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  1. Gideonseymour

    Gideonseymour Relatable Gamer Trusted User Retired Staff

    To celebrate the Phoenix Team's first anniversary, I'm proud to announce...
    Project: Victus is a pack intended for multiplayer play. For the smallest group of four, or even the largest communities, Project: Victus is perfect for you. Four entwined major classes and a wide variety of subclasses allow for varied and interdependent gameplay. Highly tweaked ore generation, monster behaviour, farming mechanics, structure generation, and a unique progression system combine together to make Project: Victus a truly unique and entertaining experience.

    Victus is a pack based around four classes. The Warrior, the Oresmith, the Farmer, and the Architect. Each player is able to choose a class when they log in, and afterwards will be unable to change classes. Each class relies heavily on every other class - no one class will be able to survive without the others.
    • The Warrior is the tank of the group. Able to craft and wear armour, and use weapons and sword skills of all types, the Warrior will be the one to protect the group from the highly vicious and intelligent monsters.
    • The Oresmith is the miner and the blacksmith of the group. The only one able to break most ores, and the only one able to mine most ores, as well as being able to combine, reforge, and even upgrade armours and weapons with various effects at the cost of experience.
    • The Farmer is the... well, farmer of the group. What do you want from me? The farmer is the only member of the group who can grow, harvest, or plant any crops, as well as being the only one able to breed animals or craft saddles and the like.
    • The Architect is not only able to build using the chisel and carpenter's blocks, but is also capable of doing basic automation using Hopper Ducts and more. The Architect is the core of making any team functional, as they are the only ones capable of crafting furnaces or other machines.
    In addition, many more mechanics and customized features serve to liven up the pack and gear it more for multiplayer play, including, but not limited to....
    Several more features aim to enhance the pack, such as the very rare and very large veins of ore, encouraging exploration and trading. Due to Spice of Life and Agricraft, the players will quickly find themselves reliant on the Farmer for food. Other tweaks, such as the Mayor subclass, which adds coins that do nothing - allow the players to establish an economy. Mobs are intelligent, and actively tunnel and pillar, putting the Warrior's skills up to the test. In fact, in Victus, all of the classes will be put to the test.

    Mod List:
    The Mod List was intended to be light, keeping a vanilla feel while still giving each class ample entertainment.

    Buffed Tools
    Carpenter's Blocks
    Chisel 2
    Deadly World
    Default World Generator
    Doomlike Dungeons
    Enchanting Plus
    Enchiridion 2
    Epic Siege Mod
    Farseek Core
    Hopper Ducts
    HxC Enchants
    Inventory Tweaks
    Metallurgy Core
    Minetweaker 3
    Not Enough Items
    Pam's HarvestCraft
    Project Red (Base, Integration, Illumination)
    Resource Loader
    Realistic World Gen
    Spice of Life
    Tool Utilities
    WAILA Harvestability

    You can download the pack using the Feed the Beast launcher. Simply download the launcher, and then click on the pack codes button, and insert the code "victus." The pack will then appear at the bottom of the tab, available for you to play.

    Project Leads: @Gideonseymour, @Numbah90, and @SkeletonPunk
    Phoenix Team Founder: @ThomazM
    Graphical Designer: @ThomazM
    The Complete Team: @chbachman, @Elec332, @Gideonseymour, @goreae, @GreatOrator, @InfinityRaider, @Lumaceon, @McJty, @Numbah90, @Padfoote, @parcel31u, @Pyure, @Qazplm601, @Shazam08, @SkeletonPunk, @Strikingwolf, @the_j485, @ThomazM, @trajing, @Vals NoisyToys, @VapourDrive


    Our server is hosted by the wonderful ProvisionHost! Use the code "PHOENIXTEAM" to get 15% off your server!​
  2. ChatFawkes

    ChatFawkes New Member

    This looks pretty dank. I've been wanting to play a pack with the Progression mod, so I guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend if I don't end up playing GTA V.
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  3. psp

    psp New Member

    Interesting... Interesting...
  4. DragonNinjaGolem

    DragonNinjaGolem New Member

    can you do this in single player?
  5. Gideonseymour

    Gideonseymour Relatable Gamer Trusted User Retired Staff

    Not particularly. You'd be unable to do around 3/4 of the stuff that you need to do to survive
  6. Panda413

    Panda413 New Member

    Hey Fawkes! Do you plan on hosting this on a small server? I'd be interested in joining if you are. I played on one of your older servers for a very brief time.

    The class system looks great!

    Let me know here or on reddit (same name).. Thanks!
  7. mattp_12

    mattp_12 New Member

    The "Deadly traps to increase the fun" part sounds very dangero- I mean FUN!
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  8. psp

    psp New Member

    I finished reading the whole post, and damn, this looks cool.

