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Feb 10, 2013
The Overworld has generally been a pleasant place. A thick layer of stone, dotted with ores and shot through with caves dripping with the blood of the earth. Vast oceans of life-giving water, rimmed with yellow sand. A layer of soil, coated with grass and scattered with trees. An array of wildlife, some benign, others slightly less so. A deep sea of air and a sun that rises and sets, illuminating the entire world every day.

Civilizations rose and fell over the millennia, building structures and leaving them abandoned to be reclaimed by nature. But through it all, this remained constant: The world was imbued with a sort of energy that, on the whole, seemed to gently encourage the growth and spread of life.

That is, until some idiot constructed a frame of obsidian and opened a portal to the Evil Realm.

Once the colors of magic realized what was going on, they extinguished the portal in short order... but the damage had already been done. The Nether's corrupting influence had seeped into the Overworld, twisting some of the colors into strange, inverted versions of themselves hostile to life and bent on corrupting the entire world. Tahara called a meeting at the altar on the snow-capped peak of the highest mountain in the land, summoning avatars of all the colors so they could discuss the situation at hand and find a way to purge the Overworld of this corruption.

But the conference was not to go as planned...

Roles and Rules
End of Day (to be determined)

Those Who Have Been Summoned:
  1. Shazam08
  2. erindalc
  3. Pyure
  4. Fowltief
  5. Nojr
  6. dragon_fang
  7. VikeStep
  8. RealKC
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Jul 29, 2019
@016Nojr my son will be 5. I just turned 31 on Saturday. And my wife's birthday is 10/3. It's a busy 9 days :p

@erindalc thanks... it should be fun. Gotta love a kiddo who choose camping over a birthday party :)