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What team do you want to join

  • Goverment, Curse those bloody Rebels

    Votes: 4 33.3%
  • Rebels, Liberty!

    Votes: 8 66.7%

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Jul 29, 2019
Bestgamer in association with Scenario Gaming has brought out a medley Modpack Server! This Scenario Is Rebels Vs Government.
----Rules for Revolution----
1. 3 teams of 2-10 people
2. No rejuvenation Explosives(of any kind)
3.Each team has 2 10 minute cease-fires, but more can be negotiated for resources
4.PVP, griefing, raiding, stealing is allowed during normal play, although any players caught doing any of these things during a cease fire or special period will be temp banned for 2 hours
5.Continued violations will get you removed from the Roster
6.No X-ray or duping, glitches
20 Slots open 9am-11pm EST
If too many people aren't following rules we'll go back to a whitelist
Normal Difficulty (subject to change)
We're like a roleplaying server. You join one of the two main factions vying for control of the server lands.
Rebels have a hidden base too far to walk but have a portal somewhere in the vicinity of spawn leading to their base
Their job is to remain hidden and destroy the Govenment Base
Goverment has a well established fortified base next to spawn with tier 1-2 missiles and medium level technology,
Their job is not only to snuff out the rebels but to burn their base to the ground and find the hidden Nether Beacon Stolen from them.
There is a 3rd party, Known as the Mercenaries. Headed up by a mysterious figure these elite Soldiers of Fortune Fight for whatever side pays the most.
Once assigned to a team there is no flipping without Moderator permission(of the team you're leaving)
The modpack is Beta but we'll try to keep the updates far and few inbetween.
our website has a full modlist and download link. Register and post on the forum to be accepted