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Steam oven

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by crazy_fab, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. crazy_fab

    crazy_fab Member

    With the new update of FTB railcraft steam oven were introduced. I wanted to know if anyone messed with them yet.
    I build one myself and while cooking 9 item at once is impressive, it seem not so good.
    As most automated system will introduce item one by one that mean the steam will get consumed will cooking one or two item at most unless you are able of controlling the number of different item going in, or where they go.
    I also wanted to know if anyone had data on speed and steam consumption. I had the feeling than 9 stack in an induction furnace would be faster than in a steam oven but extensive testing would be required I guess.
  2. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    We are in a mixed-mod world. Consider routers from Factorization and how they could interact with this.
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  3. crazy_fab

    crazy_fab Member

    I love router but that seem not so efficient if you need 9 router per oven (plus one to evenly distribute between those). Unless I miss a feature of the router , they can't evenly distribute into one inventory by themselves. Plus to be really perfectly efficient I would like item to fill more or less space depending of how many different item I have to cook. What I would need I guess is one input chest and one smart gate reading inventory turtle that would pick 9 item or less from the chest without checking whether they identical or not and put them into the oven every time it is done.
  4. MrZwij

    MrZwij Well-Known Member

    I don't know anything about the steam oven but I'm imagining it has a nine-spot inventory, and cooks all nine at once. What happens when you dump in 9 items, say by shift-clicking? Does it distribute them all evenly or put them them into a single slot? If it distributes them, a RP2 filter should be able to do what you want, or an item loader from Railcraft.
  5. KirinDave

    KirinDave Over-Achiever

    Efficiency on materials investment? Weird question. If it saves you in-game resources over the long term who cares if you're using purpose-built systems?
  6. crazy_fab

    crazy_fab Member

    @ MrZwij when you shift click it put them in a single spot as with any inventories.
    @Kirin_dave I was thinking both in term of ressources and place, I know both are virtually infinite , but while I don't mind spending ressources (as long as there is a purpose) , I would rather make compact contraction.
  7. Hydra

    Hydra Popular Member

    Why would you want to cook that many items?
  8. RandomMoped

    RandomMoped Popular Member

    Stone bricks
  9. crazy_fab

    crazy_fab Member

    Just because we can right.
    We have the choice a puny vanilla furnace cooking one stack at a time and a huge 2*2*2 multiblock structure powered by a even bigger multiblock structure ( and I don't even speak of the size of the farm ). There is no doubt on what you want to use.
  10. Hydra

    Hydra Popular Member

    It said oven, does it act as a regular furnace?
  11. crazy_fab

    crazy_fab Member

    Yes they are called steam oven, but act as regular furnace.
  12. Memorian

    Memorian Member

    This thing sounds awesome! I want one just for the sake of having it.
    Since it's a nice 2x2x2 multi structure it would be be possible to do some nice things with it. I imagine having 4 of those TE machines that make cobble(I cant remember the name) on top of it to mass produces bricks! Or skip out on any other kind of materialle cooking devide and plac four hoppers on top that gets feed by pulveriser for my ore proccessing machine, you could even add meat to from the cow slaughter house aswell adn just pipe it, with nice slots you dont to worry to much with overflow[DOUBLEPOST=1363353490][/DOUBLEPOST]Ohh, and I dont even care about if this thinig i efficient, i looks awesome!
  13. BanzaiBlitz

    BanzaiBlitz Well-Known Member

    I expect based on this thread that it will eventually shuffle to food items only, but it certainly sounds interesting. I'll have to try it out. :D

    And I say that because steam is obviously not going to be hot enough for melting sand or cobble. :p
  14. MrZwij

    MrZwij Well-Known Member

    Have you tried piping into different faces of it to see if items get put in different places?
  15. masterventris

    masterventris Active Member

    Apart from being an awesome multiblock running on steam, this doesnt seem to be particularly useful. A quick test shows a warmed induction furnace will smelt 9 stacks of cobble in approx 3 mins. After the same amount of time the steam oven had done just over 1 stack, even with all 9 slots filled.

    The advantage of being able to smelt 9 different types is mitigated with a filter above the induction furnace to hold items until there is space for them to be forced into the furnace.
  16. Summit

    Summit Well-Known Member

    Ahh... Broke my new toy before I even got to play with it... :(

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