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Casual Server *RafterCraft* |MindCrack 8.2.0 |WhiteListed|Small, Private Server

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by RafterCraft, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. RafterCraft

    RafterCraft New Member

    The founders of RafterCraft are looking for 2 more carbon-based life-forms to play with us. We are moderately-skilled, good-humored folk that enjoy conversation, building, and the occasional explosion from a mis-wired tier 2 power source to a tier 1 machine! ....good times, indeed.

    As the post states, this is a mindcrack server. And we're running with the non-expensive gregtech and iridium plate recipes. Additionally, the mass fabricator is available.

    All we ask is that you are:

    Over 21
    Slightly entertaining
    and a decent builder

    Reply to this post for consideration. Explain how you qualify for each item (above), then something interesting about you (it doesn't have to be FTB or Minecraft related)

    P.S. We will take the exceptional New to the game person if they are good researchers and learn quickly.

    Thanks for viewing!!
  2. ponzerhayden@yahoo

    [email protected] New Member

    age 22
    minecraft username: frogie566
    entertainment: i am constantly dying but i dont rage hardcore i also make funny comments
    friendliness- i would lend someone a stack of iridium
    building skills i have built spawns for a few vanilla servers[DOUBLEPOST=1367981403][/DOUBLEPOST]also i have n playing ftb for about 4-5 months now
  3. Pjtipz

    Pjtipz New Member

    I have just started feed the beast And I'm a quick learner I also have great building skill and my username is pjtipz
  4. ponzerhayden@yahoo

    [email protected] New Member

    when will we know the results

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