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Reaper enchant

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Baron_Falcon, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Baron_Falcon

    Baron_Falcon New Member

    Been trying to get the reaper enchant in an Open Blocks auto-enchanter. Have enchanted a stack of books at level 30 and no reaper. Does anyone know what level enchant that is? Wondering if I'm wasting levels trying to get it.
  2. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

    Reaper enchant?

    Is that enchant in the mod pack you are playing, if yes what items usually get it/what does it do?
  3. Baron_Falcon

    Baron_Falcon New Member

    Yes it's part of Draconic evolution. It captures souls of mobs to be used in crafting. It's required for the ritual stone used to summon the dragon. I've gotten it before by enchanting books I just don't remember how
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  4. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

    Can't say I can be much help then, as I don't know anything about that mod.
    My only idea would be, that there may be something like "it can only be enchanted onto a sword" (and then you used a disenchater to get it on a book), or it is a different enchanting mechanic to the vanilla enchantment table? (Only ideas, as I have never used the mod)
  5. Cpt_gloval

    Cpt_gloval Well-Known Member

    Reaper is easier to get enchanting a draconic evolution sword, wyvern or draconic. I threw 40 levels at a time at it and for reaper 4 after a few tries. Can then pull the enchanted book off it and use biblio craft stuff to copy and combine 4s to get a 5.
  6. Baron_Falcon

    Baron_Falcon New Member

    I don't know why I didn't think to use a sword. I'm sure that's what I've done before :/. It's not like I don't use picks to get efficiency etc etc :/

    Thanks for the kick in the pants to shake my brain loose :D

    So I've now lost 5 sets of armor/jet pack/sword/crossbow trying to kill the chaos guardian :/

    However I'm now up to 69 attack on the crossbow. :D

    I've lost one set of wyvern and one set of Draconic then a bunch of useless flux armor etc. I've also lost the mystcraft platform I made for a quick escape.

    I'm going to give up till I get some more dragon hearts from summoned dragons and can make another full set of Draconic armor, just need some souls. With the crossbow I'm making now I can take it out quick. Trick is to get it away from the island. Then you don't need to break crystals.

    As I've said elsewhere, you think the Draconic stuff is OP until one hit from a guardian takes out an entire level of yellow hearts.
  7. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    Make a sword from DE. Enchant 30 levels into it. Open the item GUI to the enchantment tab, and remove all enchantments (in book form) from the sword. Re-enchant until you get desired enchantment, then reapply additional books to the sword to make it your own. The number of possible enchantments that can be placed on a DE sword are limited, so it shouldn't take too long to find what you're looking for. Do it a few times, then combine the books in an anvil till you have max level enchants.

    Alternatively, go fishing for a while. Or make an automated fishing system (Golem fishermen are hilarious to me) to do it for you. You'll be drowning in enchanted books and gear (and fish and useless junk) in no time. Disenchant any gear that has buffs you like and melt the rest down in a smeltery (you do have to combine them up to full durability first) for free iron, steel, and gold.
  8. Baron_Falcon

    Baron_Falcon New Member

    Ha got it. :) thanks for the help guys. Time to go reap some souls at the wither skeleton spawner.
  9. YaNKee

    YaNKee New Member

    Can you get a Reaper enchant using a MFR Auto-Enchanter? I have tried several times on my Wyvern Sword, but each level 30 now is ridiculously expensive... afraid to keep going. Maybe I should remove the enchants before re-enchanting to reduce the cost of the new ones?
  10. Cptqrk

    Cptqrk Popular Member

    If a level 30 enchant is too expensive, you need to set up an essence berry farm.

    Also, you can get the reaper enchant using a gold sword. That's how I randomly got mine... Was looking for sharpness LOL
  11. ChemE

    ChemE New Member

    If you have RotaryCraft in your pack, the Chaos Guardian can't do much to full bedrock armor. I killed three of them in our last server world and each fight I took around 2.5 hearts of damage.
  12. Cpt_gloval

    Cpt_gloval Well-Known Member

    Try using level 15-20 to get the reaper. You will get Reaper I or II and can use bibliocraft to duplicate and combine it to get up to 5 or use botania to apply it to Gold swords and MFR to disenchant to combine the books.

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