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Problems with Direwolf 20

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Internuntius, May 13, 2014.

  1. Internuntius

    Internuntius New Member

    apologize my bad English and I hope that iohr know what I mean and what I want.


    I have a big problem with Direwolf 20, here is my FPS rate maximum at 10 FPS and it does not matter how I set it, with or without shaders mod, with or without Texturepack, full graphic or low graphic, with or without Optifine perfect ... no matter the graphic remains at a maximum of 10 FPS and jerky I have glitches, graphic error and so on. I play on my TechWorld 2 Server is the FPS rate here at 100-150 when all normal Minecraft even up to 250

    My question is, how do I increase the FPS now in Direwolf?

    My system:

    AMD Cuad Core 3 GHz
    6GB RAM
    1TB SATA 3
    512MB Radeon HD 6570
    Windows Home Premium 64 bit
    Java 7:55 32Bit and 64Bit
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  2. AlCapella

    AlCapella New Member

    If you haven't dones this, then go to "Control Panel" / "Schalttafel" => Java => Tab zwei => "Java". Remove the 32 bit Java from here. Restart. Check performance.

    Disable Opis. Add JourneyMap/Zan's Map or Rei's Map instead. I use Zan's and Journey Map together, and get decent FPS. With Opis, it is very bad.

    Let us know if one of this solves the problem. :)

    Gl├╝ck :)
  3. Internuntius

    Internuntius New Member

    Made and unfortunately brought no improvement. This I have tried everything:

    - FTB complete deleted and reinstalled
    - Java uninstalled and re-instaled, first 64bit only, then only 32bit, then both, again only the 64bit version.
    - Turned off firewall complete
    - With all the good 30 versions of Optifine for Minecraft 1.64 tried it
    - Formatted the whole pc and reinstalled with only Windows, Java and FTB, as this brought nothing, the system will reset again
  4. AlCapella

    AlCapella New Member

    ZOMG! Your dedication to this is scaring me!

    What about switching the map mod? Disable opis, add Zan's or Journeymap (this mod sort of mimics the mapwriter look, so you may not miss the mapwriter look of opis)
  5. b0bst3r

    b0bst3r New Member

    What monitor are you using?
  6. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

    Ensure that you have at least 2 GB of RAM dedicated to the game through the FTB launcher.
  7. AlCapella

    AlCapella New Member

    He said in the first post that he got excellent FPS with tech world, and that was what got me thinking. The "difference" between the two packs as I saw it, is that DW20 loves himself some Opis/mapwriter which comes enabled, while tech world ships with those other 3 maps by default.

    Which is why I did not bother with the RAM thing.
  8. Internuntius

    Internuntius New Member

    Also just tested done. With no minimap mod, unfortunately, no improvement. Only Zan's just Opis or only Journeymap, just as bad ....

    Since I've had this problem for some time and have found no way to improve it ... I've slowly suspect to give up Direwolf 20, for a nine of Graphic card or even a whole new PC, I can not afford unfortunately.


    Times have also the maximum RAM in the options from 2GB to 3GB and then set to 4GB, no improvement.
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  9. AlCapella

    AlCapella New Member

    Sorry. That was my only practical thought. well, I'm out of ideas for now. Hope something clicks!
  10. Internuntius

    Internuntius New Member

    No problem. I thank you in any case for your help. Someone else a few constructive ideas on what I could do to make Direwolf 20 runs better.
  11. MacAisling

    MacAisling Popular Member

    I had problems that went away when I removed IC2 & its add-ons. I also removed factorization at the same time. One of these mods may be causing problems for certain computers/graphics cards. I like to blame IC2, but I haven't done anything to confirm it.
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  12. Feniks

    Feniks New Member

    For me it was Hat's that were dragging FPS for some reason dropping hats moved my fps from below 20 to around 50.
  13. Bruigaar

    Bruigaar New Member

    I had close to the same problem that you have. I fixed it by having only 64 b java and going into the java panel and opening up the java cache itself. It may help you as well.

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  14. Hambeau

    Hambeau Over-Achiever


    You probably should only have 1 copy of Java installed and if you have a 64-bit system (which you do or you couldn't adjust ram) use the 64-bit version. There have been cases where people just installed a 64-bit version without uninstalling the 32-bit version fist and it caused problems, not the least of which was causing the Java update site to load the new 32-bit version instead of the 64.

    Also, if you feel daring, you might try the new version 8 Java. I've loaded it on my system (after removing all other traces of Java) and am running fine.

