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Casual Server Small group of players - Come Fast, Winkey Face. That is all.

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by JoezToothbrush, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. JoezToothbrush

    JoezToothbrush New Member

    Hello everyone, as we know there is an abundance of servers but I am not looking for a server. I am looking for a few players to play on a server. As it is hard to meet and play with people as a team on a server I am looking for people here. A small group of 3-4 people that want to work together and play. This may be a silly idea but I figure I would give it a shot. We will be looking for a server whitelist or open but I don't want to run my own.

    A few suggested requirements
    - Live in Canada or the US
    - Timezone between 5-9 hours
    - Between the age of 14-16
    - Must skype
    - FTB mindcrack or ultimate pack
    - Don't be an uptight bitch
    - Must have a sense of humor
    - Have little knowledge of FTB

    If you are interested I won't create an application form but simply reply to this thread or skype me; Joez_Toothbrush and let me know if you're willing to play.
  2. Djharts

    Djharts New Member

    I would love to take part in this. I can always Skype but I may not always be able to talk.
  3. trunksbomb

    trunksbomb New Member

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  4. Milaha

    Milaha New Member

    To be a bit more helpful, this belongs in "casual servers"
  5. Jeff Fisher

    Jeff Fisher New Member

    as stated this belongs in casual servers, I'm sorry but If I have to put my post there like this so do you.
  6. robot_liger

    robot_liger New Member

    i would love to participate
  7. skolly94

    skolly94 New Member

    Added you on skype. and i would love to join you :)

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