rhn's continued adventures: a build journal, guide collection etc.


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Oct 4, 2014
Yeah... Terrasteel (and the other botania armors) got a pretty big visual upgrade in a later version of botaina, but no longer shows the goggles of revealing as clearly (if it does at all, I also don't remember the exact version this happened). Also doesn't seem like it's soratexified either. EDIT: Also elves used to be even slower at tossing things back, beleive it or not.
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Nov 11, 2013
Lets just continue while we are at it:

Time to put this mining up a notch:

The rich and never-ending(magical influence? :rolleyes:) supply of minerals and ores warrented a proper mining industry to be constructed.

First however a reservoir for rainwater collected from the mountainsides needed to be built:

Luckily dam materials were close at hand. The lazy miners just needed to be encouraged to bring the rock stone chippings a bit further away.

On the other end a channel had to be dug out:

This gives the needed vertical fall on the water needed to exploit the water in the reservoir for power.
(Had to dig out a LOT of dirt here lol. These trees left on each side roughly mark the old ground level :p)


A pair of the amazing Immersive Engineering waterwheels.

Next to the waterwheels, the first part of the oreprocessing:

A blast furnace.
I tried to build it as close to historic likeness as possible.

Ramp to the top:

Access to load it with fuel and ore mix down from the top.

Pouring the metal:

So as it burns the molten metal sinks to the bottom where it can be poured out. Of course that is dangerous work, so I have magical workers for that.
(Yes the metal actually comes out here. That is the front end of an Infernal Furnace :p)

Bit of cosmetic shaft power transfer:

Built shafts from one of the waterwheels to that leads to a bellow(that brown wooden thing in the far left... what.. you try building a bellow :p).

The other waterwheel powers a shaft that runs along the roof:

The shaft ends up at a Stamp Mill:

Getting the ore bearing rocks crushed before the pure ore can be smelted down.

Raw ores get delivered from mines by minecarts:

Actually its a bit more than that. The ores, gems etc. comes down from the mine and get unloaded. Logistic Pipes sort the stuff into either a Sag Mill(powered by the water wheels) or the Minecart that sends goods to the castle.
Processed dusts then get sent to the Minecart on the other side. That Minecart transports the dusts to the Infernal Furnace and brings the ingots back, which gets sent to the castle route Minecart ;)

Oh yeah, I built a little mess hall for the workers:

Gotta treat them well before they unionise :p

Down to business... to the mines:

Reinforced them a bit. Just so they look a bit nice.

At the very back of one of the caves:

My "Laser Drill" :p
On the surface is the Bloodmagic rituals Magnetism and Crusher that results in automated mining of everything under the setup.
(The minecart here is loaded with ores, gems etc. both from this contraption, but also from my Quarry and Enderchest/pouch inputs to ME network get redirected here)


To supply a renewable source of ores for the mining contraption I turned to Botania.
A Rannuncarpus picks up Stone blocks and places them on top of the wool that is placed in layers inside the mining contraptions column of operation.
An Orchid then transforms the Stone blocks to random ores.

Again the mana is all produced by overflow items from my ME network. Kekimurus from Cake(Eggs, Sugarcane, wheat), Gourmaryllis eating respectively Melon, Carrot, Bread and Baked potato.


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Jul 29, 2019
It's much more work than a Laser Drill, but much cooler. It's also nice to see an empire where nothing goes to waste. Hell, even the flowers have plenty to eat.
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Jul 29, 2019
Amazingly intricate. I hope I can build roads that flow so naturally with the landscape in my current world.


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Jul 29, 2019
Why do I even enter this Thread... Now I will sitting there in front of my screen the whole weekend getting sad about how uncreative I´m.
Damn you!
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Nov 11, 2013
I better continue getting some of the rid of backlog from earlier. Thought it would be a bit tacky to keep posting stuff all at once :p

The Thaumcraft tower have over time gotten a bit of a facelift inside. Most notably I have recently swapped over to Thaumic Energistics as a backbone for essentia distribution.

Bit of automation on the alchemy floor:

The golems are making Alumentum(Alchemical Construct just out of shot). There is a ME level emitter on the Golemic Inhibitor to stop the when there is enough Alumentum.
A couple of Alchemical Constructs for automated alchemical crafting jobs.

Library is filling up with various stuff:


Liquid XP and Mob Essence. Liquid essence is coming from the various mobfarms. I get mob essence from a Sewer I got hidden in the Infernal furnace structure to catch the XP orbs.

