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Open Server Rebirth Gaming | Direwolf20 1.5 | 24/7 | PvP | MyTown | Econ | No Lag | TS3

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Rebirth Gaming, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member


    Direwolf20 v1.5

    -Who We Are-
    Rebirth Gaming is a friendly, mature community managed by knowledgeable staff who have prior experience with Minecraft, servers, web design, administration, and a handful of other skills that allow us to run and maintain this community.

    While Minecraft is our primary focus, we do promote and become
    involved in other games and enjoy playing with friends and community members.

    -Server Specs-

    Host - OVH
    CPU - 4c/[email protected]
    SSD - 2x120GB RAID
    Bandwidth - 200Mbps
    Connection -1Gbps
    RAM - 10GB
    Slots - 100

    -Rules and Info-

    We seriously frown upon cheating of any kind.
    Steps are taken to ensure fair gameplay.
    Advertising on our server is prohibited.
    Harassment is always dealt with.
    Spammers will face swift, long mutes.
    Just have fun and never be afraid to ask staff for help!

    A TeamSpeak3 server is available for all community members!


    -Banned Items/Mods-

    Historically, we only ban items and restrict that cause server errors or can cause grief to claimed areas such as spawn.
    We do our best to find ways to remove the ability to use such
    items or mods to crash/grief without straight up banning the items or mods.

    New server, so we are monitoring items and their impact on server performance.


    Provides players with basic commands and economy.

    Works just like Towny, except with FTB in mind!
    Protects your land from mining lasers, turtles, tunnel bores, ITNT, and much more!


    - Social Media -


    Subscribe to get episode updates and tutorials/play throughs of modpacks, custom plugins, new features, play throughs of other games, and much more.

    Follow us to stay up to date on community events, server status, upcoming features, or just to say hi and share your favorite screenshots.



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  2. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member

    - Turned on ALL Biomes O' Plenty biomes.
    - Temporarily disabled Mystcraft until we can safely enable it without causing lag.
    - Portal and Gravity gun configs modified to make them safer to use around spawn and in protections.
    - Population Density replaced with Random Placer. Does more or less the same thing, just less laggy.
    - Spawn mall has been built. Players can now have a shop upon request!
    - Took control of chunk loaders. Players can only access personal anchors via crafting and admin anchors via point purchase.
  3. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member

    - World Border installed. Will be preloading chunks over the next several days during late night/early morning hours so that exploring these new areas don't cause lag.
    - Replaced our random teleport plugin (again). Does pretty much the same thing as /tpr, except this one doesn't put you in an ocean. Command can be executed through BossShop.
    - Several new additions to BossShop. Players can now spend points to change the weather and time of day, access item kits such as enchanted diamond tools and power armor, and purchase some creative only items like Admin anchors and creative energy cells.
  4. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member

    - Fixed issue with quarries where they would stop working and reset to their default 16x16 frame.
    - Fixed issue with endothermic pumps not keeping their chunks loaded in the nether.
    - Fixed permission issue with players not being able to edit their Ars Magica UI.
    - (OLD) Fixed issue with players not being able to add friends to their thermal expansion items. Don't worry, /cofh killall is still off limits to normal players =)
    - Added enchanted diamond armor and tool kits, as well as ME system kits to BossShop. Purchasable with points.
  5. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member

    Updated to 1.0.12!
  6. Andrivullar

    Andrivullar New Member

    Yay, good server + 1
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  7. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member

    - Added Towny. Keeping an eye and ear out to make it work with PvP in mind.
    - Mystcraft has been enabled, but book binders are temporarily banned. We are allowing players to start collecting pages. Still unable to make and visit ages, as we are still working to properly implement them in a stable manner.
    - January promotion is ending! Players will still get 50 points for registering instead of 500. A new promotion, however, will be in place for February to earn points.
    - Various bug fixes!

    ~ We have begun recording for our YouTube channel! Our first mini series will feature a play through of a Day Z-like plugin called MineZ. Video updates will be posted on our website.
  8. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member

    - Added more voting links. Players can earn up to 50 points per day.
    - Removed January promotion. All new website registered users will get 50 points rather than 500. New promotion for February, active tomorrow, will reward players for referring their friends to our server.

    >> Mystcraft has been enabled! <<
    We are beginning player testing of allowing access to ages.
    BossShop will contain various premade ages. We are adding a handful of initial ages, and will add more upon player demand/request.
    We are only adding ages that players will use and desire, such as oceans of lava, oil, resource ages, etc.
    There will be two primary categories of ages - basic and advanced.
    Basic ages can be accessed by paying in game money (econ). These ages are, well, basic, such as eternal rain infinite ocean, infinite lava, eternal day no weather ages, etc.
    Advanced ages are available at a premium - you must spend points to access these ages. Primary method of getting points is by donating/voting for our server.
    Advanced ages will be more desirable, such as infinite oil, fuel, biofuel, mob essence, ores, etc.

    We will also be implementing a third option available to our premium ranked players - the ability to create custom ages for personal use. We will be limiting these to one age per person, but hey, what's better than your own world where it's always day, never rains, mobs never spawn, or whatever you want, and that no one can visit except those you grant exclusive access to?

    All in all, we are open ears to our players as to what ages we should add to the list.

    Thus far, we just have an infinite lava age, but more are coming!
  9. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member

    - Added BedCraftGP and many items to Grief Prevention.
  10. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member

    - Added MyTown! This plugin offers far better protections against griefers. MyTown functions very similarly to Towny, except it was coded with mods in mind. Be protected against mining turtles, bores, lasers, you name it!
    Grief Prevention and Towny will be removed Friday. Players have a chance to replace current claims with MyTown so that they aren't left exposed while switching plugins!

