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Discussion in 'Server Tech Support' started by 0fftime, Dec 2, 2012.

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    I'm 0fftime or Ruben and i've got 2 questions.
    I currently have a FTB server running on my pc. I downloaded it from the site and it runs wel. Though i'd like to rent a online host and set it al up there. But how can i set it up with al the mods? Because bukkit won't work from what i've read. Can i just rent a server make a mod folder and put all the mods etc. in?

    And the second question i have is about Rei's minimap. I currently have the local server running. And i'm filming with friends there. But everytime i log into the server a message comes up with the text: [Rei's minimap] .. waypoint loaded for (ip here). Now i'd like to change the ip thingy. Because i don't want my ip to get out. I have allready tried to give the server another name but that didn't work. So is there any fix for this?

    Thanks in advance,


    BTW: English isn't my foreign language so i hope i haven't made to many mistakes and the whole thing is still understandable.
  2. 0fftime

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  3. Greedseed

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    To your first question. No.

    You need to upload all the files in the FTB server download. The crutial parts are :
    FTB_Beta_A.jar ( the jar is modded and Forge is installed into it )
    The mod folder ( this contains your mods )
    Config folder ( this contains all the configs of your mods)

    So basicly you need to coppie the whole thing onto your host.
    Waring ! if your host is using a pannel to launch your server, make sure you rename your FTB_Beta_a.jar to the correct .jar that your host uses!

    I will need to look into Minimap for that. If anyone else has a fix for this.
  4. 0fftime

    0fftime New Member

    Thanks! I will see if i can find a suitable host then. And i've allready looked through the options of Rei's Minimap but i wasn't able to find any options there.
  5. Randomsteve

    Randomsteve Active Member

    Are you sure that that same message comes up for everyone else? Or is it just you because you are connecting to what I assume to be a local host?
  6. Belone

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    It would probably be easier just to edit the IP address out of your videos, bit of a pain, but probably easier than trawling through config files.
  7. Greedseed

    Greedseed Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    not really.
  8. Skirty_007

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    Our private server is hosted, we just did as above, uploaded mods folder, uploaded config folder, uploaded jar and renamed it. Our host is really good, and there's an option to clear out all the ftp changes made and restore it to a vanilla server - it happens pretty much immediately (and automatically, no waiting for support to get back to us), so any time we want to start again with a new set of mods etc we can start afresh if we need to.
  9. 0fftime

    0fftime New Member

    Yes i'm sure of that. It displays the my IP in this case because i'm the one hosting the server.

    Wel i'm now editing it out but that really is a pain in the ass. I'd rather have to infest a lot more time once than infesting my time everytime in it to edit the IP out.

    Ok that's a neat feature! Thanks!
  10. Belone

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    Oh believe me I couldn't agree with you more, I'm someone who will spend 10 hours at work writing a script to save me 10 minutes of repetitive work. If there isn't a way maybe you should try to get in touch with the mod developer as I'm sure a lot of YouTubers come across this problem too.
  11. 0fftime

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    Well i'm following the MindCrack FTB series. And from what i can see from their chat they haven't got that problem. But the guys haven't responded to my video comments yet. So maybe i should indeed try to get this to Rei. Thanks!

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