Suggestion: Forum Color Customization


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Jul 29, 2019
Small suggestion for quality of life for the forums. We need a method to override other users color choices for our own viewing. The primary use cases for this are: Using the Dark Theme, where someone's color choices which are perfectly readable in the Light Theme, are difficult, and possibly uncomfortable to read (ex. Purple, particularly Dark Purple does not have good contrast against black background). Second; Users using colors that are intentionally difficult to read on the standard Light Theme (ex. Yellow against white background).

At the most basic level I would like at least an preference to just disable showing of custom colors. A somewhat more complex solution would be to allow a user to white-list or black-list certain colors to display in default colors, possibly with each theme having an option of a preset list of inappropriate colors (Light theme disables lighter colors, Dark theme disables dark colors). The most complex solution would be to allow users to set color replacements (ex. as a user of Dark Theme, I would set all of the darker colors to be replaced with lighter shades), also with the possible preset color replacement scheme for each theme.

edit: one method to implement color override functionality is using the following bit of CSS:
.messageList .messageText span
color:@body.color !important;
I have tested this using stylebot extension for chrome which allows a custom style sheet to be applied to any website, it is a bit hit or miss but may be issues in stylebot, not the CSS. However, setting it to color: white seems to work all the time. (color: white is used as I am using dark theme.

This could either be an option programatically inserted into the style sheet if the user checks the option or alternate style sheets which only show default colors (with appropriate color hardcoded). Possibly, depending on intricacies of your forum software, the color to override as could be customized by the user.
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