Sephrik's 1.4.7 Config pack of awesomeness! (supports 123 mods total)

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  1. Sephrik

    Sephrik Active Member

    Hello guys, it's Sephrik here with another config pack. This time it's for 1.4.7! The only drawback this time is that you'll need to run it with MultiMC. The reason for that is, since it's on 1.4.7, the FTB launcher will delete the Minecraft.jar and replace it with the 1.4.6 jar, which will not work unfortunately. That's okay though, I'll be adding a tutorial to this post with instructions on what to do/how to use MultiMC!

    Download: -

    Mods this config pack supports:
    Petro Gen:

    Rei's minimap:

    Jammy Furniture Mod:

    Additional Pipes:

    Advanced Machines:

    Inficraft: (Infiblocks, Flora & Soma, Orizon, Simple Background, Tconstruct and armory. Left out tweaks.)

    Assembly Line:

    Atomic Science:


    Basic Components:




    Additional Buildcraft Objects:

    Buildcraft Valve Pipe:

    Chicken Chunks:

    Cogs The Machine:

    Compact Mobs:

    Computer Craft:

    Clay Soldiers Mod:

    Runic Dust mod(Core, Decorative, Default Runes):


    Electric Expansion:

    Ender Storage:

    Extra Bees:

    Extra Biomes XL:


    Fluid Mechanics:


    Gravity Gun:

    Gregs Blocks:

    Greg Tech:


    IC2 Nuclear Control:


    Inventory Tweaks:

    Iron Chest:

    Liquid Metals:

    Little Blocks Mod:

    Logistics Pipes:



    Mob Amputation:

    Mob Dismemberment:

    Advanced Solar Panels:

    Gravi Suite:


    More Pistons:


    NEI Red Power Plugin:

    NEI Plugins:


    Omni Tools:

    Open CC Sensors:

    Plugins for forestry(all except tweaks):

    Portal Gun:


    Red Power 2:

    Rope Plus:

    Rotten Flesh to Leather Hardcore:

    Secret Rooms Mod:

    Soul Shards:

    Steves Carts:

    Sword Pedestal:


    Thaumic Bees:

    Thermal Expansion:


    Twilight FOrest:

    Balkon's Weapon Mod:

    Wireless Redstone:


    How to install/use:
    1. Download MultiMC from here:
    2. Install MultiMC.
    3. Click on the "Add a new instance" button.
    4. Make sure it's using Minecraft version 1.4.7
    5. Type a name for the instance where it asks you to, and then hit okay.
    6. Right click the instance you created and edit mods.
    7. Make sure that MultiMC was selected the Minecraft.jar tab, and click on the MCForge button.
    8. Select the latest forge version(this pack was only tested with version 497 of forge) and click okay.
    9. Select the core mods and mods folder, and add in whichever mods you want, that are supported by the config pack(and others too, but you may have to change the configs)
    10. After all that is done, click on close.
    11. Right click the instance again and click view folder.
    12. Go into the .minecraft folder.
    13. Move the config folder from my into the .minecraft folder.
    14. Double click on the instance you created in MultiMC.
    15. Type in your Minecraft Username and Password.
    16. Click ok and run the game!
    • You may be required to update your java. Through the limited testing I've been able to do, some people say that it only works on Java 7 for them, others say it works fine with Java 6.
    • Sometimes you may get a crash generating a world with a "Perm Gen Space" error. I couldn't find a way to resolve this other than updating Java, so try that. Sometimes it will work if you try to open the world again.
    • If you find any problems, let me know, but please be aware that I may not be able to help you.
    • There may be some conflictions with items. I tried my best to sort them out, but some things I couldn't figure out. Such as the blood tree from Inficraft dropping redwood saplings..
    • Generating a world sometimes takes a while, and sometimes(not often for me) crashes. Reloading Minecraft and entering the world generally proves successful though.
    • If you remove all of the SSP mods and manually install forge, this pack works great on a server. I'm running it just fine with 5 people and 1gig of ram!
    • I've heard reports of the config pack not working properly with NEI I was not aware that the version was out at the point of this pack's creating, and will work towards a solution when I get a chance. For now use NEI and it should work fine.
    • This will also not work with existing FTB worlds. The IDs are different than the ones in the FTB pack. Instead of "standardizing" the IDs, I have done my best to consolidate them into one big "chunk" in the ID list. This makes them easier to deal with, and easier to add future mods. Block IDs start at 1000, Item IDs start at 5000.
    • If you have any requests for other mods that you would like to see in this pack, be sure to either post here or shoot me a PM and I will do my best to add it into the pack!
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  2. 535

    535 New Member

    As an alternative to downgrading NEI, you can use BananaPirate's patched NEIPlugins.class. Chicken Bones changed the internal name of NEI, but mistaqur hasn't yet updated accordingly. BananaPirate's patch just changes the name which NEI Plugins looks for.
  3. fusey

    fusey Active Member

    Excellent work, If everyone used this we could swap between any server we wanted without having to worry about IDs :)
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  4. Sephrik

