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Save File Disappeared after Crash

Discussion in '[Archived] Tech Support' started by RestrictedDruid, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. RestrictedDruid

    RestrictedDruid New Member

    I'm not really sure what happened, I was just playing the Direwolf20 Pack and then *boom* crash.

    Rebooted the pack, save file missing when I click Single Player. Checked inside the minecraft/saves and the save file is still there, FTB just isn't accessing or recognizing it?

    Maybe this crash report can shed some light on this...


    Appreciate any help :)
  2. Tristam Izumi

    Tristam Izumi New Member

    Usually when a world disappears like that, it's the level.dat file in the world's save folder getting corrupted/damaged in some way. I'm not sure if there's a way to rebuild/recover it, but that's where you'll be looking.
  3. UniZero

    UniZero Popular Member

    What were you doing at the time of the crash?
  4. Tristam Izumi

    Tristam Izumi New Member

    Someone found a solution:
    You'll have to cheat yourself in your inventory again, but that's not too bad.
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  5. RestrictedDruid

    RestrictedDruid New Member

    Literally walking out of my bee breeding area with my Powersuit with sprint boost on. Nothing particularly crash-worthy?
  6. UniZero

    UniZero Popular Member

    Did you try the fix above from @Tristam Izumi

    Unfortunately if after doing it and it does not work then i am afraid the world is gone but that fix has worked before.
  7. TheRaptrX

    TheRaptrX New Member

    Had the same problem earlier today, the level.dat fix worked for me, luckily I had a three day old backup so I only had a minor inventory rollback. Thanks for information.
  8. spidermanson

    spidermanson New Member

    I had the same problem. Seems to be after working with power suits, the level.dat fix worked for me also!
  9. Erin

    Erin New Member

    I was killing zombies and collecting Ars Magica liquid when my screen pixelated black spots and crashed. Just tried to play again and my map is all gone. Tried the above fix and it didn't work.
  10. RestrictedDruid

    RestrictedDruid New Member

    I backup my save every time before I play. While it's running through loading up all the mods in the console I copy my save files.

    I copied in my latest working backup which had been playing on 1.1.12 and I updated the pack to 1.1.14. Things have been working fine. That isn't really a fix for the issue though, just follow the advice of every Minecraft player and backup very regularly.
  11. Erin

    Erin New Member

    What is the best way to back up saves (I'm using a Mac)
  12. Tristam Izumi

    Tristam Izumi New Member

    I'd say copy the world folder to a different directory and rename the folder so it includes the date you backed it up.
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  13. RestrictedDruid

    RestrictedDruid New Member

    First, create a folder that you're going to save your backups in. I sort mine in a folder called "Modded Minecraft" then "1.6.4 Packs" and then one called "Direwolf20".

    If I were going to make a backup for today I would do the following:

    1) Keep your Finder window open with your save location you'd like to put your world save.
    2) Open your ftb folder and navigate to the pack you're using (e.g. "Direwolf20_1_6_4")
    3) Double-click the "minecraft" folder
    4) Double-click the "saves" folder
    5) Hit Shift+A to Select All the folders
    6) Hit ⌘X (Cut) or ⌘C (Copy)
    7) Then go back to your save location from step 1 and hit ⌘V (Paste)

    There you go, you've done a backup simple as that. You'll get really fast at it, I do it in the space of the bootup of the modpack.
  14. Erin

    Erin New Member

    Thank you
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