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Whitelist Server [rCraft.eu] [1.4.6 - Direwolf20 V4] [Whitelist | Mature | 16+ | No lag and 24/7]

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by recon_, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. recon_

    recon_ New Member

    Homepage: rCraft.eu
    IP: ftb.rCraft.eu

    Server Info:
    We are a private 12 Slot Feed the Beast (Direwolf20 Modpack) Server
    and we need some builders who are already experienced with FTB (or its mods).
    (We can extend the slot limit if needed)
    Our server is running 24/7 and is located in europe.
    To apply just visit our forum at rCraft.eu, register and look into the "Feed the Beast" section.
    A template will be filled in automatically when you start a new thread.

    Why registering:
    I know some of you dislike registering on other sites just for an application, but our forum
    is connected with the whitelist and you will be automatically added to it after you got accepted.
    Also you will get special access to hidden sections which contains some
    important informations.

    By the way, registering on our site doesn't require an e-mail verifaction.
    So it only takes a minute or less =)

    Some Rules:
    - You have to be at least 16 years old to apply.
    - No racism, sexism, homophobia or any type of hate speech.
    - No advertising other servers.
    - No excessive Chatspam or Capslock usage.
    - No griefing, including:
    - Destroying blocks placed by other players without permission.
    - Placing blocks on other player’s structures without permission.
    - Stealing stuff from others.
    - Flooding structures.
    - Building inappropriate signs.
    - Destroying crops without replanting.
    - All above also counts for public buildings (spawn, hub, etc)
  2. eapo108

    eapo108 New Member

    i understand the rules
    and would like to join
    i could make a shared machine room

    can u also add my friend goree2010
  3. recon_

    recon_ New Member

    Please read everything. I don't accept applications in this thread.
  4. PirateCoffee

    PirateCoffee New Member

    I'm going to apply right now
    This seems like what I'm looking for
  5. recon_

    recon_ New Member

    I will review all applications later =)
  6. PirateCoffee

    PirateCoffee New Member

    Recon, just sent my application in mate. :)

    Guys if you read this.
    You MUST apply for this server, I honestly am looking forward to getting whitelisted.
    You don't know how happy i am!
  7. recon_

    recon_ New Member

    We upgraded to 12 Slots. I think we will keep it at that amount for a while.
    You still can apply on our forum.
  8. XdragonoidX

    XdragonoidX New Member

    Everyone should sign up! I cant wait to get on the server if i get accepted! I just made a application so Im waiting :3
  9. recon_

    recon_ New Member

    Added to the rules:
    - You have to be at least 16 years old to apply.

    We will just instaban/unlist you if we find out that you are not 16+.
  10. recon_

    recon_ New Member

    Alright we just moved our spawn to another location for new players.
    Also we got a hub in the nether now! Makes traveling much more easier.
  11. recon_

    recon_ New Member

    Still looking for more experienced players! =)
  12. thenoobtube

    thenoobtube New Member

    i am very good with the mods and can help with anything that needs to be done i am good at building and getting the machines to function right
  13. recon_

    recon_ New Member

    But you are not good at reading and that's one of the most important things ;)
    You better read everything again.
  14. recon_

    recon_ New Member

    We are currently also looking for some people who can build decent spawns/cities to extend our spawn-area. We will provide the materials needed for that!
  15. recon_

    recon_ New Member

    Still looking for more experienced players! =)
  16. Sir_Balcom

    Sir_Balcom New Member

    Just applied! Hope you consider my app! ;)

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