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Recipe/Raw Materials List for GraviSuit Chest?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Toadzilla, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Toadzilla

    Toadzilla New Member

    Would anyone have happened to burden themselves with making a list of all the raw materials required for the gravisuit chest? If you do, posting it or messaging it would be greatly appreciated :D

  2. MilConDoin

    MilConDoin New Member

    gravi chest plate
    water 96
    tin 720
    copper 534
    rubber 362
    redstone 172
    ref iron 68
    diamond 26
    iridium 84
    ruby 4
    sapphire 7
    gold 9
    glass 30
    electrum 10
    advanced alloy 119
    coal 200 or 450 carbon cells (25 carbon plates)
    lapis 42
    lappack 1

    This list was made in mindcrack 6 or 7, so maybe greg changed something somewhere.
  3. Exedra

    Exedra New Member

    Great job Mil. I was thinking of making one, and this helps.
  4. Abdiel

    Abdiel New Member

    With GT this might get a little complicated, as there are different recipes for some components. For example you can save on copper and rubber by using electrum to make circuits. Or you can make mixed metal ingots from all kinds of materials yielding different numbers of advanced alloys.
  5. Toadzilla

    Toadzilla New Member

    Im curious, why rubies and sapphires? I have 6 stacks of both, but what are they included in?

    And thank you so much...it may or may not be exact (we'll see), but its certainly 95% better than my estimates before

    And Im not using gregtech so im gonna guess it's similar if not the same
  6. Abdiel

    Abdiel New Member

    Energy and lapotron crystals, respectively. You can replace diamonds in the IC recipes with rubies and sapphires if you have GregTech. (And people say it only makes things harder.)
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  7. Toadzilla

    Toadzilla New Member

    Dont see how...theyre everywhere
  8. jnads

    jnads New Member

    That's Redpower 2's doing. Rubies are normally quite rare in GT.

    In Beta A after 2 weeks I only had like 10 of them, and now I have 2 stacks. The Lapotron Crystal substitution has existed since Beta A.

    GregTech actually advises on his site to nerf RedPower 2's gem generation, but stops short of nerfing it himself, only providing steps.

    I assume that is because RedPower 2 is beloved by all, and the fan-base will descend on him like a swarm of Killer Bees if he nerfed anything Elooram ever created......
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  9. Abdiel

    Abdiel New Member

    It's because either Eloraam doesn't want him to mess with her mod, or she hasn't responded to him about it. You'll notice that GT changes absolutely nothing RP-related.
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  10. Toadzilla

    Toadzilla New Member

    Also, for mil, are the ores as the actual ore? or the ingots (assuming its macerated/pulverized) then smelted
  11. lolpierandom

    lolpierandom New Member

    Eloraam seems strangely against people messing with her mod (her not wanting omniwrench to do RP2 screwdriver stuff, for example), and she's clearly respected enough for people to agree with her and not mess with it.
  12. bwillb

    bwillb New Member

    84 Iridium... Hell's blazes... And to think, some people on the Mindcrack server have that already thanks to the 'Cheaty Nebris' technique :p
  13. lolpierandom

    lolpierandom New Member

    When you think about it, the only real barriers are iridium (because damnit, Gregorious), copper and tin, and those only because you burn through it like crazy normally and the crazy amounts only make that problem worse.

    The other stuff is trivial.
  14. Toadzilla

    Toadzilla New Member

    The copper is my only problem :/
  15. bwillb

    bwillb New Member

    Yeah copper seems to be extremely rare. I know it only spawns between y-40 to y-70, but even at those ranges it seems rare. I think ore spawns in general are rarer at that height...
  16. EternalDensity

    EternalDensity New Member

    Couldn't GT just not allow substitution of RP's gems? That would fix the lack of scarcity. (Sorry for the double negative.)
  17. bwillb

    bwillb New Member

    Yeah, he intentionally used the ore dictionary, not sure why he complains about em.
  18. noskk

    noskk New Member

    Because IIRC a lot of people complained about the RP2 gem in GT thread, that's why he advised to use custom ore generation so those people won't bug him anymore.. he didn't really complain about them, because I'm pretty sure most of his gem ideas were from RP2 and he knew the abundant amount of RP2 gem before he implemented his gems.
  19. Poppycocks

    Poppycocks New Member

    Well, all you have to do if you're short on either copper, tin, silver, gold or tungsten, is to centrifuge lava.
  20. noskk

    noskk New Member

    Just re-enable IC2 copper and disable TE one, it's really needed to make a good nuclear reactor power system..

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