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Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by Yusunoha, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    this week I saw the twitch streamer ZeekDaGeek build a very awesome extractor setup from Rotarycraft.
    the setup was so insanely fast, he was swimming in resources in a matter of minutes.

    after rewatching the stream I was able to rebuild this setup in my own creative world, and I'm now sharing the setup for the ones interested. Zeek was using a computer in his setup to provide a redstone signal timer, but since I can't code at all I instead am using the timer/toggle switch from ProjectRed

    the setup looks like this...

    for this setup I'm using the following items...

    • 4 Gas Turbines
    • 3 Shaft Junctions
    • 2 Bevel Gears
    • 1 Extractor
    • 1 CVT Unit with 31 Belts set at 8x Speed with Redstone Signal on, and 32x Speed with Redstone Signal off

    you'll also need

    • 1 Timer
    • 1 Toggle Switch
    • an infinite water supply
    • Jet fuel
    the gas turbines output go into the 3 shaft junctions and 1 bevel gear. you'll need to rotate the input/ouput of the shaft junctions correctly with the screwdriver. green is input, red is output. you set the input/output of the bevel gear through an interface, right click the bevel gear with a screwdriver to see which colors you'll need. you may need to place the bevel gears in a certain direction to get the colors working correctly. for some odd reason I couldn't get the bevel gears to save the color configurations, but when I placed it in a different direction it did work...

    as seen the bevel gears goes first, leading into 3 shaft junctions, which then lead into a CVT unit. you'll need to fill the CVT unit with 31 belts and set it to redstone control, with 8x Speed with Redstone Signal on and 32x Speed with Redstone Signal off. don't forget the CVT unit needs 1 bucket of lubricant to work, but it doesn't need more then that 1 bucket.

    the CVT unit leads into another bevel gear as the extractor needs to be powered from the bottom. again you can configure the input/ouput through the inface. place the extractor on top and make sure the extractor has water as some steps require water. in the picture you can see I'm using a creative tank from Thermal Expansion, but you could also for example use an aqueous accumulator from Thermal Expansion

    you can also choose to have an automatic input/output for the extractor, and as you can see, I'm using the itemducts from Thermal Expansion for this.

    don't forget to place down the toggle switch and timer at the CVT unit, as this is the whole reason why this setup is so insanely fast. the extractor goes through several stages to refine the ore, but each stage needs a different speed and torque. by constantly switching the redstone signal on/off the CVT unit will keep switching the speed and tourge. place the toggle switch's output towards the CVT unit, and place the timer at the input from the toggle switch. put the timer to tick at 1 second everytime. ofcourse don't forget to put a switch at the timer otherwise the timer will constantly keep ticking.

    the last thing you'll need is jet fuel for the gas turbines. jet fuel isn't the easiest to get, but if you've done the build so far some jet fuel shouldn't be a problem. I'm using another creative tank from Thermal Expansion to feed the jet fuel into them through liquiducts.

    now you're pretty much done. fuel the turbines with the jet fuel, and the whole thing starts working. now it does needs a few seconds for the extractor to start going, but soon as you've it running, you better have a large chest ready for the resources

    it's best to first collect a large amount of resources, and then mass process them in the shortest amount of time to save on jet fuel. all creds ofcourse go to ZeekDaGeek
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  2. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Very nice. Another fine example of how I'm definitely too dumb to participate in RC however.
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  3. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    you and me both, if it wasn't for Zeek showing his setup I'd never been able to put something like this together
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  4. PierceSG

    PierceSG New Member

    Gas turbine runs on ethanol crystals?
    Wasn't it jet turbines that uses jet fuel?
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  5. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    nope, the gasoline engine runs on ethanol, the gas turbine runs on jet fuel
    don't know why it's called a "gas" turbine either... the first thing I always do when looking it up in NEI is type "jet" and then realize it's not called a jet turbine...
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  6. PierceSG

    PierceSG New Member

    Oh, I see. Well, it's something to do when you thimk you have nothing else to work for. :p

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  7. scantrontb

    scantrontb New Member

    it's called a gas turbine because of it's basic operating principles, as it is a "turbine" engine rather than a "piston" engine, and it is a "gas" turbine to differentiate it from a "steam" turbine... the "jet" name comes in because most people only see them as the engine that makes planes fly even though they are used elsewhere... the reason the fuel is different IRL and ingame is that the characteristics of the engines need different properties of fuel to be most efficient when operating, thus the reason they have two different fuels for them, ie: gasoline (ethanol) and diesel fuel (jet fuel) you *could* probably get the two fuel to work in the opposite engines, but they wouldn't work as well, at all, or may even blow up... and would probably require a bunch of mods to the engines in question to even begin to use the other fuel...

    you could try to retrain your typing fingers to use the word "turbine" instead of "jet" and then it wouldn't matter anymore.
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  8. MigukNamja

    MigukNamja New Member

    Heh, "gas" is one of those overloaded terms that means different things to different people in different cultures. It might mean any of the following:

    A) State of matter, ex. solid, liquid, gas
    B) Natural gas
    C) In the USA, short for gasoline/petrol

    In RotaryCraft, I agree that "jet" would have been less ambiguous. "Gas" is just confusing.
  9. Reika

    Reika RotaryCraft Dev FTB Mod Dev

    It is (A). The Gas Turbine is indeed based of of a jet engine, but jet engines are in fact part of a larger class of machines called gas turbines (turbines driven by hot, high-pressure gas). Similar examples exist in some power plants.
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  10. MigukNamja

    MigukNamja New Member

    Those are quite popular in the U.S. now due to their lower emissions compared to coal, relatively small size, and current low price of natural gas. Not quiet, though.

  11. Reika

    Reika RotaryCraft Dev FTB Mod Dev

    Correct on both counts.
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  12. Dezz

    Dezz Well-Known Member

    How much ore does this process per min about?
  13. Reika

    Reika RotaryCraft Dev FTB Mod Dev

    Fully maxed-out, it can intake up to one ore per tick, or 1200 per minute, for a total yield of up to 19200 ingots a minute.
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  14. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    If for some reason this isn't can build two of them :p

    I have a number of borers running (5s operations each), and a single extractor easily keeps up with my ore load.
  15. Reika

    Reika RotaryCraft Dev FTB Mod Dev

    I need 14 for my 36 borers.
  16. Vasa

    Vasa New Member

    is this possible with expanded redstone?
  17. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    you give your borers way more power than I do.
  18. Reika

    Reika RotaryCraft Dev FTB Mod Dev

    Is what?
  19. Vasa

    Vasa New Member

    i dont have project red so i ask if i can do same thing with expanded redstone..
  20. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    It looks to me like you're trying to switch your CVT on a timer there (hard to tell)

    ExpandedRedstone has both a timer (Redstone Clock) and a toggle latch; they should be sufficient to do that.

    Edit: I see you're referring back to the OP's image (I'd forgotten about it). But yeah, redsotne clock + toggle latch should do it.
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