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S!KCRAFT, [FTB Beta A][Whitelisted][PvE][26 Slots][FTB] 24/7

Discussion in '[OLD] SMP Server Promotion' started by siknation, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. siknation

    siknation New Member

    Server IP:

    Brief introduction.

    Hello & Welcome to S!K NAT!ON, we are a FTB server, but we aren't like all the rest of them out there. S!K NAT!ON is a place to call home. We are looking for mature players please.
    If you are looking for a new experience where you can become a member of a community and experience FTB in a whole new way, come give us a try.

    We do have a TeamSpeak server for our players and members to use.

    Please visit our website http://www.siknation.com and become a member. Make sure to register with your IGN to make it easier for us to approve the application. We also have a forum for whitelisting applications as well.

    Server Rules

    1. No mods of any kind are allowed on the server (that aren't involved in FTB),
    2. No X-ray mods or X-ray texture packs are allowed.
    3. Any exploitation of Minecraft mechanics is not allowed, and if found MUST be reported to a staff or admin ASAP.
    4. No CAPS, Racism, or swearing in chat.
    5. Always respect all members higher AND below your rank.
    6. If you have a question or problem please ask kindly in the server chat (do not spam chat).
    7. No SPAMMING in chat.
    8. Do Not Grief. If you are found to be griefing you will be banned.

    Banned Items: Miners and Mining Turtles, Mystcraft Books (admin will set up a Mining Age), World Anchors & Anchor Carts, NUKES and TNT carts

    The server file is the Beta released with the launcher so as long as it is compatible with the full release the world should not be reset.

    If you want to come play on the server please visit www.siknation.com and apply to the website and request whitelisting there.

    Whitelist applications need to include the following:
    IGN: (this would be your minecraft name)
    AGE: (how old you are, we would like mature people that are here to have fun and enjoy the game)
    HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BANNED FROM A SERVER: (please tell us if you have ever been banned from a server and the reason why)
    WHY YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH S!K NATION: (please be honest with us for the reason that you want to join our server)
    Do you own a mic?
    Will you be active on your mic?
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  2. siknation

    siknation New Member

    All current applications been reviewed and accepted on the site!!!
  3. siknation

    siknation New Member

  4. MDetonados

    MDetonados New Member

    ING: MDetonados
    Age: 14
    WHY YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH S!K NATION: Because Sounds Cool And Have The Best Mods :D
  5. Taski97

    Taski97 New Member

    IGN: Taski97
    AGE: 16
    WHY YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH S!K NATION: I would like to learn the differnt mods and be able to survive with others
  6. siknation

    siknation New Member

    Hey guys thanks for filling out the whitelist application if can please just apply to siknation.com we will whitelist after we see your application. Thanks
  7. Xyrohip

    Xyrohip New Member

    IGN: xyrohip
    Age: 15
    Have I ever been banned form a server: Once, but It was because of issues in real life.
    Why I want to play with S!k Nation: I enjoy Tekkit and I would love to join others and help other players with mods or be taught mods by other players.
  8. siknation

    siknation New Member

    Thanks for doing the whitelist application xyrohip if can please apply at www.siknation.com it would be appreciated
  9. tuga999

    tuga999 New Member

    IGN: tuga999
    AGE: 21
    HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BANNED FROM A SERVER: nope never, reason why? cause I'm a cool dude :p
    WHY YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH S!K NATION: S!kK NATION looks like a experienced group of people and mature. That's what I'm looking for so yeah :p Going to apply on the website now
  10. Mr_PuddingMan

    Mr_PuddingMan New Member

    IGN: Mr_PuddingMan
    AGE: I am 14 years of age, I hope that is okay.
    HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BANNED FROM A SERVER: No I can not recall ever being banned from a server.
    WHY YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH S!K NATION: I want to play on this server because it seems better than all the rest. I've been looking for a server to call and this seems like the one. I love the multiplayer experience.
  11. siknation

    siknation New Member

    Thanks for Applying to be whitelisted be sure to sign up at www.siknation.com to get on the server. All applications on the site have been reviewed and accepted.
    Thank You
  12. caramba2564

    caramba2564 New Member

    I applied, but just to be sure. Since this is a PvE server, I assume PvP is off, right?
  13. siknation

    siknation New Member

    PvP is off yes!!
  14. siknation

    siknation New Member

    All applications have been reviewed and approved!! Thank for joining S!KCRAFT
  15. WannabeSpartan

    WannabeSpartan New Member

    IGN: Mtndewdude21
    AGE: 14
    WHY YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH S!K NATION: I enjoy playing minecraft with other people.
  16. siknation

    siknation New Member

    Mtndewdude21 can please apply to our website www.siknation.com when get a chance, Thanks!!!
  17. caramba2564

    caramba2564 New Member

    I wasn't whitelisted for some reason. Have I done something wrong?
  18. siknation

    siknation New Member

    Caramba2564 is that your ign? No reason we had to update the whitelist due to the server being updated :)
  19. caramba2564

    caramba2564 New Member

    Nope. I remember putting "arshia111" as my IGN in the application... .-.
  20. siknation

    siknation New Member

    arshia111 your whitelisted!!

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