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Whitelist Server Small Magicfarm 2 Server looking for more players

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Hpkelly, May 4, 2014.

  1. Hpkelly

    Hpkelly New Member

    Hi, lately myself and some friends have been playing on my Magic Farm 2 server, and I want to get some new players in the action with us. If you are interested, please comment below with some information about yourself and why you want to play on the server. The server is hosted in the south-eastern United States. Thanks!
  2. farmertravis

    farmertravis New Member

    hey im intrested. i have skype, i am a mature 15 year old boy. I love to interact with others. I am very new to this modpack. so please add me to whitelist!
  3. Solomonzz

    Solomonzz New Member

    ill like to ply magic farm on a small pvt server im mature 20 year old
    and still learing the modpack :D
  4. Puppy63376

    Puppy63376 New Member

    Im 14 almost 15 im looking for a magic farm 2 server my ign is puppy63376 i may be shy at first but i observe mostly untill i get to know people them im a pretty friendly person

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