Crafting and research area:

Nothing fancy there..

Next floor, Infusion:

Not a whole lot to say here either. Using the Infusion Provider for essentia to the altar. There is a layer of crystal clusters/skulls/heads under the floor in addition to the stabilizers you can see. Several items in the library below work as stabilizers as well.
(looking at this I just struck me why I haven't put up an Enderchest here next to the Essentia terminal, with the matching one hooked up to the Alchemical furnace supplying essentia... Remote ordering of essentia :p)

Essentia production:

I wanted to go with Thaumic Energistics, but still wanted the looks of the jars etc. So complicated everything by having a jar for every aspect on each their storage bus :p


Additional essence than what one jar can hold is imported into storage discs with lower priority and stored there. So have visual storage AND bulk storage :p
(I void any Aurum over 3 jars full. I use Ethereal Essence as sources, so get tons of it :p)

Next floor is wand recharging:

I tend to collect nice nodes when I find some. So got a few now :p For symmetry I will probably get some more, although I have no need for any for recharge purposes.

Last floor:

My Energized node.
I might stick some more uphere eventually. For the Advanced Alchemical furnace, if I ever get to that.

In the other end of the castle, I did some work on another building:

More on that later I think. Debating whether or not to stick some machines etc. into it atm.

Did a little facelift to the nearby tower as well:

Still need to do more, specially about the top.
But I had a purpose for the floor in the middle :p

A magical summoning circle:

for some strange mechanical "gates".
(There are ME Interfaces inside the Obsidian under the Assembly tables, ready to automate the gate production)

Some "mad scientist" style power gen in the basement:

Apparently that magical summoning circle needs power...

Also done a bit of work on the Cathedrals facades:


Still a lot to do. Whole sides with no windows or other details :p

More to follow... ;)


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Jul 29, 2019
...welp. i thought my pithouse looked nice.
i really like your thaumcraft area. you've managed to make it look spacious and cluttered at the same time. makes it feel lived in.

i'm not very good at large builds or external decoration but your cathedral really makes me want to try :c
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Jul 29, 2019
Dang, rhn, this stuff is beautiful! Your builds never fail to impress me. I keep trying to make stuff like this, but I always get sidetracked into making crazy automated contraptions. :p


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Jul 27, 2013
rhn's unfinished walls make my completed projects look like dirt hovels.

Raw ores get delivered from mines by minecarts:

Actually its a bit more than that. The ores, gems etc. comes down from the mine and get unloaded. Logistic Pipes sort the stuff into either a Sag Mill(powered by the water wheels) or the Minecart that sends goods to the castle.
Processed dusts then get sent to the Minecart on the other side. That Minecart transports the dusts to the Infernal Furnace and brings the ingots back, which gets sent to the castle route Minecart ;)

That a switch track up there on the top? Or just a vanilla T-Junction?
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Nov 11, 2013
rhn's unfinished walls make my completed projects look like dirt hovels.

That a switch track up there on the top? Or just a vanilla T-Junction?
Ehm... at the top? Up at the mine entrance? Not sure what you mean.
There is a Switch Track down below the hill leading up to the mine entrance. It is purely decoration, it serves no function other than making it look like the track that leads to the gravel offload site is connected to the other tracks.

Up top its purely normal Track and a few booster tracks.


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Nov 11, 2013
I think you are ready for a little bit more :p

I took some time to finally do something about the half finished "raw" carpenter's blocks Blood magic tower:

Inside it now has three floors, where most of them are quite empty still:

I will probably try and find some various paraphernalia to stick in it for decoration on this floor. Unless I find some other use for it.

The lower floors I have put to use for some Blood magic alchemy:

So far I have only done a few things.
Automated production of Crystallos for "Silk Touch" for the mining contraption I posted earlier:

At this lowest floor of the tower, there is this dark stair in one corner:

Wonder where that leads... :p
(well it actually leads two places, but...)

To the dungeons of course:

Which are located straight below the tower:

The tower is, as you might have noticed, a hollow cylinder with the centre hole forming this "skylight" down to the dungeon.

The dungeon got pretty much everything a blood mage could want:

A little crafting area and a sacrificial altar(with Well of Suffering and upgraded with Rune of Sacrifice's).

Orb filling altar:

Lots of Rune of the Orb's, cause... why not?

Binding and Unbinding rituals:

Unbinding ritual in the alcove to the left and Binding in the alcove to the far right.

