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[SPOILERS] All of Thaumcraft 3's research

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by thecheesethatbites, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Warning, the following information is what aspects are in all of Thaumcraft 3's Research are. (If i've missed something, or you have something to add, please comment so i can review it.

    Credit to ::
    For showing all the recipies in a video form, i just scribed it down

    Ignis, Lux, Potentia

    Basic Transmutation
    Carus, Metallum, Permutatio

    Cogito, MAchina, Praecanteo

    Enchanted Fabric
    Fabricp, Pannus, Praecanteo

    Fractus, Potentia, Ignis

    Iron Transmutation
    Metallum, Permutatio

    Silver transmutation,
    Mettalum, Permutateo

    Lead Transmutation
    Vacuos, Metallum, Permutateo

    Tin transmutation
    Permutatio, Metallum, Vitreus

    Copper Transmutation
    Victis, Metallum, Permutatio

    Fractus, Permutatio, Ignis

    Praecantio, Mettalum, Permutatio

    Magical Building Blocks
    Fabrico, Saxum, Praecantio, Lignum, Mettalum

    Unified Thaumic Field Theory
    Cogito, Ignis, Praecantio, Solum, Aura, Aqua, Mutaic

    Wand of equal trade
    Instrumentum, Praecantio, Permutatio

    Wand of Fire,
    Fractus, Ignis, Telum, Praecantio

    Wand of Lightning,
    Fractus, Telum, Praecantio, Potentia

    Wand of Excavation
    Instrumentum, Saxum, Praecantio, Metalum

    Warded Jars
    Tutamen, Vitreus, Vinculum, Vacuos

    Brain in a jar
    Malum, Cogito, Animus, Permutatic

    Infernal Furnace
    Ignis, Animus,Saxum, Impertio , Praecantio, Vinculum

    Basic Flux Research
    Mutatic, Impertio, Permutatic, Machina, Purus

    Animus, Victus, Impertio, Motus

    Stone Golem Worker
    Saxum, Impertio, Motus, Permutatio

    Straw Golem Worker
    Messis, Impertio, Motus, Permutatio, Herba, Instrumentum

    Clay gollem worker
    Impertio, Motus, Solum, Permutatio

    Golem animation core, Speed
    Impertio, Permutatio, Motus

    Golem Animation Core: Perception
    Impertio, Permutatio, Visum

    Golem Animation Core, Intellegence
    Cogito, Permutatio, Impertio

    Gollem animation Core, Strength
    Impertio, Permutatio,Potentia

    Magic Tallow
    Corpus, Ignis

    Tallow Gollem worker
    Fabrico, Impertio, Motus, Permutatio, Corpus

    Advanced Clay Golems
    [If someone could reply as to what the aspects for research are for this please reply]
    Advanced Stone Golems
    [If someone could reply as to what the aspects for research are for this please reply]

    Hungry chest
    Animus, Motus, Vacuos, Permutatio

    Arcane Bellows
    Instrumentum, Impertio, Motus, Aura

    Goggles of Revealing
    Mutatio, Cogito, Praecantio, Visum, Tutamen

    Warded Stone and doors
    Cognito, Impertio, Motus, Machina, Tutamen

    Arcane Levitator
    Motus, Volito, Solum, Machina, Aura

    Arcane Ear,
    Sonus, Impertio,Visum, Aura, Machina

    Boots of the Traveller
    Motus, Volito, Solum, Tutamen, Aqua

    Portable hole
    Motus, Permutatio, Alenis, Vacuos

    Theory Of Everything
    Cognito, Corpus, Lignum, Victus, Instrumentum, Messis, Vitreus, Machina, Flos, Vestiola, Venenum, Telum, Metallum, Herba, Sonus, Bestia, Fungus, Tutamen [Thanks Djo201!]

    SECRET RESEARCH (This is aquired from lost knowledge)

    Tiny Fezzes
    Pannus, Cognito, Victus, Carus

    Tiny Bowties
    Pannus, Motus, Cognito, Carus

    Tiny Spectacles
    Visum, Vitrius, Cognito, Carus

    Crystal Clusters
    Vitreus, Praecantio, Cognito, Permutatio

    Tiny Hats
    Pannus, Potentia, Cognito, Carus
  2. djo201

    djo201 Active Member

    Prety much everything. Found these on some wiki a few weeks ago:
    Cognito, Corpus, Lignum, Victus, Instrumentum, Messis, Vitreus, Machina, Flos, Vestiola, Venenum, Telum, Metallum, Herba, Sonus, Bestia, Fungus, Tutamen
  3. Awesome, that seems to be all of them =D Thanks!
  4. DoctorOr

    DoctorOr Popular Member

    Just made this list yesterday for myself and didn't think to post it. I was mildly upset that all the aspects I was storing in jars for easy access ... were never used.
  5. Catarooni

    Catarooni Member

    You're missing Advanced Clay Golems and Advanced Stone Golems. Not sure of the aspects.
  6. Research list or crafting list?[DOUBLEPOST=1358841455][/DOUBLEPOST]
  7. tehBlobLord

    tehBlobLord Well-Known Member

    I couldn't find Thaumaturge's Robes on here either, the aspects are Praecontio, Pannus and Tutamen.
  8. Lothendas27

    Lothendas27 Active Member

    Hoe of Growth is missing from this list. Aspects: Herba, Instrumentum, Messis and Victus
  9. Dravarden

    Dravarden Well-Known Member

    for the crystal clusters you dont need knolege fragments neither cognitio (3.0.3)
  10. Lothendas27

    Lothendas27 Active Member

    Advanced Stone Golems: Permutatio, Purus, Cognitio, Imperito and Animus
  11. jkerr

    jkerr New Member

    Advanced Clay Golem Worker: Permutatio, Purus, Imperito, Cognito, Animus (same as Advanced Stone Golems :) )
  12. ItharianEngineering

    ItharianEngineering Active Member

  13. jkerr

    jkerr New Member

    Didn't know of that site, thanks!
  14. This was before the update, and before i knew about the wiki's aspect list, also this isn't being updated anymore.
  15. Goatflakes

    Goatflakes Member

    I used because I didn't record the results of my original research :< I thought I could look up the aspects it took later in the thauminomicon, but you can't unfortunately. Some of the things have same aspects for what they craft, some, not so much :p

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