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Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by slowpoke, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. slowpoke

    slowpoke FTB Founder Team Member FTB Founder

    So I have recently received further news about the release of Red Power 2. It has apparently been decided that release of the mod has been delayed until after the 21st December 2012. Apparently there are fears that if Eloraam was to release now, the amount of data being downloaded at one time would effectively bring down the internet. This would lead to a chain of events that would cumulate in the end of world.

    It is hoped that by delaying the upcoming release of Red Power we can avoid this disaster and may get to see a future where we finally get to a point where FTB can release a stable mod pack, the hard work of Pahimar and Soaryn isn't wasted and we all get to see the amazing looking Equivalent Exchange and Xycraft, and Notch and Jeb finally give the mod developers a few weeks to breathe by not releasing a new version or update to Minecraft (OK sorry, I admit it, the last one is a dream).

    Anyways, you can all relax for the next few weeks, give your F5 key a much earned break and enjoy the awesome mods that are already out there.
  2. in_toxic_ated

    in_toxic_ated New Member

  3. MrZwij

    MrZwij Well-Known Member

    LOL. Stupid Internet. Thanks for the update.

    I'm a little confused though. Does this mean EE and Xycraft will be packed into FTB first, with RedPower to come later? Or are they all waiting for the post-Dec. 21 date?
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  4. Admittedly I'd prefer stable release rather than way too early release with several bug fix updates after. Also yeah, good luck waiting for a time that Minecraft itself ISN"T updating. I just hope you guys don't have to keep updating for versions 1.5.1, then 1.5.2, then 1.5.3, etc. when the next update rolls out.
  5. ApSciLiara

    ApSciLiara Popular Member

    My F5 key is happy now.
    I, on the other hand, am very sad, although I do respect Elo's wishes. We get RP2 when we get RP2, and not a minute sooner. If we have to wait until the New Year, then we have to wait until the New Year. There's no changing that, so we might as well put up with it.
    -goes away to be sad-
  6. Woodopriest

    Woodopriest Active Member

    Nice... I just hope Eloraam is not rushing herselfe.

    Good job Slowpoke, putting out this post :-D
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  7. Rob

    Rob Web Developer Retired Staff

    OMG THE WORLD ENDING ON THE 21ST?!?!?!?!?!?!?1

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  8. beringtom

    beringtom Active Member


    Clearly Elo is a Mayan coding god! :O
  9. GrammieFi

    GrammieFi Active Member

    Aw. Sad day.
    But at least the interwebz is safe. I shall eagerly await the day when the world is stable enough to risk releasing RP2. We wouldn't want Red Power Day to cause the Earth to explode in a big fiery ball.
  10. lindyhopfan

    lindyhopfan Well-Known Member

    This is great news! The 21st of December is not far away! I actually expected it would be a lot longer before Eloraam got around to releasing Red Power. Red Power is weeks, not months away!!! That makes me happy!
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  11. GrumpyOldG

    GrumpyOldG New Member

  12. Sphinx2k

    Sphinx2k Well-Known Member

    But there is an after the 21. so it doesn't give any more information than more than 10 days.
  13. Captainnana

    Captainnana Content Manager Retired Staff ModMyMC Editor

    The question is does time exist after the 21st?
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  14. dronf

    dronf Active Member

    The real question is why let that one mod hold the pack hostage indefinitely? A FTB pack 1.4.5 update when the final release of ic2 comes out would be a pretty welcome release.
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  15. ljdp

    ljdp New Member

    Bring down the internet you say? Perhaps Red Power should only be distributed via sneakernet.
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  16. Rob

    Rob Web Developer Retired Staff

    Are you guys really trusting Slowpoke here?
  17. Ashzification

    Ashzification Over-Achiever

    Thank you for the update Slow :)
    (any indicator is a good indicator atm)
  18. beringtom

    beringtom Active Member

    That would be nice, but the world gen in rp will start to ruin any unexplored area in your world :(
  19. Kyler

    Kyler New Member

    slowpoke said on Xcompz stream the whole thing was a joke and shouldn't be taken serious
  20. QueWhat

    QueWhat Well-Known Member

    I agree with Ash, any news is good news. [insert sad kitty meme here, too sad to vorkz :p]
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