand.
  11. Aspect_Life

    Aspect_Life New Member

    I went to your website, went to donation, and clicked the or visit this website HERE link. http://www.wolfcraftserver.com/donation.html
  12. Luchripar

    Luchripar New Member

    thats not my website. my website is .org pal... i'm sorry. youve logged onto a different server's site. i'll still give you some stuff though.
  13. Aspect_Life

    Aspect_Life New Member

    sry... thats my fault. I'll see if I can donate in the next month or so[DOUBLEPOST=1366855405][/DOUBLEPOST]You dont have to work on this now. But I dont have access to the commands.
  14. Aspect_Life

    Aspect_Life New Member

    nvm, could you consider giving /sethome and home to the 15 dollar donators? and the server is nice. Also if I paid like another $10 would I be able to get the 2$5 donator rank or would I have to pay $25
  15. Aspect_Life

    Aspect_Life New Member

    Another thing is there a way you could allow flying so I don't get kicked every time I use my power suit Jetpack

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