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Pump ALL the liquids: A request about the FTB liquids

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by OverlordDerp, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. OverlordDerp

    OverlordDerp Member

    A deep-set obsession of mine involving FTB is to fill tanks, be it water, lava, oil, fuel, you name it. It used to be just BC tanks, but now has moved on to maximum-size Railcraft Iron Tanks and Quantum Tanks from GregTech. With Extra Bees and their new Drop products, as well as the liquid dyes, I've managed to heavily increase the number of tanks I can fill. My only gripes happen to be with some select liquids, as well as fluid mechanics of these new liquids.

    For example, let's take the liquids that can be created as of currently in a Thermionic Fabricator: Molten Glass, Molten Iron/Gold/Obsidian/Diamond/Tin/Bronze/Silver/Copper and Emerald. I, for one, would LOVE to have these in tanks, instead of just the meager buffer of the Thermionic Fabricator. There's just one problem: there is no way to pump out the liquid from that machine (unless there is, in which case could someone please tell me how?).

    The next request I have for the devs is to add fluid mechanics to their liquids. What I mean by that is the ability to actually have them in source block form in the world. I do not know how large an undertaking something like this would be, and I apologize profusely if I am asking the impossible. However, I can only imagine the kinds of new innovations people would come up with if they were given not only new blocks, but new LIQUIDS to build with. A shower of molten emerald goo may be the most wonderful thing ever (unless you get scalded by that, in which case, OUCH). A lake of liquid diamonds may be a trendsetting addition for those wanting to make FTB adventure maps. Hell, if any of the mod devs are crazy enough, they could give some of the liquids positive or negative contact effects, kinda like EE3's Red Water. I don't know how hard of a project this would be, but it would be absolutely perfect if new liquid functions made it into an update.

    TLDR: I kindly request for the mod developers to look into, and possibly even implement the ability to pump/store all of the liquids in FTB, and the ability to place down these liquids as you would a bucket of water, lava or oil.
  2. wizy

    wizy Member

    yea fluid mechanics would be great , but probably abit too problematic to make
  3. Vovk

    Vovk Active Member

    The buildcraft mod is slowly but surely already working on a unified liquids API that would allow anyone to add a liquid source block to the game that could be piped everywhere and put into tanks.

    as for the thermionic fab - isn't it the point that the thermionic fabricator constantly requires energy to keep its liquid liquid?
  4. Abdiel

    Abdiel Well-Known Member

    I would LOVE being able to place liquids in the world, even if it's just as retextured water (as oil). I thought that would be possible with the Forge liquid API, since I saw all the liquids as blocks in NEI. Unfortunately those are not placeable.

    (Is it weird that I want to fill a pit with molten redstone and swim in it?)
  5. wizy

    wizy Member

    i want pools of liquid gold
  6. Mero

    Mero Active Member

    When liquid glass and metals cool they turn into solids. You cannot store them as a liquid without a constant source of high heat.

    In order to store them as liquid, there would have to be a new kind of heated tank.

    How about you get on that and create a new mod to do just that.
  7. Abdiel

    Abdiel Well-Known Member

    This is Minecraft. You can store liquid lava in a glass container.
  8. OverlordDerp

    OverlordDerp Member

    The Thermionic Fabricator argument of needing heat to keep its liquid in liquid form makes sense. Wonder why I never thought of that...

    I'm not too good at modding myself, and even if I could write good mods / had enough free time, I'd have to wait for the Liquids API to come around. I wonder if Thermal Expansion, Buildcraft or Redpower could make Heated Pipes, and BC, Railcraft and Gregtech could make Heated Tanks. As for the issue of having molten metals as a source block, lava doesn't spontaneously cool into obsidian (needs water), so we could leave the molten metals in their liquid form if they're a source block until they touch water, in which case they turn into their block form (or something).
  9. wizy

    wizy Member

    yea and imagine mixing tin with copper makes bronze liquid and etc , this could be a nice mod :D
  10. whythisname

    whythisname Active Member

  11. wizy

    wizy Member

  12. Darkblock306

    Darkblock306 Active Member

    I love the liquid metals mod, I felt the same way about the themionic fabricator. I thought I was the only one that felt the need to have a Liquids Room with tanks full of every liquid in the game lol
  13. wizy

    wizy Member

    i want to smelt all my iron into an ocean
  14. Dravarden

    Dravarden Well-Known Member

    I heard in a direwolf video that something about updating a liquid api and about a honey ocean, I don't really remember.

    But yeah, only being able to place oil... we want moar! (even if not able to place, at least be able to put them in iron tanks/buildcraft/gregtech tanks)
  15. Darkblock306

    Darkblock306 Active Member

    All liquids can be put into any tank now thanks to Forge Liquid API :D
  16. Majicou

    Majicou New Member

    Awwwwwww yeah
  17. wizy

    wizy Member

    i havent realy tried to mod mc, dont have time for it , but whats the real problem in creating liquid source blocks ?
  18. Strubinator

    Strubinator Active Member

    How about a big swimming pool of liquid DNA?
    Or liquid nitrogen.
    Or honey.
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  19. wizy

    wizy Member

    what about we combine everything into liquid rainbow fluid , god someone has to make a liquid mod (not just BC addon but a full blown liquid mod with particular uses)
  20. Darkblock306

    Darkblock306 Active Member

    Speaking of liquid mods, has anyone here every played with Plasmacraft? It added all sorts of cool liquids and acids and stuff. It became forge in 1.2.5 too. Dev dropped off the face of the earth before the liquid API came out sadly.

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