    [Edit] I just looked over your system specs and the only general differences I see are:

    - I run a 4Ghz 8-core AMD cpu
    - I have an nVidia 9600 GPU (a generation or two old) with 512MB on board
    - I run 8GB of DDR3 ram clocked to 1.8 Ghz
    - I'm guessing you are running Windows 7, while I'm running Win Pro 8.1 update (Think of it as the new Win 7 Ultimate)

    You might check for mention of your GPU chip in the forums. I know the MMO I play has issues with some of the Radeon GPUs, or it might just be a driver issue, if video related at all.
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  15. Internuntius

    Internuntius New Member

    I now have the entire night spent to find a solution to the problem ... got it but unfortunately can not solve, only a very little better , so an average of 5 FPS . Direwolf 20 v. 1.0.21 so it runs still crappy.I have now uninstalled and Java 7 Java 8 is installed , this gave no improvement , on the contrary , FTB then ran initially not at all. Then tried on and on .... until I finally typed it in the advanced options of JAVA:

    - Xms3072m -XX : PermSize = 2048m -XX : NewRatio = 3 -XX : SurvivorRatio = 3 -XX : TargetSurvivorRatio = 80 -XX : MaxTenuringThreshold = 8 -XX : + UseParNewGC -XX : + UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX : MaxGCPauseMillis = 10 -XX : GCPauseIntervalMillis = 50 -XX : MaxGCMinorPauseMillis = 7 -XX : + ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent -XX : + UseCMSInitiatingOccupancyOnly -XX : CMSInitiatingOccupancyFraction = 60 -XX : + BindGCTaskThreadsToCPUs - Xnoclassgc

    This brought as said above an average of 5 FPS more, but Direwolf 20 v.1.0.21 still runs crappy. Then I have tested ALL other times simply Modpakete of FTB , exactly with the same settings as Direwolf , they run ALL normal until just about perfect ( 50 - 250fps ) , only this Direwolf just will not ... hence my opinion now , it is not on my PC but on Direwolf .

    Edit: My Last attempt now, the graphics card have changed, now a 1024MB Radeon HD 6670 is in the sytem, but it did unfortunately absolutely nothing: (

    I hope some one has an idea, maybe the developer of the Direwolf 20 Mod package itself? What does it have to have this product prudently, as ALL other packages also run for a System?
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  16. Internuntius

    Internuntius New Member

    No more having an idea?
  17. ThatOneSlowking

    ThatOneSlowking New Member

    When me and the mod dev team i am part of played on DW20 we removed Project: Red, QCraft, and a few other small mods and it worked perfectly. Note that this WAS on a 32-bit system, not 64-bit at that time.
  18. Internuntius

    Internuntius New Member

    Okay ... sounds nice, unfortunately I can only remove any mods because I actually left with 20 friends on a single server game ... and who want the DW20 package as it is now times. And Project Red and QCraft are in other FTB Mod Peketen contain and how further said above, ALL other mod packages runs for me perfectly
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  19. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    I think something other than your system specs are wrong. I am running Monster on an older system and getting 60-200 FPS.

    Have you tried checking the Resource Monitor? Open the Task Manager, to go Performance and click Resource Monitor.

    First thing you should note is the Memory situation. Do you have some spare memory or is it all In Use/Standby?

    If it is all in use/standby click the Disk tab. If there is a lot of disk traffic under the name "pagefile.sys"(pagefile) it is because your system is running out of memory(RAM) and instead using your HDD to store what is left. This is a serios bottleneck and could explain why you get low fps and fps freezes and jerkiness. Bear in mind that some pagefile traffic is always natural, but long continuous periods of it is not.

    With only 6GB of ram installed, I would not allocate more than 2GB in the launcher btw. You should not need more either if you only play on a server.

    If none of this is the problem then have a look at the CPU tab. If during play any of your CPU cores get maxed out completely for lengths of time then that is likely to also cause fps drops/freezes.
  20. iNd3x

    iNd3x New Member

    I noticed you said tech world was on a server?
    Playing singleplayer requires a stronger CPU in my experience.
    I got a quad 3,4ghz AMD, not too far from yours, and playing on a direwolf20 server, i pull 100-150 fps depending on location,
    In singleplayer that is 70-100 depending on location.
    If you got a laptop you use for school, you could run a server there, and then connect your computer to it. That would take a lot of the load off of your computer

    Hope it helped

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