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Open Server SupremeCraft FTB |Horizons 1.0.13|Open |Eco |PVE | Survival | mcMMO | GriefPrevention

Discussion in 'Horizons' started by Arisa, Oct 25, 2013.

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  1. Arisa

    Arisa New Member

    SupremeCraft FTB Horizons 1.0.13!!

    Chat With Us in our Website: SupremeCraft

    In order to join the server
    Enable EnderNet-rc1 and ArchimedesShips

    Server Rules:
    • 1. NO HACK (Mods or any kind of Client side Programs.)
    • 2. NO GRIEF/RAID: Grief is the remove of any kind of block, animals and farms included, from the original owner.
    • 3. NO X-RAY: If any person is detected using X-RAY will be BANNED right away.
    • 4. NO ADVERTISING: All advertising about any other server will be reason of BAN right away.
    • 5. NO Excessive Capital Letters
    • 7. Respect all the players in the community and The STAFF.
    • 8. NO FLY . (Extra Client side Mods.)
    • 9. Use Grief Prevention to protect your land. " Your Land, Your Responsibility "
    • 10. NO Sexual Explicit Vocabulary in Main Chat: This is a game where kids join and all sexual explicit vocabulary will be NOT tolerated.
    • 11. DON'T ask for items or Money. Money is consider as item it self in the server.
    • 12. DON'T ask for any staff position. You have to earn the position or get the invitation from the Owners.
    • 13. DON'T curse.
    • 14. No over-world Kill: All abuse of any tool/system of kill in over-world will lend you in Jail for some time.
    • 15. No Drop Party: Drop parties and Giving Away items can be consider as a medium Abuse and will end in long stay in jail and even in a temp ban.
    • 16. All Grinders MUST have ON/OFF system activated even if the chunk is not loaded.
    • 17. NO Dark Rooms for natural spam monsters.
    Server Information:
    • Economic
    • Pve Survival
    • Pvp On in Arenas/The End
    • 30 Slots Server
    • Friendly Community / Family Based.
    • Allowed all ages.
    • Respectfull Staff

    SupremeCraft In-Game Features:
    • Myst Craft Era for Resources World.
    • The end Pvp ON
    • Ranks
    • Nice Staff
    • Global Market
    • Portals in Spawn
    • Voting Rewards
    • Hard-mode Style (Many enemies)
    • Starter Kits to help the new members.
    • Fresh Map

    • mcMMO
    • DiabloDrops
    • GlobalMarket
    • Marriage
    • Grief Prevention
    • ItemRepair
    • Lottery
    • PayDay
    • Gravel To Clay
    • Trophy Head
    Banned Items:
    • All TNT
    • Bedrock Breaker
    • RailGun
    • Heat Ray
    • MystCraft (for Admins users only)



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  2. Arisa

    Arisa New Member

    Thanks for accept the Post of our server. Every one is welcome to join us !! Have fun and enjoy playing FTB

    Greetings, Arisa.
  3. Sgt_Slaughter_JB

    Sgt_Slaughter_JB New Member

    I've been around the block, from public servers to private ones, and as far as I can tell, this one takes the cake. (And that's not a lie!) Arisa and Jeremy (owners) are two of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of playing with. I was so impressed with the server, that day 1 I donated to show my support. The spawn is even currently decorated for Halloween! Biomes O Plenty, every mod enabled, definitely the server for me, and for you too! Join SupremeCraft FTB and check it out for yourself!
  4. Arisa

    Arisa New Member

    Thank you every one for your support. Its been a couple of bad days because of those hackers that attacks us... but we are still standing and straight.. We wont give up and our community have prove that are loyal, friendly and nice supportive.

    Im so glad that SC community are so great and awsum people. Boys and Girls that play in the server thanks all for your support with SC server. <3

    Greetings, Arisa.
  5. Arisa

    Arisa New Member

    Check our pictures of our Halloween Celebration !!






    Thanks to all our members to join and share with us !!!

    Greetings, Arisa
  6. Arisa

    Arisa New Member

    Introducing to our community our new server with a new ModPack. Horizons 1.0.7 !!!

    We are stable community, with almost 1 year open as SupremeCraft server. We will love to have you all in our server, sharing experiences and learning together in this new adventure.. !!!

    We are still working on spawn city and other features, but you can start working building your path in the server already.

    Merry Christmas to all and Have fun!!
    Greetings, Arisa.
  7. Arisa

    Arisa New Member

    Merry Christmas to every one. Supremecraft, Jeremy and I wish all your dreams come true in the christmas and in the near new year. !!
  8. 1992ichigo

    1992ichigo New Member

    help i was just playing on server got gliched or bugged and instantly crash on loggin. i think its the tank i just put in,
  9. Arisa

    Arisa New Member

    The problem got fixed thanks for the report Ichi.. we are investigating why the tanks crashing the people.

    Greetings, Arisa
  10. Arisa

    Arisa New Member

    Happy New year to every one SupremeCraft wish you a happy new year and the best for the 2014 !!!!
  11. iMakeItRain

    iMakeItRain New Member

    Whitelisted in the open servers section? dafuq?
  12. Jess1801

    Jess1801 New Member

    Currently the SupremeCraft FTB - Horizons server is undergoing an update to v1.0.10. Unfortunately, there were some problems encountered, so until those issues are resolved the server will be white-listed. This will take approximately 24 hours or less, so please check back :) and thank you for checking us out!
  13. Arisa

    Arisa New Member

    Server Updated to 1.0.10 All working and ready for you to join us... ! We will be working on a spawn zone and all !!!

    Welcome to 1.0.10 era !! :3

    Greetings, Arisa.
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