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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by nils925, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. nils925

    nils925 New Member

    Hi, I follow Direwolf20's videos and I try to kinda do what he does (I use his modpack). Now he was building a certain setup with Factorization machines, I built it in my own world, but somehow it doesn't work in my world, the battery block isn't charging. I have some screens of the factorization machine setup:
    2014-03-16_01.35.14.png 2014-03-16_01.35.17.png 2014-03-16_01.35.20.png 2014-03-16_01.35.22.png

    I really don't know what's wrong. If someone could tell me what I have done wrong/need to do, I'd be very thankful!
  2. casilleroatr

    casilleroatr New Member

    I tested that setup just now and it should charge up that batbox really quickly so long as there is food in the caliometric burner. Try setting it up in a new creative world and see if you can get it working there. Connecting the turbine and batbox with some lead wire might help also but I didn't find it necessary. If you are still having problems, you could try using a leyden jar instead of a batbox. They hold much more charge too.
  3. kilteroff

    kilteroff New Member

    The caliometric might not like modded food, if that's what you're trying.
  4. Drawde

    Drawde New Member

    I've run into this as well, having to stop using Factorization because of it. The Burner's going, using up steaks, and the Turbines are spinning, but no power is being generated.

    What's worse is I used the same setup that I did from when Burners could be filled up with more food. It looks like the change to limit that messed something up. Or some other change within that timeframe.
  5. BlacKHeaDSg1

    BlacKHeaDSg1 New Member

    If you need more power for Factorization set up, you need to ditch caliometric burner, they are useless. What you need is a Factorization "solar plant". Here are pics how to do it:
    All you need is Steam Turbine, Battery Block, Water Boiler above the water and alot of Mirrors. Also you need a lot of batteries to store energy.

    It is really sad that DW20 showed only basic stuff.
  6. Algester

    Algester New Member

    the caliometric burner gets more effective the more satisfying the food you chuck at it AKA bread is bad cooked steak = boss :X think of it like the culinary generator from XU or something similar
  7. nils925

    nils925 New Member

    Thanks all, I found a solution: one Caliometric Burner won't really charge the batbox, but when you attach 2 burners to a boiler, suddenly the batbox starts charging really fast. I guess it's a bug that it doesn't work with one. Anyway thank you.
  8. casilleroatr

    casilleroatr New Member

    The cali burners aren't that bad. You can also use 4 per water boiler to get more steam and given how low power factorization is and how cheap the burners are this is not that bad of a deal.

    You can correct me if necessary but I am pretty sure that in the daytime a max size FZ solar farm is capable of outputting enough steam to keep 4 or 5 steam dynamos going. This is pretty good considering it is free power but you need a lot of silver to get there. 7 water boilers with 28 cali burners produces enough steam for 13 dynamos and it can run at night. So they are hardly useless.

    Also I did a very unscientific test of the cali burners in combination with a TE dynamo against the caliometric engine from Extra utils and for higher value foods like steak they do much better but for lower value foods like bread the extrautils one was better.
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  9. Algester

    Algester New Member

    I only wished that neptunepink took DW's suggestion seriously and make the caliometric burner go om nom nom
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  10. BlacKHeaDSg1

    BlacKHeaDSg1 New Member

    I really didn't know that Factorization can go with TE. But yea, i prefer solar power over cali burners (they are also a bit anoying when they are in om nom nom mode), i really didn't have much trouble to find bunch of silver to do solar plant.
  11. casilleroatr

    casilleroatr New Member

    The steam you get from the water boilers works as good as any other steam in the steam dynamo (you can also use steam from railcraft and a couple of other mods). It is a really nice way of getting a solid renewable baseline amount of RF if you have the silver to spend.
  12. Algester

    Algester New Member

    steam is the universal power of modded minecraft and as such as long as it produces steam you can slap a steam dynamo on the block (the steam dynamo automatically accepts the fluid even without any fluid ducts) as long as its steam I think its wise enough to know there's steam
  13. kaovalin

    kaovalin New Member

    Also you can cram more food in the cali burner with a hopper. Also adds a nice buffer. I've got two cali burners on a single steamer to run 12 crystalizers, 4 slag furnaces, and 1 of those spinny crushy diamond bladeded guys *can't be bothered to look that up*. I run the whole thing off baked potatoes. One burns for about a minute and a half and I can easily get 2 stacks from a 9x9 farm.

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