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Whitelist Server Small Whitelisted DW20 1.7.10 server 100% uptime

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Imnothackable, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. Imnothackable

    Imnothackable New Member

    Just a small server looking for people to join us in some fun.

    Here's a small template for an application -

    In-Game Name:


    Why should you join our server?:
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  2. Sollie

    Sollie New Member

    In-Game Name: solfoxy

    Age: 23

    Why should you join our server?: I enjoy a small community and would like to make some cool stuff with others. :3
  3. Illegalpizza12

    Illegalpizza12 New Member

    In-Game Name:illegalpizza12


    Why should you join our server?:i was on the vanity server then they shut down and im looking for a new server
  4. Rok215

    Rok215 New Member

    In-Game Name: Rok215

    Age: 24

    Why should you join our server?: Would like to play on a server :)
  5. Gunner3564

    Gunner3564 New Member

    In-Game Name:
    Why should you join our server?: I Would like to join your server, because Im looking for a small nice community of gamers to hang out with and play some good old modded minecraft.
  6. LiftedDuramax419

    LiftedDuramax419 New Member

    In-Game Name: countryboy2327


    Why should you join our server?:like to join the server to help ppl out and just to have fun with a small amount of ppl n not on a big server
  7. CGasper

    CGasper New Member

    In-Game Name:CGasper
    Why should you join our server?:Well, i really enjoy small communities, you know, you kinda connect more to people. And i need a server to join, playing solo is not that fun. Plus, i find easier to practice my english on a Small community, and i really need to practice it(as you can see).
  8. Ercoslane

    Ercoslane New Member

    IGN: Erc_
    Age: 20
    Why Should you join our server?: I've always found playing FTB on small servers to be more fun than alone. More of a sense of community without being overwhelmed by large quantities of people.
  9. anthony098765

    anthony098765 New Member

    In-Game Name: anthony098765

    Age: 15

    Why should you join our server?: I have been looking for a nice community to join!
  10. IHaveOneIQ

    IHaveOneIQ New Member

    IGN: IHaveOneIQ
    Age: 27
    Why should you join the server? Been looking for a new server to join since the old one shut down. Hope to just get back into FTB like old times.
  11. tacos4lolz

    tacos4lolz New Member

    In-Game Name: tacos4lolz

    Age: 15

    Why should you join our server?: I really enjoy small communities, especially in games like Minecraft.
  12. Lonedarklord

    Lonedarklord New Member

    In-Game Name: Lonedarklord

    Age: 28

    Why should you join our server?: I really would like building with others and I am very helpful as best as i can be.
  13. willhami2

    willhami2 New Member

    In-Game Name: willhami2

    Age: 18

    Why should you join our server?: Because im very active and will participate in all server events
  14. Uber1234emil

    Uber1234emil New Member

    In-Game Name: uber1234emil


    Why should you join our server?: Because i am mature and i know a lot of mods and i want a frendly community with some players with out worming about grefers
  15. TheAnswerme

    TheAnswerme New Member

    In-Game Name: answerme

    Age: 14

    Why should you join our server?: Because Im Looking For A Friendly Community To Play On Full Of Others That Are Able To Play Nice Together, Ive Been Playing Minecraft Since Early-Mid Beta 1.5
  16. Jenetix

    Jenetix New Member

    In-Game Name: DamoclesX


    Why should you join our server?:Looking for a nice place to play/build with my friend

    (friends app)
    In-Game Name:Jenetix

  17. bunnaryben

    bunnaryben New Member

    In-Game Name:straitas


    Why should you join our server?: I love testing out new packs that I come across and it is always much more fun on a server setting. I am a good community member and am always grateful to help.
  18. xBad_Ass

    xBad_Ass New Member

    Age: 22
    What is your knowledge about mods/ftb:very little, im new to pc minecraft mods as ive been playing xbox minecraft, so i would like to learn
    How often will you be online: 1 hour a day weekends more as i work loads :)
    Extra:i hope if there would be someone i could work with or get peoples advise if i dont understand.
    i would like to chat via skype or teamchat or typing :)

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