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Private Server Mod Pack's

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by didlyi, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. didlyi

    didlyi Member

    Happy xmas all

    Just want to ask a question or 2 regarding the private servers mod packs..

    I am a server owner and love the ftb packs but i have heard a few times that we can make our own packs and maybe use just on our own private servers..

    If i got the wrong end of the stick the i am sorry.

    If i have not got it wrong then

    If i do make a private pack for my own members only on our server then how does it work??

    Do i need permissions for all the mods,
    How do i add it to the launcher (password?)
    Where are these files (mods/configs stored?)(can i change.edit configs with in this private pack?)

    Just been looking around forums but not sure i can find more out about it?

    Again thanks and "HAPPY XMAS" all
  2. thatsIch

    thatsIch Active Member

    You have to edit them all yourself. If you look into the options of the launcher it tells you the target destination where to download all your stuff. there you find all your configs and everything
    (its as a normal .minecraft folder)
    zip it up and distribute it to your members.
    you wont get permissions for the launcher for something "as small" as this.
    MultiMC helps for this a lot
  3. Antice

    Antice Well-Known Member

    There is going to be implemented a server owner pack system with pack codes to allow server owners to tailor their own packs, and then distribute them trough the launcher by using special pack codes. (so as to not clutter up the pack window with thousands of packs).
    Slowpoke talked about it in his stream earlier today.
  4. Master_of_Hearts

    Master_of_Hearts New Member

    I believe slowpoke said in a video that he's going to make it so you can make a private server pack, then you get a code that you give to the members on it so they can download the pack, via the FTB launcher.
  5. thatsIch

    thatsIch Active Member

    true forgot about that. You get a code you can distribute instead
  6. didlyi

    didlyi Member

    yeah i saw that video too..just wonder where the hosted files would be and how to get it in the launcher....

    thanks guys..great things happing with ftb
  7. AliasXNeo

    AliasXNeo Active Member

    It's really not that hard. A code would just be a series of characters that identifies specific mods/configurations with which the launcher uses to download those specific files from the server. The hosted files would be where they have always been, with CreeperHost.
  8. you will need permissions and slowpoke has a thread under third party mod packs with permissions from the modders

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