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Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by Pepsicola90, Apr 21, 2013.


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  1. Pepsicola90

    Pepsicola90 New Member

  2. Thewafflier

    Thewafflier New Member

    I love jolicraft as well, and i decided to give it a shot. I made a lot of the worldgen compatible with ftb(ores etc.) But you can also check out greatwood, which has a heavy inspiration from jolicraft. Anyways- I don't really plan on doing anything else for this, but at least the ores wont stick out lol.

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  3. MediaCritic

    MediaCritic New Member

    I'm a huge fan of Jolicraft, but I think it would be difficult to make into an FTB pack. First, 16x packs are difficult in general, since you can't rely on added detail/realism to make a design distinct - it has to be symbolic, and it has to stick to the style set out in the original modpack.

    That brings me to the second issue. Jolicraft isn't about realism - it's about style, and Jolicraft's style isn't easy to sum up in a guide and extrapolate from - it's got a sense of whimsy about it. I feel like the only person I'd trust to make Jolicraft mod support that feels right is Andre himself. He might not need to work on all of it, but (1) I'd want an idea of how he prefers to handle machines/pipes/cables, and (2) I'd want him to tackle the major/fundamental aspects of the game best suited to his characterization (Extrabiomes, Thaumcraft, and Twilight Forest to start).

    I haven't known him to collaborate on anything or do anything related to mod support so far, but I wouldn't completely rule it out, either. Anyone want to try to get him interested in FTB?
  4. Thewafflier

    Thewafflier New Member

    I totaly agree, because with jolicraft, you never really know what he's gonna do with the textures. But if you go back( and I mean WAAAY back) the jolicraft had some optional mod support. ( I see aether)
    but maybe we could talk him into that, in which case i'd hop off Greatwood (no offense guys!)
  5. MediaCritic

    MediaCritic New Member

    Hi All - I got in touch with André himself, using the contact information on his website, Here's his response:

    Does anyone think we could make this happen? I don't have the expertise this project would need, but I'd be happy to at least try to contribute.
  6. Thewafflier

    Thewafflier New Member

    For some reason, i forgot all about the fact that i was actually working on this project in the Tekkit days(THE PLAGIARISM! IT BURNS!), but it wasn't at all near being complete.
  7. CivilNikolas

    CivilNikolas New Member

    I think I can also help. I have already made some textures for the mods i use but are far from complete. I don't have quite the skill (or talent :p) to make machines and complex stuff but I have some world stuff ready. When I have the time I'll post here with some screens. I really like jolicraft so if some talented people get involved and make this happen It would be great.
  8. Pepsicola90

    Pepsicola90 New Member

    ok. I think between us all if we work on it we can make this a finished project,I don't have artistical skillz that some have but I think we can do it
  9. MediaCritic

    MediaCritic New Member

    I think Pepsicola may be incorrect here. There's interest in the pack, but the person/people who are artistically inclined are already working on a different pack (the lovely Greatwood pack). In any case, I'm kinda reluctant to bug Andre to get involved over here until after everything's been sorted out and stabilized with the 1.5/1.6 modpack update (someday). Jolicraft vanilla is already on the 1.5 texture pack standard, and I wouldn't want to burden anyone by trying to bridge standards. (Are the 1.4.7 modpacks compatible with that format?)

    Is this something that anyone would want to try to get moving now, or is this something that we might want to re-visit in the 1.5/1.6 updated future?
  10. Thewafflier

    Thewafflier New Member

    I for one would love for this to happen. But even I have no way to guess what Andre would do for his textures. Basically we would have to teach him what all of FTB mods are and do(I'm guessing he really only plays vanilla) and have him tell us what he wants to happen for their respective textures. But that sorta sounds like what Andre said. But because there aren't tons of people who look like they are willing to respond to this( only 9 took the poll at the top) I don't feel there are enough people to be able to fill Andre's request. Keeping the textures up to date, (and with the 1.5 texture change, but the Soartex guys are working on an unstictcher 'cuz they're cool) so I at least feel we need to:
    1.Find some more willing people
    2.Wait it out untill at least 1.6 when FTB and the textures all update
    3.I get to the fridge because I'm pretty thirsty right now and I think there is some ginger ale leftover from a few days ago.
    Before something like this can happen pretty smoothly.
  11. Cman333

    Cman333 New Member

    I may help with this in the future, but for now I'm banned from my regular computer and only have my 3ds to use
  12. ZeldaCakes

    ZeldaCakes New Member

    I would be willing to help on this project if we have a team to split up the work.

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