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Jul 29, 2019
You DO NOT have to vote everyday. (So please don't anti smite as you won't be smited for not voting.) However please try to role-play and contribute to the game in anyway possible. However you have to vote atleast once every two days. There is no nobody. HOWEVER if no votes are placed, a random person will be killed, regardless of allegiance

Hello and welcome to my first game as a GM.

In this version of werewolf, the story is you live in a city which is under siege from an attacking race of werewolves. The werewolves have decided to send in a few spies to try and infiltrate the citizens and try to overrun you from the inside. However as well as werewolves, a few mercenary have decided to show up. So your mission, should you choose to accept it is to try and get rid of these werewolves while surviving attacks from both werewolves and mercenary's. However the mercenary's are neutral, so the wolves should also be wary.


-Wolves must kill ALL citizens.
-Citizens must kill ALL wolves.
-Mercenary's must be involved in the killing of their assigned target.


Priest - If this person is alive, roles are revealed on death. Can also bless a player every 3rd night, when blessed they have a 33% chance of receiving "Armoured"

Bodyguard - Protects one person each night. Cant protect themselves, and they cant protect the same person twice in a row. They will die in place of the person the protect if that person is attacked along with the attacker.

Seer - Can see someone role each night, (35% chance of seeing any abilities)

Officer - Upon death picks a person to kill. The persons role is revealed no matter what. (even if the priest is dead)

Doctor - Can resurrect one person. That person will then know who you are.

Sherlock Holmes - A detective type role. Every second night I will supply this person with a riddle. If they answer the riddle/question correctly they receive a hint towards the role of a random person. (May not actually have this, but you never know ;))

Spiritual Talker - This person can ask a total of 3 questions to ANY dead person. These questions can not mention any name or give hints such has its the BEAST (referring to me).

President - In case of a tie, this person picks who dies in a lynching. (This is an additional role) Is passed on in death.

Corrupt Politician - To win he must remain undetected. Can rig votes by adding a total of 5 random votes throughout the game to a person (Telling me in PM). If discovered will be "assassinated" the next night. Picks to side with wolves OR mercenary's. He will then find out the identity of them and will join their team, the team they pick must win for them to win.

Werewolf - Bog standard werewolf. Nothing special but votes who to kill once per night in the wolf chat.

Pack leader - Is shown as a random citizen to a seer, and a random role will be shown on death (citizen role) UNLESS the Spiritual Talker is alive.

Crazed Wolf - Can convert people into wolves. If this is a mercenary the identity of the Crazed Wolf will be announced and the mercenary not converted. (75% chance of converting to werewolf, 25% chance Exiled Wolf. Each conversion takes 2 nights, and the player will only be notified during the second day that they are being converted, and what their new role is.

Exiled Wolf - This is an exiled wolf who wins on there own. Twist with this guy is, they MUST get one wolf killed. (E.G sell them out)

Mercenary - Must be involved in the death of their given target. (e.g voting to lynch them, or siding with a wolf and persuading them to attack the target.)

Vengeful Mercenary - Can kill a person ONCE on condition that person voted to lynch this person.

Intel Collector - Twice a game can ask GM to see who the seer checked and what they found out THE NIGHT BEFORE. (E.G Ask on Day 3 to see what was found on Night 2.)

Armour Trader - When this person dies, half the remaining players receive armoured. (Stacks)

Armoured - You can survive a killing or a lynching ONCE.

Resurrection - Can resurrect a person ONCE if you die with this ability a random player is resurrected the same night.

Violence - A wolf has this, and they randomly kill ANY player. On an even night, 2,4,6 etc 35% chance of being used and only used once.

Last Words - The day after their death they can tell me to say 10 words for me to say in the chat. NO NAMES ALLOWED.

-No screenshots or quotes (direct) from any private conversations.
-I must be invited to ALL private conversations.
-You can not vote for yourself. If you do and do not change it, you shall suffer a most painful death.
-Each day will end at 7:30pm GMT.
-Wolfs can't tell each other what wolf they are (to protect the Exiled Wolf)


1.) @trajing
2.) @Strikingwolf
3.) @HeilMewTwo
4.) @016Nojr
5.) @SpwnX
6.) @the_j485
7.) @chbachman
8.) @Pyure
9.) @Gideonseymour
10.) @SoraZodia
11.) @Eruantien
12.) @LivingAngryCheese
13.) @VikeStep
14.) @xTordX
15.) @Qazplm601
16.) @yoy1zoz2mom3
17.) @goreae
18.) @Shazam08
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Jul 29, 2019
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