A never-ending supply of victims to torture:

Just above the Well of Suffering of course.
(Should have hid that Enderchest...)
I use a BC gate to detect the LP level of my sacrifice altar(25% and 75%) and then toggle the lamps in the cages on off based on that.

And of course any Blood mage dungeon is never complete without a summoning circle:

a Ritual of Containment and some solid doors to make sure nothing escapes :)

Oh and then there of course the main crafting altar.

There is a little bit of ugly automation here sadly. Haven't found a way to avoid that. But have been able to minimize it greatly and put in some cool features while I was at it.
I originally had made a crazy redstone setup(hidden below) that by the push of a single button toggled through the different slates and then displayed an example of which was set to craft on the Arcane pedestal. I got it working eventually, but then Oraiz(forum name :confused:) on the twitch chat gave me a great idea: To make it craft the slate that was placed on the pedestal instead! As in place an example of the target slate on the pedestal, it detects which slate it is, and then crafts that kind. So I have since torn all the redstone stuff down and made that instead :p

I think I will make a small guide on how to set it up like that within a couple days for anyone that is interested. It is not a fully automated, LP/ME integrable solution, but it feels really in theme with the rest of the mod.


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Jul 29, 2019
I would be curious to see another of your tutorials. Even if it's not 100% what I'm looking for, you always manage to teach me something.


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Jul 27, 2013
Yeah, that's what I was wondering about. It's hard to see in the picture so I couldn't tell.

The only way I know to hide that automation would be with Refined Relocation's Wireless Block Extenders.


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Nov 11, 2013
As promised, here is a description on how I automated my Blood Altar.
I have also made a few upgrades to it after making some rather surprising discoveries about the Transvector Interface.

First a T5 Altar required to craft all the 5 slates:

You don't need a T5 Altar, you can set up the system in advance and just fill in some placeholders for the slates you don't have yet.
I have a chest on either side of the Altar. One for materials(right side) and one for finished products(left side). The Arcane Pedestal is for choosing the kind of slates it crafts. They can be placed more or less anywhere, but you will need to be able to access them from below, and be within decent range of the main altar block(due to range of the Transvector Interfaces).

One block below the materials chest you set up a Transvector Interface bound to the Altar:

Place two Item Translocators like shown and apply a Diamond Nugget to the bottom one. Push in the diamond painted notch to make the connection happen. Optional: Apply a piece of redstone to the top Translocator.

Click the bottom Translocator on the large outer ring to config it:

Here you can filter all the things you want it to insert into the altar one at the time. As an example I have Stone for slates and Empty Sockets for bound armour. But also Weak blood shards etc. for orbs would work if you are making those in large amounts(for some reason).


If you dont want your Altar to try and craft stuff when it is low on blood(and you applied the Redstone to the Translocator earlier), you can attach a Basic Gate to a Structure Pipe and set it to monitor the fluid level. I recommend using one of the Contains < 25%, Contains < 50% or Contains < 75% settings depending on your Altars pool(The larger the pool, the lower %). Set the gate to output Redstone Signal when the condition is true and it will stop the Translocator from inserting more items(until more blood is added).
In the picture I am using EnderIO Insulated Redstone Conduits to relay the redstone signal, but any redstone wires will do.

Next lets go over to the Pedestal:

Here we need 1x Basic Gate, 1x Iron AND/OR gate, 1x Gold And/Or Gate 1 Diamond AND/OR Gate and 1 Diamond OR Gate(Or you can make 5 Diamond OR gates :p) Some Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Pipe Wire(and structure pipe to place them all on).
The Diamond OR gate goes on the top, next to the Pedestal.
Run the pipe wires down to the correct gates(Basic Red, Iron Blue, Gold Green and Diamond Yellow).

Now "program" the top Diamond OR gate next to the pedestal like this:

"Items in Inventory" "example of one of the first four slates" -> "XX Pipe signal"
Don't worry, we will handle the fifth slate later.
After set each of the other gates to pick up the corresponding Pipe Wire signals and output a Redstone signal. So Basic Gate is: "Red Pipe Signal" -> "Redstone Signal" and Diamond Gate is "Yellow Pipe Signal" -> "Redstone Signal".

Next we need to pick up the signals:

I am using EnderIO Insulated Redstone Conduits for reasons that will become apparent shortly. Set them to different frequencies(anything you can remember, I just step them up).

Now we can output a redstone signal on a frequency based on which Slate we place on the Pedestal. Now we just need to make a contraption that extracts the slates from the altar based on that:

We are going to need a second Transvector Interface bound to the Altar for that:

Connect 5 Item Conduits to it(In extract mode) and connect it to the finished products chest as well(In insert mode). Expand the Insulated Redstone Conduits out over the Item Conduits.

