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Casual Server Starting a commune. [3-4 players]

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Rex the Engineer, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Rex the Engineer

    Rex the Engineer New Member

    I am one of the people that hate the beginning fase of FTB, and I would like to get some people just like me to help each other through that part (and the rest) of the game. I am a very chatty player, with a good microphone and I know of a teamspeak server to get on. I just want to be in a group of 3-4 players, because it only makes the chances of finding that one diamond better, right? And when together, you are way stronger.

    If you join me, understand this: We share everything, if you prefer that someone stays out of that particular resource because you are working with it, its fine.
    And just so that no one just works up all the ores by himself, just talk to us before doing it, okay?

    We will use the direwolf20 modpack, and go on a whitelisted server, because when you have more people than just your own group, it gives a nice secretive layer to the game. I do not know which server yet, add a suggestion if you want.

    It's best to have a leader in the group. That will be me. I will not command anything from you guys, but when you have problems like someone is leeching or whatever, I will say what will happen with him. The rest will all be democratic.

    As for the jobs part, technically there are none, but if you have a preferred region of expertise, just put it in the app, and we will keep that in mind, this does not say that it is your only duty! And other can still help! Mining will be required of everyone.

    To join:

    Time zone:
    Preferred job:

    You will be checked on MCbans!
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  2. Lambert2191

    Lambert2191 New Member

  3. Rex the Engineer

    Rex the Engineer New Member

  4. Lambert2191

    Lambert2191 New Member

    you're still in the wrong place but whatever.
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  5. Rex the Engineer

    Rex the Engineer New Member

    I wasnt sure where to post this, but the server promotion isnt the right place at all ^^
  6. Milaha

    Milaha New Member

    Casual servers (under server promotion) is the correct place. in order to form this commune it will be a server, thus server promotion.
  7. WTBjellybean10

    WTBjellybean10 New Member

    IGN: WTBjellybean10
    Age: Recently 15
    Timezone: US central (GMT - 5:00)
    Mic: I have Skype and a Mic, unfortunately, I do not have teamspeak
    Skype: wtbjellybean
    Preferred Job: I am fine at mining and pretty much anything, but I am really good at the later game mechanics, like, frame quarries, BC and IC power stations, and pretty much anything. I am fine with anything though and I will help with anything (even crafting HVs or gravity suits!)
    Server: I am pretty layed back I could care less what server we play on
    Why I want to join: I would like to join you to finally indulge in multiplayer, I haven't played multiplayer in a very serious manner since 1.2.5 on Hardcore Darwinism tekkit server (I know tekkit). The server was shut down as the owner had a mental breakdown, it was a raiding server but I remained neutral and the people I lived with did as well (We got rich by trading and mining NOT RAIDING). Overall I think getting back into a multiplayer environment, with a tight knit group, would be a ton of fun
    My knowledge with mods: I am VERY knowledgeable with the mods on the Direwolf20 pack, the first modpack I played was the original yogbox. I switched over to technical mods with tekkit and the technic pack back in 1.0. I played these mod packs till 1.4 when I got really serious in the single player aspect of FTB and the Direwolf20 pack. I know almost everything about all of the mods in the pack and I can build extremely efficient mining machines or power stations or even farm.

    My MCbans:
    I have never played on a server with MCbans and here is the link to save you some time.

    Thank you for considering me as a candidate to join your group, I really appreciate it and I would love to join!
  8. Lawbroken

    Lawbroken New Member

    Sounds like a server to me so i have moved your post.
    If Greedseed finds it doesn't belong here then he is welcome to move it. ;)

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