Open Server RC-FTB!! |Monster| No Banned Items | 24/7 | PvP

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Jul 29, 2019
Are you looking for a Feed The Beast server that has a great community, no banned items and no lag?
You've come to the right place!
RC have recently released a FTB server that aim to be just that. We currently hold two #1 servers for Tekkit and Pixelmon; RC-Tekkit and RC-Pixelmon, with no banned items at all.
And we plan to do the same for FTB by becoming #1 FTB server as well with NO BANNED ITEMS! <<(Pixelmon) <<(Tekkit)

Our amazingly hard working and dedicated staff have been preparing this server for the public for over a month now, so even though the server only came out THIS WEEK, we have everything that is needed for your enjoyment on RC FTB.

Not just that!
We have experienced staff that are available on the server 24/7, ready to assist you with any question you need answered. Also, we have implemented a modreq plugin into the server that allows you to ask for help from Moderators any time, even if there are none currently on, they will be ready to assist you the moment they come on.
We want the maximum potential for your fun at RC Feed The Beast!

Other Information:

  • PvE difficulty increased
  • 24/7
  • Ranks
  • Grief Prevention
  • Modreq
  • ClearLagg
Step by step guide on how to play on RC Feed The Beast!
1) Download the FTB launcher from the following website:
  • Download the .exe if you have windows OS
  • Download the .jar for other Operating Systems
2) Login by using your Minecraft account.
3) Go onto options and dedicate 2GB RAM or above to the game using the slider.

4) Select FTB Monster version 1.1.1 and click launch then the modpack will be downloaded onto your computer wherever you selected it to be downloaded.
5) Select Multiplayer and add the server with the following IP:
and then enjoy the server!
I hope this step by step guide helped you and if you cannot connect to the server then please comment here on what isn't working and we shall do our best to fix it for you.
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