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Open Server Rebirth Gaming | v1.0.1 | 1.7.10 | 24/7 | 10GB | MyTown2 | TS3 | Latest Cauldron

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Rebirth Gaming, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member


    Direwolf20 v1.0.1 (1.7.10)

    -Who We Are-

    Rebirth Gaming is a friendly, mature community managed by knowledgeable staff who have prior experience with
    Minecraft, servers, web design, administration, and a handful of other skills that allow us to run and maintain this community.

    While Minecraft is our primary focus, we do promote and become
    involved in other games and enjoy playing with friends and community members.

    -Server Specs-

    Host - OVH
    CPU - 4c/[email protected]
    SSD - 2x120GB RAID
    Bandwidth - 200Mbps
    Connection -1Gbps
    RAM - 10GB
    Slots - 100

    -Rules and Info-
    Hard difficulty.
    PvP is enabled and encouraged!
    All Biomes O' Plenty biomes are enabled.
    Morphs are enabled - but you lose them on death!

    We seriously frown upon cheating of any kind.
    Steps are taken to ensure fair gameplay.
    Advertising on our server is prohibited.
    Harassment is always dealt with.
    Spammers will face swift, long mutes.
    Just have fun and never be afraid to ask staff for help!

    A TeamSpeak3 server is available for all community members!

    We use Enjin points and BossShop to facilitate the purchase of hard earned rewards.
    Points can be acquired by voting, donating, participating in the community, winning minigames and events on any of our Minecraft servers, and more!
    These points can be used to purchase item kits, timed commands, creative, fly,
    creative only items such as anchors, and much more.

    Mystcraft is enabled, but may be later disabled. Not sure how it will affect server performance yet.

    Twilight Forest and Overworld will be generated to eliminate chunk gen lag.


    -Banned Items/Mods-
    Historically, we only ban items and restrict that cause server errors or can cause grief to claimed areas such as spawn.
    We do our best to find ways to remove the ability to use such
    items or mods to crash/grief without straight up banning the items or mods.

    Ban list is WIP.



    A custom plugin, developed by coolmanzz2, allows players to obtain lives.
    When you have lives and die, you keep your inventory!
    If you have 0 lives and die, you drop all of your stuff.
    XP will be added in the future.

    A custom plugin designed to offer an idiot proof kit experience.
    Kits accessed bring up an inventory UI, allowing the player to drag items out of the
    kit into their inventory, ensuring no items are lost due to full inventories!
    Developed with FTB in mind, being able to handle all item meta data.

    Provides players with basic commands and economy.

    Get paid to kill mobs and mine.

    MyTown (actually a mod)
    Works just like Towny, except with FTB in mind!
    Protects your land from mining lasers, turtles, tunnel bores, ITNT, and much more!
    - Not yet installed. Working out some conflicts. Mod is still in alpha. -

    Typing /shop or using the given book gives you access to a shop
    GUI where you can spend your points and access various warps.


    - Social Media -

    Sub to see us try out new mods, modpacks, play bukkit, talk about cool new plugins and features,
    play around on other games such as Hearthstone, Sim City, L4D2, Titanfall, Lol, and much more!

    Subscribe to get episode updates and tutorials/play throughs of modpacks, custom plugins, new features, play throughs of other games, and much more.

    Follow us to stay up to date on community events, server status, upcoming features, or just to say hi and share your favorite screenshots.



  2. Cik

    Cik New Member

    Can't set a home?
  3. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member

    We are trying to get away from the use of plugins. Bukkit support no longer exists due to DCMA takedowns and as a result, many plugin developers have either stopped updating their plugins or simply can not keep up with incompatibilities. We are trying to utilize mods (including server side only mods) to do a lot of the things you are used to from plugins. This will keep being our push until plugins have been moved over to the new Sponge API and updated. Yes, we use the latest Cauldron, but it's a patchy quick-fixer-upper to keep it up to date with Forge. It gets buggier with each update, which nothing can be done about since the actual Bukkit API is not being updated.

    TL;DR plugins are becoming unstable and we are trying not to use them. Use the Warp Book mod and beds to set a home and warp locations.
  4. Cik

    Cik New Member

    Cool, thanks. I played on your server previously, and appreciate the feedback. Would like to see more minecraft enthusiasts without the hand-holding mentality and survivor mentality on your server.
  5. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member

    Updated slots to 100.

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