Redius' Wonka Factory


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Jul 29, 2019
I had a dream; not a MLK kind of dream, but one where you wake up and realize you just had a dream about Feed the Beast and building a new base.

It was glorious.

And the idea for a new base wouldn't go away, so rather than fight it, I just built it. I left my base, in my LP series, and spent 12 hours making the new home. Prior to this, I'd always done the "tidy" style of builds; all cables hidden, and facades managed properly. Kept a clean house, so to speak...well, that changed tonight.

I built a Wonka factory.

Now, it's not finished yet, but I'm pleased enough with the IC2 section, that I wanted to share it with you fine folks. (Screenies here, and the video tour will be up on YouTube. Link in my sig.

Outside, heading in....lava off on the corners, and smokers right above give the ambiance. There's also fountains (water blocks) that pour out of the center crosses.

Ground floor: power. Magma Crucibles for magmatic engines. I decided against using steam, solar and nether pumping for this play through; wanted to make life a little tougher on myself. At some point, I'm building a multi-chambered reactor, but I can't swing the resource costs we're making due with what we've got.


Seriously, I love my Wonka processing floor...I've sat there watching with my cocktail for longer than is normal. Two overclocked macerators feed 9 electric furnaces, which pipe the resultant ores (in a convoluted path) up two flights to....

The ME network. The pipe on the left is coming from the Wonka-floor, and dumping into a chest with a basic import bus that pumps the chest contents into the network. The tesseract in the center flows into a diamond pipe that shuffles the "good" stuff (ores and whatnot) off to the left for insertion into the ME network, while cobble, dirt and gravel get punted to the right pipe, which takes them back down to the Wonka floor, where they're pumped into recyclers and the resultant scrap is fired back (through the ore pipe!) into the system where it's (eventually) processed.

Pictures are nice, but it's far more fun in live action =)

(if you want to see it live, check out
(if you aren't following the series and just want to see the action, skip ahead to about 3 minutes in.)
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Jul 29, 2019
It's great to have a sudden inspiration like that. I like the tower in a lake idea. I tend to think of things like this when I'm not able to act on them immediately, and then never get around to doing anything.