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Seed Oil

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Nethseaar, May 19, 2013.

  1. Nethseaar

    Nethseaar Active Member

    In the past, I've run all my machines with seed oil from pumpkins in biogas engines.

    I just set up eight 9x9 pumpkin farms harvested by a single pumpkin harvester and cannot for all the effort in the world get a surplus of seed oil. The four engines powering the squeezers and harvester take every drop, and then some.

    Has seed oil been nerfed? If that's what this is, it's no longer a valid fuel in my eyes. When you can't get a surplus with four squeezers and so many pumpkin farms, it is practically worthless as a fuel.
  2. Mash

    Mash Well-Known Member

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't walnuts and cherries give a fair amount of seed oil?

    I only did a tiny bit of bee keeping, so I only needed a little bit of it, but I remember walnuts giving a moderate amount. Do pumpkins give more than that?
  3. natnif36

    natnif36 Well-Known Member

    Yup, the seed oil obtained from all easily obtainable seeds has been nerfed greatly, in fact, your probably losing energy off that used to run the farms and power the squeezers over how much seed oil you get.
    If you want seed oil, try walnuts, it's like 4 per bucket or something, and around 4
    Of the really large trees can easily fit on even the smallest multi-farm.

    Also, you are Sikh pre-forestry 2.0 farms?
    I recommend you swap them for multifarms, or expect to lose them when you update.
  4. ICountFrom0

    ICountFrom0 Popular Member

    Yes, because having one magic block that could handle all steps of handling pumpkins was over powered, farms are in conversion to multi farms, so you lose the pumpkin harvester (soon).
    Yes, because seed oil is rather valuable in bee keeping and other processes, but never meant to be a good fuel.
    Yes, because pumpkin seeds are so small, they don't make nearly as much as other, modern sources, like chestnuts.
  5. snooder

    snooder Active Member

    yeah, forestry pumpkin farms are dead. Switch to golems.
  6. DoctorOr

    DoctorOr Popular Member

    MFR. For pumpkins, you don't even need a planter and can just run on a single harvester. With uprades, up to a 25x25 area can be managed.
  7. natnif36

    natnif36 Well-Known Member

    Things is, the harvester needs power.
    With the amount of power given by seeds now, it may cost more to run the farm than you will get.
    That's what I worry a about.
    There's always methane...
  8. Loufmier

    Loufmier Forum Addict

    it could be a decent fuel, if mod allowed to turn it in biofuel
  9. IMarvinTPA

    IMarvinTPA Well-Known Member

    Put your pumpkins in IC2 crops to save space and use the MFR harvester.

  10. Zjarek_S

    Zjarek_S Active Member

    I think even on easy Forestry difficulty it costs more to squeeze a seed than you get in biogas engine so it is definitely not an option for energy production. However nuts and cherries can be a good source of seed oil for engines.
  11. Silent_007

    Silent_007 Active Member

    As has been mentioned, breed your way up to walnuts. It's not too tough, and they give you WAY more seed oil.
    If you breed one step further, chestnuts give you a bit more yet.
  12. Ako_the_Builder

    Ako_the_Builder Well-Known Member

    But doesn't that require using a forestry multifarm? Which means you need power and apatite.

    I've recently bred Farmed bees that give seed drops

    For a no power requirement solution I use this:


    There's a 1 dirt gap between the melon stalks and the blockbreakers. Ignore the interface and mfr harvester, they're for the flax farm that's out of shot. Timer at the other end set to 30s, chest is next to a fabricator that turns the melon slices to seeds and puts them into my ae network.
  13. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever

    Indeed, don't see the need to have a device that runs on power to harvest crops that can be harvested using non-power means. Currently I'm a fan of Golems, before that, RedPower. I my mind, a RedPower contraption is more interesting then a dumb multiblock.
  14. ApSciLiara

    ApSciLiara Popular Member

    MFR's bioreactors let you do just that. The more different kinds of plant matter you have in it, the more biofuel you get out per item consumed, up to a maximum of 1440(!) mB per tick.

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  15. Loufmier

    Loufmier Forum Addict

    i didnt mean turning seeds into biofuel. i was talking about turning seed oil into biofuel
  16. ApSciLiara

    ApSciLiara Popular Member

    Nah. That'd be far too useful to have as a feature.

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  17. Loufmier

    Loufmier Forum Addict

    yet, its one of uses of seed oil irl
  18. Silent_007

    Silent_007 Active Member

    True enough. And I'm not much of a fan of the new multifarms either to be honest. But the yield of walnuts and chestnuts is SO much greater than everything else that this is one of the very few areas where it's worth it in my opinion. If you have any sort of decent auto-mining system you'll never run out of apatite. It lasts ages (particularly when you craft it with ash to get your fertilizer).

    But with all that said, I am very much a fan of 100% autonomous systems. So I can certainly appreciate you wanting to go a different route. :)

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