SkyBlock: Feed the Beast Edition (Choose your Pack!)

Discussion in 'Third Party Maps' started by Hashtag, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Hashtag

    Hashtag New Member

    So after much thinking from myself, I decided I want to play SkyBlock again. But this time, I wanted to do something more. I wanted to do something besides the typical, "Finish these challenges to win SkyBlock" so I went ahead and created this.

    First off, I want to thank the creator of SkyBlock for first of all, making the original SkyBlock maps. If he didn't make that, then this map wouldn't exist. I want to give credit where credit is due.

    This is SkyBlock Survival with Feed the Beast elements in it. The one main difference here? You get a Mass Fabricator making UU-Matter for you and then you get to make that into whatever your heart desires. You now have access to Diamonds, Iron, Tin, Copper, and other material that wouldn't normally be found on SkyBlock.

    On the island to start you off:
    Everything from SkyBlock 2.1
    1 Rubber Tree (Instead of Oak)
    1 Mass Fabricator
    1 Ultimate Hybrid Solar Panel
    1 High to Medium EU Converter
    1 Medium to Low EU Converter
    1 Recycler

    Why did I make this? I made this so that way SkyBlock isn't just limited to cobblestone and such. I would people to experiment and come up with their own ideas on how to create a new version of SkyBlock.

    The only thing required to be able to run this map is IndustrialCraft. Any pack that contains that mod is perfectly acceptable!

    Download link:

    If you want to see some live explanations/Let's Play, I've provided you with my video below:

  2. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    That's all well and good, but you don't have much access to ferrous metal, the little you get being from pulverizing iron ore, no bluetricity, no MFFS, no nether stars, no thaumcraft, no AE, no xycraft, no bees, and then there's the fact that you have crap tons of energy generation from the very beginning.
  3. kal213

    kal213 Active Member

    Possibly to solve the problem of to much energy from the beginning is to just give them a full MFSU, and put the components for a solar panel or whatever on the sand island.
  4. Simtim

    Simtim Active Member

    just to let ya know, you cant use this with all the packs. Tried it on the "FTB Unleashed" pack, and there are id conflicts between the map and the ic2 config. The exact error is "Ic2 detected an ID conflict between your IC2.cfg and the map you are trying to load" , "Config section: block Config entry: blockCable Config value: 228 Map value: 603"

    also... after altering the config for that value another similar error popped up so yeah... wont be playing your map. Looked like it coulda been fun tho, sorry.
  5. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    This is for 1.4.7, not 1.5.2.
  6. Simtim

    Simtim Active Member

    Hate to break the news to ya bub, but it doesn't say that where i can see it. All i see is it saying "Choose your pack!". and i'm just trying to tell ya one that it's not working on. So i recommend you put that its for v 1.4.7 in the description somewhere.
  7. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Well this isn't my thread, so I can't exactly post anything to the OP. I can say that this map was published before the realease of any public 1.5.2 FTB modpacks, and that any map that uses 1.4.7 will completely break in 1.5.2, so if you really want to play this in 1.5.2, just give yourself the items at the very beginning of of a skyblock 2.1 world, and it'll be nearly the same.
  8. Lhamabomb

    Lhamabomb Active Member

    Step one: Start Game before bed.
    Step two: wake up to nice UU-M
    Step three: UU-M all components needed to build mystcraft items...
    Step four: make an age
    Step Five: find new pages
    Step Six: Repeat steps four and five until a stable age can be created, win skyblock
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  9. lukaszpoke

    lukaszpoke Active Member

    Step Seven: Get yourself accidentally on purpose trapped in your new mystcraft age
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  10. Lhamabomb

    Lhamabomb Active Member

    I got an even better idea!!!

    Repeat steps 1-3 above-except make a diamond and bones(for bonemeal to grow flowers). Alternatively, if you have enough sapling from the tree (14 to be exact) use them
    Step 4(revised): Make A Twilight portal
    Step 5(Revised to fit popular demand):OOPS!! forget to set bookmark to your portal back to skyblock.
    Step 6:Live out Skyblock map in twilight forest, GREAT SUCCESS!!
  11. Lhamabomb

    Lhamabomb Active Member

    all those negative nancys up there forget about all the alternate realm mods we've got, and you start us off with the putty to make that happen in a matter of minutes. If you haven't been following.... Map too easy, caveman can do.

    I also hate to add, it seems like you took the base skyblock map, loaded it into ftb, popped into creative, added or changed the couple things, and said "Look i made a map". I appreciate your enthusiasm, but i do agree with some of the posters above comments. Maybe instead of giving them a Mass fab, why not just throw a stack of UU-m in the start chest. Limited uses, makes the player more decisive with what they use it for. The mod pack adds ALOT of stuff...maybe add an island or two, Mod theme them even! Have like a tech island, and a magic island. Actually you know what.. don't read this, i'm gonna go make this map!
  12. Dark_Hero_Matt

    Dark_Hero_Matt Active Member

    One way to do things legit, is by starting out Skyblock with the Monster pack. Do not make any changes to the map. Your objective would be to :
    1. Get rotten f
    2. Get iron by killing zombies
    3. Make an essence farm from the Magic Crops mod. To get the seeds - bonemeal dirt.
    4. Get life essence and get the purification powder
    5. Use the powder on rotten flesh ---> leather
    6. Create a squid spawner ----> ink
    7. Start mystcraft.

    After that, everyone can create their own rules about how deep into mystcraft one can get. For instance, only get one of each item or something. Possibilities are endless. Just a suggestion ;)

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