Redstone Flux Jetpacks? (In spirit of conversion to total Thermal Expansion)

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Wright, Apr 30, 2014.


How do you feel about the FTB Flagship pack becoming dedicated to Redstone Flux?

  1. Devotion is good

  2. Devotion is bad

  3. I could care less what the "official pack" looks like

  1. Wright

    Wright New Member

    Saw this on the forums today and encourage anyone who knows mod development, or texture development to help this guy out. I think CofH needs this officially sanctioned. Hoping to see more Redstone flux powered gadgets in the future.
    Suppose this is general Thermal Expansion talk, ideas- mods- flux and what not. Couldn't quite find a thread like this, and it is only right to create one with the upcoming 1.7 FTB updates.
  2. Omegatron

    Omegatron Well-Known Member

    I think you mean you couldn't care less what the official pack looks like.
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  3. King Lemming

    King Lemming New Member

    We've been supportive of the guy the entire time. Z helped him with a code rewrite and he's making use of parts of CoFHLib/CoFHCore now. Both of which will be visible source in 1.7. (Not sure if open or not, that's up to skyboy and Z.)

    I'm just hanging around on the sidelines, too much RL stuff going on. ;)

    Oh, and my vote was that I don't care either way. There are plenty of good mods that don't use RF, and there are lots that do. The entire thing is a non-issue.
  4. Wright

    Wright New Member

    Awesome thanks for the reply, glad you don't see it as an issue just as many do.
  5. MajPayne21

    MajPayne21 New Member

    Since I started using TE, I've said that the only thing it's missing is an IC2 comparable jetpack. I always hated having to build IC2 infrastructure just to charge an electric jetpack (I don't enjoy MPS).

    I would love to see the jetpack addon get absorbed into the official mod (or at least Redstone Arsenal)!

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  6. RedBoss

    RedBoss New Member

    No one even brought it up on these forums. No one is even posting about it on the Reddit anymore. It seems you joined just to stir the pot. IMO.

    Its not an issue. Any drama there was is resolved. Let's move on.
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  7. Wright

    Wright New Member

    How did I offend you? There is no pot "stirring" this is a thread about redstone flux jetpacks, if you would like to to contribute please go ahead instead of posting what you have.
  8. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    Amen, brodda'. I don't care if FTB wants to make their "Flagship 1.7 pack" based purely around RF. Honestly, I don't think they should, for the same reasons as you said, plenty of great mods don't use it, even if plenty of great mods do.
    But really, it doesn't bother me or even effect me if they want to make that pack based purely around RF. I give literally couldn't care less about this "Flagship 1.7" pack. I care about the cool niche packs, if one could call Magic Farm 2, Blood N' Bones, or Agrarian Skies "niche". The packs that do interesting things, those I care about. And right now, I'm running a small 1.7 instance on MultiMC. Just Thaumcraft and a few other mods.
    It's the fact that the Redstone Flux Jetpacks mod has a lot of drama attached to it now. I honestly enjoy the mod, and don't care what people think about it. But as a reminder, yeah, the pot gets stirred when one mentions it now, since the drama is so fresh.
    We wouldn't have had this drama crop up here again if @RedBoss hadn't mentioned the drama, but hey, why sweat the small things?
  9. Wright

    Wright New Member

    Ok. Didn't know RF jetpacks was touchy for the both of you. Suppose I'll stop speaking of it.

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  10. VapourDrive

    VapourDrive New Member

    I like the jetpacks, simple enough idea and the fit a niche for RF (mekanism ones are cooler but higher tier :3)
    I hope people come up with really cool RF power gen options, more than just: here's a block, put fuel type x into it, hook battery up.
    It for sure can be done. With Big Reactors, people hardly even need to buffer the energy (battery) and it almost feels pleasantly MJ style.
    I don't think this should be a debate thread, but a general RF idea thread would hopefully be cool with the moderators....
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  11. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    Speaking of RF Power Generation, while it's true that many sources are boring and invoke a heavy feeling "seen it a million times before and this isn't any different then the other million", has anyone else grabbed a recent copy of MineChem 5? I'm using 5.0.4 now and it's bundled with a extra mod now; particle physics. It's a unique power generation mod, albeit one that you can't get started with without a bit of power already since it relies on Minechem chemicals, but it's actually really cool. Like, never been done before level cool.
  12. RedBoss

    RedBoss New Member

    It's not touchy at all. Call it being suspicious :p. A new members first thread is about a drama related mod, there's a poll that can be viewed as antagonistic, and there's no specific train of thought to follow as to what OP wants from the thread. I've seen this type of thing before, and I presumed you were here to cause shenanigans.

    I apologize if that's not the intention, but you have to admit that you've got multiple things going on in your original post. If you just want to talk RF stuff there's more direct methods to express that intention. Simply Jetpacks is cool with me, what FTB does with their packs doesn't matter to me since I don't use FTB for game play, and my favorite drink right now is Sam Adams Rebel IPA.

    Not berating, debating, or hating. Just explaining my thought process.
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  13. Wright

    Wright New Member


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  14. casilleroatr

    casilleroatr New Member

    I haven't read this thread through yet but I wanted to say something quickly...

    The word choice in the poll, "devotion" etc, really adds new meaning to Cult of the full hub ;)
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