    -Added two new Mystcraft ages!
    - Oil ocean age: Infinite ocean of oil! No smoking allowed.
    - Loot age: Due to the mechanics of how Thaumcraft generates dungeon chests, we were able to create a plains biome age that is littered with loot chests, villages, libraries, strongholds, etc. Be sure to bring your ender pouch!
  11. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member

    - Made changes to MyTown. New towns start with 10 claimable chunks. New towns cost 10 IC2 credits. We disabled the crafting of IC2 credits and are selling them through our point shop for both points and econ. I am aware of MyTownEcon, but it is currently bugged, thus the reason why towns cost credits.

    - Made changes to payouts for MobCash. Cows are no longer more profitable than killing the ender dragon.

    - Removed Payd2Mine and replaced it with BlockEconomy. BE allows adding any block ID for econ payouts, thus we are now able to add modded ores like amber and copper to the payout list.

    - Finished setting up the econ pack shop in our point shop. Players can now buy econ with points.

    - Our custom plugin is almost finished! With this plugin, players will be able to purchase "extra lives". If you have 0 lives and die, you lose your xp and inventory!

    - Added timed announcements. Players will now stay informed of helpful tips and news as we see fit. Will consider an option for players to turn these announcements off.

    - Fixed broken vote links. Players should now be able to vote on all links and get the rewards for doing so.

    - Added our custom plugin, Alive! Alive is developed by one of our admins, coolmanzz2. Details on OP.
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  12. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member

    - Added a manyullyn ocean age.
    - Adjusted prices of new MyTown towns and chunk claiming.
    - Adjusted econ payout for voting. New players can start a new town day one if they vote for all 10 links. Otherwise, you must earn econ in game to make a new town.
    - Adjusted payouts for mining. Most ores earn you econ, including modded ores such as copper and tin.
    - Upgraded server RAM to 4GB (more traffic, time to upgrade!)
  13. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member

    - Re-enabled the creation of Twilight Forest portals. Chunk pre-generation in the Twilight has reached a point where players should no longer cause a 30 second server halt when making new portals.
    - Added player tags to the point shop. For econ, players can buy tags that appear next to their name in chat.
    - Reverted personal anchor fuel back to ender pearls. Rate is 1 per hour.
    - Set and opped the fakeplayer [CoFH]. Players should now be able to use Thermal Expansion machines in MyTown claims without any issues.
    - Misc garbage collection and performance tweaks.
  14. TheGraphix

    TheGraphix New Member

    I love the server, just wish it had a bit more RAM to stop the lag.
  15. Nyterider

    Nyterider New Member

    btw I never stole a admin anchor nor bypassed grief prevention... don't know why you banned me without even talking to me... very ridiculous... so me and my 10-15 member group are gonna play somewhere else.
  16. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member

    - Made some changes to creative only items sold in our point shop. They are banned for all players except for those who purchase them. This is done automatically. This is to prevent players who steal things like admin anchors and creative energy cells from actually being able to use them.
    - Updated Alive. Players should no longer be spammed with seemingly random text when they die.
    - Updated MCPC+
    - Disabled Twilight portals again. Probably just not gonna work out until both the Twilight and Overworld have been fully generated/discovered to world border (1 million radius).
    - Replaced tip announcing plugin. Previous one was causing lag each time it printed a message to chat.

    To those who replied:
    Thank you. We have plans to upgrade the RAM furthermore. We just recently upgraded to 4GB, but understand that is still not optimal. We are also working on various tweaks and methods to eliminate current sources of lag when and where possible. Lag, on any server, is a multi-source issue that more RAM doesn't always resolve. If you find a source of lag and can point us to it, we would be more than happy to hear so that we can attempt to resolve it.

    You were not banned because of possessing an admin anchor. You were, however, banned for purposefully bypassing claim protections. We had previous issues with both you and your friend, which we warned you about. We understand that not all grief prevention methods are 100% effective, but that is no excuse to exploit the weaknesses and oversights in plugins such as Grief Prevention.
    If you wish to resolve this ban, then please do so on our forums and not here.

    We have since taken further measures to prevent griefing. We encourage players who discover an exploit or weakness in our claim protection methods (such as MyTown) to report it to us on our forums so that we may properly fix it or report it to plugin/mod developers so that it's resolved in future updates. Exploiting these weaknesses and oversights in plugins and mods will otherwise result in punishment.
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  17. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member

    - Added a redstone ocean age.
    - Added some 'late game' forestry items to the point shop at the cost of econ (no need to progress with bees just to get a mailbox!)
    - Added spot loaders to the point shop.
    - Working on adding mob spawn eggs to the point shop at the cost of econ.
  18. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member

    - Added premium features. Players may now donate to the server in obtain premium rank and features. More details on our website.
    - Working on a kit plugin that works ideally with our point shop. The kit will open up a UI allowing you to remove the kit items at your own pace. Items wont be forced into your inventory/dropped in the ground. The UI can be accessed even after you close it, allowing you to get your items from the kit at a later time.
    - Added a random teleport at the cost of econ.
    - Updated protections at spawn. The mall now has a MyTown claim over it.
    - Modifications to chat formatting.
    - Added ColorMe.
  19. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member

    - Replaced kit plugin with custom developed kit plugin.
    - Generated more of the Twilight.
    - Created a 1 month option for premium - for those using weird payment methods like gift cards.
    - Posted our first video! Check it out on the website!
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  20. Rebirth Gaming

    Rebirth Gaming New Member

    - Updated to 1.0.14!

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