Skyfactory 2.5 always crashes

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Title Skyfactory 2.5 always crashes

Launcher Type FTB Launcher

Modpack Skyfactory2.5

Modpack version 2.5.4

Have you modified the pack? Yes

Link to log file

Details of the issue in the world first is a frozen screen than it closes the game.
I put in the mods mekanism and matteroverdrive


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Jul 29, 2019
Block location: World: (140,66,129)

Auto Sieve at that location is what's being rendered funkily. Get rid of it using MCEdit etc.

OR you can try getting rid of it by going to configs folder, opening "forge.cfg" and changing "removeErroringEntities" and "removeErroringTileEntities" to true, launching the world and then if it works, changing them back to false. Whatever you do, take a backup first
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thank you
it works now
the help from you guys is awesome