Sphax for the new Direwolf20?

Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by stratocaster307, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. stratocaster307

    stratocaster307 New Member

    Sphax is my favorite Texture pack, so i was kinda dissapointed when the version i was using didn't work with the Direwolf20 pack. i think it has something to do with direwolf being in 1.5.2, but im not sure. Does anyone know where i can get a compatible version, if it exists yet?
  2. Killjoy1221

    Killjoy1221 New Member

    Everything should be here. http://bdcraft.net/patches-list

    I haven't tested it myself, but if it's not updated, it should still work if you move the mod's folder into the /assets/ folder. If there's a /mods/ folder, move the contents into /assets/. For example: when you download the FTB patch, it's still on 1.5.2. Move every folder except /mods/ into the /assets/ folder and then the contents of /mods/ into the /assets/ folder. There's bound to be some bugs, but all the blocks and items should work.
  3. stratocaster307

    stratocaster307 New Member

    Thanks SO much. Ill try it out right away :D

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