    Sephrik Active Member

    Yea, that would be pretty awesome, Fusey. I'm also going to update the post either tonight or tomorrow with the version of each mod that this has been tested with. It was an oversight on my part that it wasn't included in the first place. I'm also going to include Divine RPG on Thursday by request. Thank you for your feedback though!
  5. MrMonkeylord

    MrMonkeylord New Member

    is the Open CC sensors mod for minecraft 1.2.5, because the link links me to a version for 1.2.5. Also, will all Mc 1.4.6 mods work on 1.4.7?
  6. HerrLiljegren

    HerrLiljegren New Member

    Hello Sphrik,

    First, thank you for an awesome configpack! :)
    Second, do you have any hints on how to configure the ore generation to work "better"?

    At the moment there are a lot of different types of copper and tin and so on, any idea on how they "fixed" this in the Direwolf20-pack? Is there some tweaks that can be made to the config-files?
  7. HerrLiljegren

    HerrLiljegren New Member

    I think I found most of it :) Just using the Thermal Expansion ore generation for Tin, Copper, Silver and Lead.
    I turned it off in IC2, Buildcraft, Forestry, Factorization, Redpower, Cogs, Universal Electricity and GregTech.
  8. Sephrik

    Sephrik Active Member

    To make the ore generation more "FTB-Like", copy the TE config from the dw20 or mindcrack pack over to this config pack's TE config folder. That should increase the ore rates of vanilla ores.
  9. mouseodoom

    mouseodoom New Member

    Can you add Ars Magicka and Mo' Creatures to your config pack?
  10. Sephrik

    Sephrik Active Member

    I can try to add mo' creatures. Ars Magicka crashed on the latest version of forge. I'll see if I can get it working though.
  11. aperson123

    aperson123 New Member

    Great job on this config. Was wondering how high do the item ids go as I've add more mods and need to config them accordingly. Also I know block ids go to 4096 but what about the item ids?
  12. MrMonkeylord

    MrMonkeylord New Member

    I have configed DivineRPG so its blocks don't conflict with the blocks in the other mods in this pack. I can launch all the mods in this pack (except for twilight forest, little blocks, and 1 or 2 others due to classnotfounderrors even if the class is there and it is zipped or unzipped) and get to the OpenAL of minecraft (the startup screen where you select single player, multiplayer, etc..). But when I try to create a world or even load a pre-existing one, minecraft crashes after it loads NEI, and portal gun and Gravigun send there client info to server (I got this info from the MultiMC log). Minecraft just freezes and it gives me an InvocationTargetException without any further logs to where its at. Any Help?
  13. fabledtruth

    fabledtruth New Member

    are these configs updated for the new forestry/thermal expansion ?
  14. Malefactor

    Malefactor New Member

    How did you get Thaumic Bees and Jammy's Furniture Mod to work together? i tried both of those in my modpack, but there's no ID conflict. It's a null point error... Any help would be appreciated for me to update mine.
  15. Velotican

    Velotican Well-Known Member

    I guess my FTB-compatible config racket isn't threatened here. :p

    Seriously though, this looks like a major achievement getting all those mods to play nice with one another. Stuff that isn't FTB-compatible isn't really appropriate for me but as someone who's prepared a smaller-scale config pack myself I can appreciate how time consuming this stuff is to do. :)
  16. ILoveGregTech

    ILoveGregTech Popular Member

    For me, I enable at LEAST IC2 ores, and RedPower if I want it to be slightly easier... However I look at it this way: More mods=more necessity for materials. Especially with GT :p however, I don't think this answers your question. I would enable all ores and to do this you have to go in each config and look at generation. If you generate IC2 ores with Traincraft you have to change 2 block IDs. Hope this helps :)
  17. Sephrik

    Sephrik Active Member

    This is kind of out dated at this point, honestly. On my current server, I've trimmed it down to about 114 mods, minus plugins for forestry. Soon, though, if I can get time, I'm going to add that, and quite a few other mods that have come out/been updated since.

    The reason why I don't like it to be "FTB-Compatible", is because, although the FTB team gets the mods to work together fine, the problem I find is that the IDs for all of the mods are thrown around like friggin candy, and they aren't in a set order. In this modpack, and in my new one(as far as I can help it at least) the IDs are in a nice little chunk together, so adding new mods is streamlined, and I don't have to check my master ID list to see if this ID and that ID are taken yet. The problem comes when not all mods allow you to change their item's/block's ID. At those points you can't help it. It makes it especially useful on a server because, since they're all in one big chunk, the mods have a less likely chance to automatically change their IDs if their originally set ID is already taken. Having that happen can generate different IDs for different people, so if someone updates a mod that I had updated on the server, the ID that it generates may not be the same on the server. Doing it this way ensures a set consistency that's worth my time in maintaining as a server admin.
  18. Jammie

    Jammie Active Member

    Is the download no longer working for anyone else?
  19. aperson123

    aperson123 New Member

    yeah its down...

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