    Now, partly because I'm bored, mostly because I'm bored. This.

    This is the tunnel of awesomeness, represented by the awesomeness of this project. The beginning is the project, the end is the end to it's awesomeness. See if you can find the end to the tunnel of awesomeness.
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  9. Mudguts13542

    Mudguts13542 New Member

    So this is unplayable unless there is a server available?
  10. memangamma

    memangamma New Member

    Pretty much
  11. Qazplm601

    Qazplm601 Lord of the Tumbleweeds

    I think that The Architect is unnecessary, as the only really important thing they make is the furnace, which should IMO be for all classes.(the basic furnace is pretty necessary >.>) if you got rid of that, the Architect isn't very important. you can just get rid of it and then give everyone else the furnace.

    This is my opinion on the pack, and i am allowed to say this in this thread.
  12. Maelstraz

    Maelstraz New Member

    Naaaaah, this is bad idea. Every restriction in sandbox game is worst idea ever.
    Who even want to be permanently unable to do 3/4 of stuff in game, where normally you can do anything?
    What if your friend suddenly leave because of internet/rl problems?

    At least, how about some levels of experience to change class? Five or ten, for example. Pretty fair, i think.
    Maybe even something like that: every transfer will stack debuff which will increase this cost and some time (and/or actions) spend on class will decrease it.

    PS: Modlist is also pretty vanillish(?) and imo (only imo!) boring.
    How about to add treecapitator for Farmer? xD
    Or veinminer for Oresmith.

    New ability is fun, yet another restriction is not.
  13. McJty

    McJty Over-Achiever Mod Developer

    Actually I don't agree with that. I have most fun playing modpacks that restrict me in some ways because that forces me to be inventive and come up with new ways to do things. That's why kitchen sink modpacks are not really my thing. Evertyhing is too easy.

    Of course the restrictions shouldn't be annoying but restricting in itself is not a bad thing at all.
  14. Maelstraz

    Maelstraz New Member

    There is difference between progression and unchangeable choiсe.

    Second way is actually not that bad... When game is about short sessions, replayability and new class or unique skills combination on each walkthrough. MC is not about that, imo.
  15. NunoAgapito

    NunoAgapito New Member

    This might be just my way of thinking but modded Minecraft and Vanilla Minecraft are not the same thing to me!
    To me, it's different games. Vanilla Minecraft is open world sandbox game. Modded Minecraft is a whole world of multiple different games. Each pack is like a different game with the same 'engine'. If some packs are more sandbox then others that is something about that specific 'game'. Just because the 'engine' allows you to have a sandbox it doesnt mean all other 'games' need to be a sandbox.

    And, even if you dont agree with my vision of different games there is always the point that a sandbox game means anyone can choose their own rules. Its not about doing whatever you want, its about choosing how you want to play the game and the rules you are going to use. This pack having more restrictive rules does not make him less of a sandbox. If you dont like the rules of this pack, just play another pack. There are plenty. Complaining about this restriction is the same as complaining about survival mode against creative since they would be breaking the sandbox by not allowing you to do what you want when you want...

    Its not like they are changing vanilla MC mechanics and that change is going to affect any instance of Minecraft in the world. If that was the case, then yes, it would be breaking the sandbox concept but... its not the case!

    Dont like it, there are 350 posts of different packs only on the public pack section. Other people might actually enjoy this restriction. Why deny them their fun?
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  16. Gideonseymour

    Gideonseymour Relatable Gamer Trusted User Retired Staff

    Class changing is neither really possible at a technical level nor a change we're interested in making. If you don't like it, there are plenty of other packs you can play that don't require four people to have fun
  17. Parveln

    Parveln New Member

    Looks like a great pack. Unfortunately I don't have 3 friends that would be able to play this pack when I'm avaible so if you anyone is planning to make a server, please send me a message. :)
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  18. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Awesome, you've just described every other pack ever.

    The idea of restricting players down a path is unusual in modpacks, and that's the point. Is it for everyone? Is it even for a lot of people? Nope.

    But sometimes packs are made specifically catered to a tiny niche of people who want an unusual, unique experience. And watering it down with every popular mod ever breaks that.
  19. Bearnado123

    Bearnado123 New Member

    Well now I wish i wasn't poor and could afford a server...
    But seriously this looks like an awesome idea I wish I could try out, well done on another great Phoenix team project!
  20. Parveln

    Parveln New Member

    I just realized. A mega server with this would be so awesome. Imagine making towns where everyone had to cooperate in order to thrive. And with coins the towns can establish a global economy.

    *heavy breathing*

    (I hope someone makes a server soon ;D)

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