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Resonance Unleashed - [Closed - merged into Resonant Rise]

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Velotican, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. Velotican

    Velotican New Member

    FTB Unleashed isn't enough for you? You've come to the right thread!

    Resonance Unleashed is a config pack based on FTB Unleashed that provides configuration files only for a large selection of popular (and not-so-popular) mods used by several modpacks. To actually use these mods with this pack, you will have to download them yourself, either through an existing modpack (or several!) or directly from the mod author.

    You can download the config pack direct from GitHub...
    ...or you can do it the old-fashioned way through my Dropbox!

    Resonance Unleashed currently supports the following modpacks:

    FTB Unleashed [1.1.4]
    Resonant Rise [1.0.0RC3]
    Direwolf20 1.5 Edition [1.1.4]

    Support for other modpacks and mods may be added in the future but that's already a lot of coverage!

    These are the mods supported by Resonance Unleashed's configs:

    Recent additions and updates are in bold.

    Minecraft Forge []

    CodeChickenCore []
    denLib [3.1-exp]
    iChunUtil [2.2.0]
    Immibis Core [56.0.5]
    Keithy Utils [1.2]

    Applied Energistics [13b]
    AE Extra Cells [1.4.1]
    Archimedes' Ships [1.4.1]
    Aquaculture [1.2.4]
    Artifice []
    Backpacks [1.18.17]
    BiblioCraft [1.4.1]
    Biomes O' Plenty [0.6.2]
    Blood Magic [0.4.1]
    Buildcraft [4.0.2]
    BC Additional Buildcraft Objects []
    BC Additional Pipes [2.4.0+]
    BC DenPipes [2.1.10]*
    BC Logistics Pipes [0.7.4.dev.14]
    BC QuarryPlus [1.5.4]
    Carpenter's Blocks [1.85]
    ChickenChunks []
    Chisel [1.4.8fix2]
    ComputerCraft [1.56]
    CC OpenPeripheral [0.2.1-pre8]
    DartCraft [0.2.05]
    Defense []
    Dimensional Anchors [56.0.1]
    Emasher's Resource []
    EnderIO []
    EnderStorage []
    Engineer's Toolbox []
    Extra Utilities [0.3 pre3a]
    Factorization [0.8.04beta13]
    Flat Signs []
    Forestry []
    FR Binnie's Mods [1.8-dev2]
    FR Plugins for Forestry [3.1.18]
    Gravity Gun [2.0.0]
    HexWool [0.2.1]
    Immibis' Microblocks [56.0.5]
    Immibis' Peripherals [56.0.1]
    IndustrialCraft2 [2.0.174-exp]
    IC2 Advanced Machines (Immibis Ed.) [56.0.0]
    IC2 Advanced Power Management [1.2.85_IC2exp]
    IC2 Advanced Reactors [1.0.0-exp]
    IC2 ChargePads []
    IC2 GraviSuite [1.9.6-exp]
    IC2 Nuclear Control [1.6.2c]
    InfiniTubes [56.0.1]
    InventoryTweaks [1.56-b77]
    Iron Chests []
    Liquid XP [56.0.2]
    MapWriter [2.0.8]
    Mekanism []
    MK Generators []
    MK Tools []
    Metallurgy [3.2.3]
    MFFS []
    Mystcraft []
    Natura [2.1.9]
    Not Enough Items []
    NEI Addons [1.9.0r40]
    NEI Plugins []
    Obsidiplates []
    Portal Gun [2.0.1]
    Railcraft []
    RedLogic [56.1.1]
    Soul Shards [1.0.39]
    Steve's Carts 2 [2.0.0.a132]
    SuperCraftingFrame []
    TabbyChat [1.9.02]
    Tinker's Construct [1.4.5d4]
    Translocators []
    TubeStuff [56.0.3]
    Twilight Forest [1.19.3]
    Underground Biomes [0.4.2a]
    Universal Electricity []
    UE Atomic Science []
    UE Basic Components []
    UE Resonant Induction []
    Waila [1.3.9]
    Wireless Redstone []
    Zan's Minimap [1.6.2]

    *This would not work when I tested it but other people have reported success.*

    GasCraft []

    If you want to use an existing world with this config pack and you currently use one of the supported modpacks, you can convert the world to Resonance Unleashed using the mIDas world converter.

    You can find the latest version of mIDas Gold here!
    Advanced users can also create their own patch files with the mIDas Patch Maker and NEI.

    Patch files and raw ID dumps from the supported modpacks are provided[/] Pre-built patch files will return in the future, but if these aren't working correctly or you're converting to RU from another modpack, you can create your own.

    If your world was from FTB Unleashed, you should be able to switch to Resonance Unleashed without using mIDas, but converting through mIDas should smooth out the transition as some ID changes were necessary.

    Always backup your worlds before attempting world conversion or installing this config pack.

    For detailed change logs and access to the latest dev version of the pack, check out the RU GitHub repo!

    Happy crafting!
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  2. Greytusks

    Greytusks New Member

    You crazy you!
  3. Evil Hamster

    Evil Hamster New Member

    I'm gonna have to thoroughly check out those configs before switching to ultimate..

