[Release][SkyBlock] M.A.P [v1.2]

Discussion in 'Third Party Maps' started by SilentThief, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. SilentThief

    SilentThief Member

    This is SSP and SMP Compatible!
    Here is my Sky Block survival map! This map is intended to give the player more capabilities in a custom world then you get in a regular world. I hope you enjoy the map, there is much more to come!
    Rules -
    1) Use at-least easy never peaceful
    2) Do not break blocks at spawn
    3) Expand your universe
    4) Don't build in dimensions (only for mining)
    5) Do not use mobs out of the water (if there are any)
    6) Don't use NEI to cheat
    7) Don't use third party hacks to cheat
    Downloads -
    Challenges -
    1) Make a set of iron armor
    2) Go to at-least 5 different dimensions
    3) Make a set of iron tools
    4) Make a mob farm
    5) Make a MFSU
    6) Make a MFE
    7) Get the "Omega Queen"
    8) Get every type of bee (princess, queen, drone)
    9) Make compressor, macerator, extractor, electric furnace
    10) Make a set of quantum armor
    11) Make the GraviSuitChestplate
    12) Get every color wool
    13) Make an under-water base
    14) Make an advanced diamond drill and an advanced diamond chainsaw
    15) Get at-least 100m EU
    16) Download the map -.-
    17) Follow the rules
    18) Play the map on SSP and SMP (optional challenge)
    19) Make all the kinds of fuels
    20) Beat all the challenges
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  2. Burty97

    Burty97 New Member

    Are there any screenshots?
    I will play anyway but they would be nice
  3. SilentThief

    SilentThief Member

    I can add some later on. :)
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  4. Burty97

    Burty97 New Member

    Thanks, PS its a good map so far:D
    I have completed several of the objectives
  5. SilentThief

    SilentThief Member

    You should post screenshots of your progress.
  6. EternalDensity

    EternalDensity Popular Member

    Shouldn't challenge 16 be first? Because it implies that you don't need to download the map at the start :p
    Also, you need to beat challenge 20 in order to beat challenge 20, so how do you beat challenge 20?

    Oh, and what does M.A.P stand for?
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  7. SilentThief

    SilentThief Member

    Well, it's just a name for now, but I was thinking of making it into an abbreviation for something.
  8. Robet24

    Robet24 Active Member

    I can't get this to work. Just stuck at building terrain.
  9. MrYevral

    MrYevral New Member

    Just a thought, but maybe post what Version of FTB this is for, or what mods are required :), I assume that its FTB retro(1.2.5)
  10. SilentThief

    SilentThief Member

    No, it's beta-pack-a
  11. gusgillis1

    gusgillis1 Active Member

    Its an OK map, but I would like to see some more originality in it, all I see in it is a couple changed words, and without "The Beast"... Next time, I would LOVE to see originality in your work.
  12. SilentThief

    SilentThief Member

    Huh....this is called M.A.P...nothing to do with The Beast....
  13. gusgillis1

    gusgillis1 Active Member

    Yes, I see that. Im not blind. But the concept is the same. Your place on a tiny island, you have to expand your little island by giving a lava and a water source blocks, with a sapling. Its the same thing really, this is just FTB without TB, and in 1.4.2. I personally see barely any originality in this.

    And, its another skyblock. Reeeaaall original there.[DOUBLEPOST=1355871884][/DOUBLEPOST]I mean, Im sorry I might be being mean, and I'm sure your a pretty cool guy, its just not that much originality in it.
  14. SilentThief

    SilentThief Member

    No need to hate on a post, this was a quick map that I wanted to release, and it does have some generic things in it.
  15. gusgillis1

    gusgillis1 Active Member

    Im not hating, just some constructive criticism :)
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  16. jatie1

    jatie1 Well-Known Member

    Does it use anything that has to do with GregTech? I want to play this map on the Direwolf20 Pack.
  17. LegitNeek

    LegitNeek Active Member

    This map uses the FTB-BETA-A modpack, stated in the first post. Also your question is kinda contradicting, you ask if it uses Gregtech and you want to play it with the Direwolf20 modpack, yet that modpack doesn't have Gregtech :s
  18. jalfje

    jalfje New Member

    ...which is precisely why they wanted to know. so that it wouldn't crash.
  19. CenTenebrae

    CenTenebrae New Member

    Gonna give it a shot, looks fun!
    EDIT: Can't get the download page to load x.x
  20. Gibboneyhunter

    Gibboneyhunter New Member

    I'm going to play it

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