One of the Item Conduit connections you config as this:

Set to "Always Active", apply an "Item Filter" and set it to the fifth tier Slate(Ethereal) and any other items you want extracted once they are done(Do not leave this empty! If you don't have a T5 alter, then either disable this or put some placeholder item in the filter). This is your base extractor that will always extract items as soon as they match the filter. Since the fifth slate is the last in the chain we don't really need to match it with the BC gate :p

The other four connections you set up to react to the redstone signal and extract the corresponding slates(Notice the difference in the Redstone toggle and how it matches the frequencies we set earlier):




All that is left is to cover it all up, dress it up nicely and start crafting those slates:

Just place an example of the slate you want on the pedestal, dump some stone in the opposite chest and go do something else ;)
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Jul 29, 2019
As per usual, you have added elegance to a process I usually brute force my way through. I really have to stop checking in on you. It makes going back to my world sad. :p
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Jul 29, 2019
Rhn your bases are incredible keep up the amazing work. PS( I have made a similar contraption to your magical "laser drill" the other day in a test world exept I used a bunch of hobgoblins for mining the ores.)
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Nov 11, 2013
Its time for a bit of a mixed bag of updates:

I built a greenhouse of sorts at the base of the Thaumcraft tower:

And added a few wings to the base of the tower. The surroundings are not quite done yet, and have not really decided on all the crops that should have a place in the greenhouse.

Inside view:

For it to realistically work, I decided to have it heated by lava. We are on a snowy mountain peak after all :p

Finally added a proper ground level entry into the Thaumcraft tower as well:

The short wing next to the entrance now houses my Essence berry -> Liquid XP conversion:

Tried to make it look a bit steampunk lab style.

After I had pretty much finished the main tower of the side of the cathedral, I remembered the original plan with it: I was gonna try and make a clock tower out of it. So time for a redo:

It is built to be functional, so the "hour" hands will move depending on the time of the day.
I HATE the full block "hour" hands, but it is deployed by Drawbridges so have not been able to find any alternative...

I was planning some kind of complicated redstone circuitry with light sensors resetting it in case I slept and everything, but then someone on Twitch mentioned the Bibliocraft clocks:

SO much easier ;)
Each clock is set to output a solid signal for 1/8th of the day, corresponding to each of the 8 different positions of the big clocks.
EDIT: Warning, do not use EnderIO redstone conduits if you try to replicate this. I did an Opis scan and a these conduits were taking up stupendously long processing times per tick. Use MFR Rednet Cables instead. (Disclaimer: Could be fixed in newer versions)

Finished and built a couple of structures on the south side of the mountain:

Some accommodations for the wizards and apprentices.

Have no real plans for the buildings. Just needed something to populate the space.

As for the dome:

It is my portal room.
Nether, End and Aroma's Mining world access so far.

Bit of show-off on the ceiling:

Down by the main gate I built a stable:

Not much to say about that. Oh I had to put Medumone(Botania flower) in the wall to stop the horses from moving(you can just notice the slow effect on the picture), so they wouldn't go nuts in the fences :p

I finished this building at the top of the "gauntlet" and converted it into a factory:

It is built with murderholes that can be opened(not really, could not get it to work with Carpenter's hatches), so you can rain down arrows and whatnot on people coming up the gauntlet:

Inside I have put some of the machines from the cathedral(which is now completely empty!):

Alloy Smelters, Sag Mill(the crank thing in the middle), Inscribers, Coke oven, Blast Furnace and a couple Rolling Machines so far.
I put other machines up in the nearby tower based on the theme(industrial in the factory building, magical and stuff I need to manual access in the tower).

Fixed up the exterior of the minecart gatehouse:

Inside it is pretty empty, except for a Unloader and an Ender Chest :p

Lastly I grew tired of trying out different trees and exploring for new alternatives for the small courtyard in front of the cathedral:

So built one myself. Livingwood works great with Carpenter's and custom trees, since it has bark on all sides(one of the things I miss from factorization. Well that and the Router :p).

And I think we have hit the picture limit now, so lets stop here ;)
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Jul 27, 2013
Actually, with Buildcraft, you can make a Minecraft SMG. Dispenser with arrows, and a gate that outputs a redstone signal only if there's no redstone signal. It will empty a dispenser of arrows rather hilariously fast. It makes an epic 'murder hole'. Spiders? What Spiders?