Research for Avaritia: Tell me about your excessive resources

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I have a question too. Are the cosmic bees not useless you can't craft from the infinity drop nothing....


Hello SpitefulFox, your mod is very awesome although a little unfair, i understand that the recipes cost of items from the mod are suppose to make the game fair enough, but when you DO get to craft all the tools, it becomes very unfair and un-fun, so i wanted to ask you if you could add durabillity to the tool so they wont last forever, so you need to craft them again resulting in more adventure and looting? after all.. what fun is it if you have a sword with infinity damage that lasts forever and could potentially kill the Queen (Orespawn Mod) in one hit?

also, the materials you mentioned about, the ones after redstone dust do not appear in the mod, at least in my game sugh as moonstone.
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