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Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by Jath, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. Jath

    Jath New Member


    I am trying to get Soartex to load for Direwolf20 and am coming up unsuccessful. Once I launch Direwolf20, I go to options, and go to resource packs, once I select it the client freezes for a couple minutes and produces errors in the console. After it finishes, it just doesn't do anything. No resource pack selected, etc.

    Latest version of Direwolf20 and also Soartex (both tried from the launcher and the download from their website).

    Here is the console message (I think I got all of it regarding the resource pack):

    Thanks for the help.
  2. Staxed

    Staxed New Member

    try to load the texture pack manually (download it from the thread, stick it in your resource pack folder). Don't use the launcher for it. See if that works.
  3. Jath

    Jath New Member

    I apologize, that is what I did try to do before. I attempted to select it in the client and it does the same as above.
  4. Staxed

    Staxed New Member

    Sadly I don't know what else to tell you at the moment, I don't really know that much about errors for texture packs. Have you opened the zip file up and checked it to see if those files the log says are missing are actually in there? (corrupt download maybe?)
  5. Jath

    Jath New Member

    That's the only thing I haven't done yet. I'll check when I actually get home from work.

    Thanks for your help anyways!
  6. TheBanus

    TheBanus New Member

    I have the exact same issue as you except its for the JohnSmith Technicians Remix pack. I double click on the texture-pack to load it, minecraft freezes for about 30 seconds, but then it still lists default as the chosen pack. Funny thing is I'm currently using the technic launcher for the server I play on, and it's the only launcher that the pack won't work in. Works fine in At-launcher and FTB Launcher, but flat out won't work in Technic.

    Back on topic though, I get those same console errors even when my packs such as Familiar Yet Different, still load perfectly. So far haven't found a fix though :(
  7. UniZero

    UniZero Popular Member

    Can I see the full log please because I don't see an error in your log. Also how much memory do you have allocated in the launcher?

    I assume you downloaded the pack from the soartex thread on these forums.

    You mention that you are playing the d20 pack but there is more than one dw20 pack on the launcher.
  8. SoartexFanver

    SoartexFanver New Member


    Could you please post your full log please as this will contain more information to help see what problem you are having. From what I can tell from what you have posted that you could be using the wrong minecraft version of the Soartex Pack to the Modpacks version or using a corrupt download. Or possible you don't have enough RAM allocated to the game to run our pack, but you say the game freezes which is common when changing resorce packs but it not changing to the pack suggests something could be wrong with the download or your minecraft set up.

    If you could post the full logs and some more information about what your set is then that would be most helpful.

    ~ artdude543

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