    This stuff is difficult enough as it is, I don't want to spend MORE time maintaining my machines!! I want the machines to work making materials so I can build cool stuff :)
  4. Exedra

    Exedra New Member

    The brutality config looks pretty badass.
  5. noskk

    noskk New Member

    For brutality config you also need
    1. to change the stacksize to 16 (in GT config)
    2. disable the thermal generator from GT
    3. probably enable the redstone dust or ruby UUM recipe (for chrome), so that you can make the second fusion reactor easier if you already have the first one..
    4. disable the lava and platinum centrifuging recipe.. (I think you can disable them in the advanced config)..
    5. also probably disable redpower ruby, sapphire and green sapphire using other mods. (like the custom ore generation).
  6. Korenn

    Korenn New Member

    for brutality mode, there should really be a mod that turns off infinite water.
    And if somehow lava from the nether couldn't be used as lava for machines, you wouldn't have to nerf the geothermal so much :(
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  7. noah_wolfe

    noah_wolfe New Member

  8. Phycoz

    Phycoz New Member

    Good luck to whoever uses the brutality config. I hope you like spending a month just to get a decent power supply running :p
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  9. Abdiel

    Abdiel New Member

    Funny thing is, the way I play, I don't use maybe 95% of the changed things. So I don't think it would be that bad. The only changes that would affect me are reactors*, TC research (but most of it is done with renewable stuff anyway), and Forestry**. The server I play on has most of the other things (Soul Shards, Portal Gun, ...) completely disabled anyway. :)

    * How does that work exactly? Do you get more steam the more efficient/powerful your reactor gets? What's the ratio of burning the steam in a turbine compared to standard reactor output?

    ** As long as it's self-sufficient (e.g. a peat farm generates enough peat to fuel itself), it shouldn't be any problem. Any decrease in efficiency can be overcome by simply duplicating your setup. It would however be interesting to see Forestry eating more energy than it can produce - thus the farms would no longer be a set-and-forget source of free stuff, but something you have to continuously power and think about when you want them running.
  10. Velotican

    Velotican New Member

    Looks like posting this to the public was a good idea. I figured people would find Brutality Mode more interesting than Easy GregTech somehow. :)

    Firstly, I want to be clear: this config pack, for now at least, is set up to work just with mods used by the FTB team. If I add support configs for other mods, there's a risk it'll make your worlds incompatible with FTB and it's just not worth it, as this config pack is designed mainly for inexperienced users. Sorry about that.

    With that said, I need to release a new version of the config pack anyway because one of the changes didn't save properly: the original post has been updated. Here's a quick update log:

    - I was still being too generous with clean IC2 power, they now operate at the minimum possible output
    - UU-Matter recipes now correctly disabled (whoops)
    - Lava and Platinum centrifuge recipes have been disabled
    - GregTech's Thermal Generator has been disabled

    A couple of notes to address some points:

    Apparently UU-Matter recipes for gems are unified in one config setting so Rubies should be available as-is. :)

    Actually this setting appears to be experimental and probably quite underpowered. It's designed to interact with Railcraft's steam power generation and from what I've read and seen online about this you will need to connect multiple steam pipes (Liquiducts are the optimal choice) to transfer steam at the rate the reactor actually produces it. The upside of this change is you can use steam to power BuildCraft machines as with all RailCraft steam.

    Basically you'll need to build a lot of steam turbines to get the most out of your reactor. :D

    Funny you mention that, because Forestry machines are notorious power hogs - they "overclock" themselves by raising their power consumption similar to modern BuildCraft quarries. You may need to throttle your power transfer to keep your farm systems under control.

    The new multi-block farms don't seem to have this same powerlust, though.
  11. Abdiel

    Abdiel New Member

    I understand how steam works. My question is, is it still beneficial to use "efficient" reactor designs in the traditional sense? Does the amount of steam produced depend on the arrangement of reactor components, or is it constant? If the former, what is the relation?

    Nothing that a TE redstone cell set to output 1MJ/t couldn't handle.
  12. Velotican

    Velotican New Member

    Honestly, I'm not sure about exactly how the steam reactor is implemented specifically, in fact I suspect the implementation is incomplete because it's not a popular setting.

    Your best bet is to do some testing. I suppose I could do that too. :)
  13. Jyzarc

    Jyzarc New Member

    Thanks, the gregtech config was just what I was looking for
  14. EternalDensity

    EternalDensity New Member

    I think the word you're looking for is 'emerald'.
  15. noskk

    noskk New Member

    no, I'm pretty sure it's green sapphire.
  16. EternalDensity

    EternalDensity New Member

    Oh, I mis-parsed your sentence. Because I thought you meant "redpower green sapphire" which isn't a thing, but you didn't mean it like that at all. My bad.
  17. bwillb

    bwillb New Member

    That's exactly what he meant. Redpower's green gems are now called "green sapphire".
  18. noskk

    noskk New Member

    I think it's better to enable the chrome and titanium blast furnace requirement for the easy config, so at least industrial blast furnace will have more use other than silicon plate and CaCO3+iron ore.
  19. EternalDensity

    EternalDensity New Member

    What, what? Since when?
    ... OH, because vanilla emeralds... duh. My double bad, for not keeping up on Redpower's changes.
  20. WitherSauce

    WitherSauce New Member

    Damn, thats one awesome hardcore config. Would love to play it and use in on the server. Too bad though, i do believe I would get tarred, feathered, and lynched by our servers members. They are already annoyed that gregtech is on hard mode :D
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