Severance: Blade of Darkness


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Jul 29, 2019
Ladies! Girls! Females in all ages and boys hiding in mancaves! Gather around!
Uncle Munaus has finally found a new PC game for you.
I wont waste too much time here, so this post will be short...

Now before we begin I would like to address to any old fans of this game, if there are any in this forum?, to forgive me if I overexaggerate or comment falsely on the games features. I've found this game very recently and have given it a few hours. So if I missed something, please do tell!
And I do have, like Vauthil has stated, a habit of being dramatic. (said the guy who runs with scissors, go figure...)

Now this game is, sadly, not released recently.. It was released in the far year of 2001.

Q. What? 2001? But Munaus, I'm only 12 years old! Were there any games in that age for pc?? :eek:

Calm down younglings.. Yes there were PC games even back in the 90s. Now lets get back to topic:

This game is a 3D, third person, medieval fantasy hack-and-slash. The hack and slash is a dumb way to describe it, though. Many of you who know hack and slash today( Devil May Cry, God of War) should know that this game doesn't make you a powerful demigod who can spam attack button endlessly. Nope

Every slash you make with the mouse button will cost fatigue and if you got hit first the attack wont get executed. If you miss you will.... well... feel silly when you only manage to hit the air :p
You can spam the attack button, depending on which character you go with, 3-5 times. But after that your character will get exhausted and stand still breathing heavily, being completely open to enemy attacks. Dodging, jumping and running does not drain fatigue, so move your butt! :cool:
Dodging enemy attacks is vital! And that's the tricky part of the game. Dodging left while the enemy swings a long range sword on the left side might hit you. If your enemy holds a shield and you dodged to the right and striked might just hit the shield and do no harm.

With four different characters to choose from with their own speciality of weapons and strenghts and weaknesses, this game will make you stand on your toes with every enemy you face against.
Did I also mention that you can decapitate enemies and use their limbs to both throw or just hack at other enemies? It's almost poetic...;)

Q. Okay so this is mainly a fighting game. Is this an RPG? Open world? Awesome storyline? Fully customisable characters like skyrim?

First, not really. Second, no. Third, eh... Nothing unique but definitly immersive. Last question, no.
I do understand many of you want games to hold up to the standard of the epicness of bethesda games. But those are expensive games and this company was poor. They didn't have that kind of money and therefore focused on two things: fighting mechanic and level design.
The first I already mentioned is the heart and soul of the game.
The second is quite nicely done. You start on a location, facing off 1 or two enemies at fixed positions, and need to watch out for traps, solve puzzles and manage to jump over a ravine, ruined bridge or weakened floor.
You can start with 4 different characters, the beefy dwarf, the noble knight, the ferocious barbarian or the beautiful and nimble amazon.
All four characters have their own backstory and own starting points. As the story progresses they will eventually lead to the same goal, defeat the evil that is rising.

Q. Yeah yeah... how can this game be hard?

Because unlike other games you can't heal unless you level up, find food or a potion to digest. As you progress you will find these harder and harder to find. So being quick and not standing like a meat-sack before an enemy attack will make you squee! in every battle.
Those of you who play Mount&Blade know the drill.

Q. Can I loots stuff?

There is a limit to everything you carry. If you find a full health potion your character will only hold one.
Find a weapon? Your guy can only hold 3.
And here's a catch! Every character has its own weapon speciality. Dwarfs prefer one handed axes/clubs/hammers with shields
Barbarians wield two handed weapons.
Knights wield sword and shield.
Amazons trust their spears
You can let your dwarf wield a two handed axe if you find one, but he wont be as quick striking it as a barbarian would. And same goes with the barbarian wielding shield and one handed and so forth...
As for bows and arrows, every character can use them. If you find one...
So you will want to be clever with what you loot from enemies, for those who wear shields should remember that they will shatter if you block attacks constantly.

Q. Okay okay, is there anything bad about this game?

Well, the controls take some time to get used to. I urge players who are already going to buy this game to give the tutorial a try. The buttons are customisable, but they still take some time to figure out.
And the ingame music is nothing epic, but definitly immerses you.
As for character sounds... well the grunting from you and the enemy is really friggin annoying after awhile...
As is the sounds of your dudes footsteps.
And aiming with the bow is hard, why the game developer decided to go without a crosshair is beyond me...

Q. I'm so buying this!!! But where...? is a website store much like steam, The game costs 6$. for some reason decided to drop the price. It's 2,40$ now. Be quick before they raise it again!

Still not convinced? Enjoy these bloody and gory videos.
For those wondering, yes the modding community for this game is still alive! That tells something for a game 13 years old :D

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