Saints Row 4

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by lewisnova, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. lewisnova

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    you may call me a nub for only just compleating it (yeah i only just finished it) but nerd cubed put me off it cause of what he said about the game then the free weekend came and i thought may as well seeing as its free, thoroughly enjoyed it and all the challenges (aside from the tellekinises stuff) anyone got other recomendations and what do you think of saints row 4
  2. EpicEraser

    EpicEraser New Member

    Saints Row IV is awesome in its utter ridiculousness, and the way it is a tribute to various types of games.
    It's the only (mainstream) game I know in which breaking the game is part of the game.
    As for suggestions, if you want a similar game where you go around in a city and do missions using special powers, you can try Prototype or InFamous 2.
    By themselves they can be a bit boring, but they're quite addictive. I actually have completed InFamous 2 100% (including all PlayStation achievements).
    If you are looking for a completely ridiculous mainstream game that constantly makes fun of itself, I can not give you much in terms of suggestions.
    Actually, I would like to find these myself.
  3. lewisnova

    lewisnova New Member

    I did a joking review saying about it getting glitch towards the end of the game but it was still playable

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